New Losi LST 3XL-E Monster Truck

It’s Big, Brash and Electric, the LST has arisen once again!

This Ready-To-Run truck …… wait, hang on a minute, let’s look at that a second.  Ready to Run in my mind has everything you need to get going mar maybe a couple of AA batteries for the transmitter.  However here I think ready to run isn’t quite accurate.  Almost-Ready-To-Run is more appropriate because two major items are missing from this car.  Batteries and a charger!  Now I can see why they leave these expensive items out to keep the costs down, but I detest them saying it is ready to go when in fact it is not.  This trend started as brushless cars became more expensive, and Lipo batteries are certainly more dangerous than the old Nimh batteries in inexperienced hands. I am not saying put 6s battery and a $200 charger in there, but manufacturers need to find a middle ground here in technology or labelling.

So, let’s get back to this weapon!  As with modern faster monster trucks clearance has been sacrificed for a lower stance to cope better with the power and speeds that these trucks are capable of.  I love that they have included a large scale servo rather than a 1:8 scale one as monster trucks have BIG tyres to turn.  On the like list is also the  flip top body mount eliminating some body clips for battery changes.  I would say that is a lesson learnt from a certain competitor’s X-Maxx.  The integrated cooling fins on the monster motor is a great idea and the optional FPV mount certainly catering to the current interest in FPV vehicles and an included wheely bar is a nice touch.

A Spektrum radio and AVC are a great inclusion, especially when combined with the centre differential.  The mounted battery plugs are also a great idea as well.  The speedometer and dashboard mobile app are fun inclusions as well, although really more gimmick than real world useful.  Waterproof is a fairly standard thing nowadays, but again great in keeping your electronics alive for longer.

All in all, looks like a great truck, the colour and styling seems to be polarising at this stage with some suggesting it looks like a 90’s throwback, but I kinda like it personally.

Oh, and I had to include this awesome video as well!


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