Tamiya Bruiser in real life!

In a case of RC imitates life and life imitates RC Toyota Great Britain built a 1:1 scale Toyota Bruiser to pay homage to the Tamiya model!

This one-off truck was constructed atop a new Hilux Extra Cab model, and while it might not be radio-controlled, it’s still pretty gnarly.

The truck was lifted and fitted with 35-inch tires to make it look like the scale model. In order to accommodate the new wheels and tires, the suspension was upgraded, new gears were installed in the differential and the wheel arches were flared. The truck’s livery was recreated from the Tamiya model, too.

Tamiya’s model carries a number of special touches, and so Toyota hired a model maker to recreate those bits for the Hilux Bruiser. There’s a (fake) on-off switch in the bed, body clips, skid plates, tube bumpers and even a giant antenna on the roof. Engineering louvers for the rear glass proved tricky, so Toyota created a vinyl overlay that offers a louvered look in two dimensions.

The Original from Tamiya

The Hilux Bruiser isn’t just some immobile model. It’s fully drivable, using the Hilux’s stock 148-horsepower diesel I4 mated to a six-speed manual transmission and all-wheel drive. Toyota will use the vehicle for marketing purposes around the UK.

Sadly, this is just a one-off, so you won’t be able to pick one up to match your Tamiya model.


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