So I have had some opportunity to use the 720 Spin products “in anger” so I thought I would wrap up part two of my review of their products after a weekend of racing with me using them on all my vehicles, as well as those that borrowed them to use as well.


What I want in my tools, especially at a major race meet, is the ability to quickly and easily use them for for their  purpose, and do so with the minimal of fuss, and maximum accuracy.  In this end the 720 products are right on the mark.  The camber and toe gauge set were quick and easy to install, even using the optional rear camber wheels as well.  I found myself running late and I wanted to make sure my settings from the previous days practice at the Launceston R/C Cup had not put the settings out.  The rear wheels were still spot on, and very easy to measure without the bulge of the tyres from the rim interfering.  At the front end it turned out that both my camber and toe in were out after a couple of crashes the previous day.  The camber was quickly corrected and the toe in was a matter of fitting the angle I wanted and adjusting until it was where I wanted.

The transparent nature of these tools also proved a godsend, as the low light conditions in the shed I race in make it hard to see parts of the car because of low light and shadow.  So not only was it easy to spot damage or loose parts through the setup gauges, but allowing light through made the car easy to work on whilst the gauges were fitted.   I could see better than when the wheels were fitted to the car in fact. Certainly this was a big advantage and it certainly outweighing my irritation at having scratched some of the parts on the floor the previous week.  In fact I spotted some loose steering components while the gauges were fitted for an adjustment between races which would have put me out in the next race when the part would have come loose. So the scratching thing was more a personal irritation than anything and in no way affects the functionality of the tools.  The advantages of the materials transparency are certainly there for all to see, so to speak!


The flat planes of these products is a revelation for me in terms of accurately measuring the camber especially.  I found myself more willing to make adjustments to the benefit of my cars handling with confidence.  With back to back races for the earlier parts of the day during qualifying, the ability to have the wheels off, gauges on, changes made and wheels back on really made for a more relaxing day’s racing for me, and a more successful one as well!

The camber gauges I also found more functional, and flexible than the basic square gauge that I had used in the past as well. Simply grab the angle you want, and adjust the camber to match, and away you go.   Changing to Short Course Truck toe in, no problems, just grab the longer bars from the pit bag, and you are away.

Wrap Up – The Final Verdict

I remember being put off tools some years ago watching a 4wd 1:10 buggy being fitted to a Huddy setup station, a process that took some minutes to do.  Then many of the adjustments measured are ones that I simply do not make as an average joe racer.  In the past I have not had any tool to measure toe in/out on my vehicles, and the 720 spin products provide this in a well designed, and Australian Made, package.  Camber is easily taken care with through either the basic setup wheels or the full Camber and Toe pack.

No, these tools are not as cheap as a simple camber square, but they provide far more accuracy and flexibility, they come in three great colours, and are supporting AUSTRALIAN DESIGNED products.  So get on the bandwagon and get yours today.  In honesty I can’t imagine my pit bag without them now.

Just a reminder on where you can get them, for online or in store at Traction RC and Detect a Den Hobbies & Prospecting

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