Are Stadium Trucks making a comeback?

Every year different race classes in different parts of the country enjoy surges and waning in popularity.  Stadium trucks have been around since the Tamiya Stadium Blitzer and RC10T graced on tracks around the world in the early 90’s however have not enjoyed popularity for some time.

Certainly the Short Course Truck brought some attention back to trucks and away from buggies in many clubs in the late 2000’s, however generally numbers stay low.  Sometimes it is a specific vehicle that starts interest in a class like the slash which basically started the SCT class.  At my local club the Team Xtray XT2 has reinvigorated interest after our Launceton R/C Cup where three hit the track with the rest of the SCT class which consisted of Team Associated T5M, Durango DEST210 and Losi 22T vehicles.  Now apart from the Durango having no parts support, there is nothing wrong with the other trucks, and regularly we see updates, but these new XT2 trucks seem to have piqued quite an interest in a class where it had only been me in my Durango running in the SCT class for some months by myself.  Interestingly there was no Kyosho Stadium trucks racing this year, but less driver have been racing the brand in general here, mostly with drivers moving to Xray.

Now there isn’t anything revolutionary about the car, but perhaps the fact that Team Xray (a manufacturer with a strong following here) has made a Stadium Truck at all is a strong signal that what is my favourite class may be making a resurgence, I certainly hope so myself!

I’ll be looking for a B5M myself very soon to replace my Durango now, which actually has been performing very well despite it’s average driver, I just can’t get parts any more!

My old faithful DEST210R, soon to be replaced sadly.

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