Intech Racing ER-12M 2.0 buggy Lite- Unboxing Review

Intech Racing, I had never heard of them either until recently, but they are a Taiwanese manufacturer making a fresh push into the Australian market with some unique and innovative ideas. Intech Racing is a relative newcomer to Australia but they have been building cars for over ten years with a focus on continuous improvement. Intech Racing manufactures a range of off-road buggies and trucks in both 10th and 8th scale, with either electric or nitro power trains.

Intech Racing has kindly provided Aussie RC News with an ER-12M 2.0 Lite 2wd buggy to build and review. Prior to sending a test vehicle, Intech Racing contacted me to discuss which vehicle we would like to test first. After looking at their range of smart looking vehicles the ER-12M 2.0 Lite 2wd buggy stood out to me as a vehicle which would be well suited to racing and being 2wd we could put it to the test in the 2wd stock class, racing against the established brands.

The ER-12 2.0M is a rear wheel drive buggy, with a mid-mounted motor design and a narrow aluminium chassis. This type of design is now the most common in Australia, with rear mounted motor platforms now a rarity.


What’s in the box?

Upon receiving the kit my first impressions of the packaging and box were that of quality, although you’d be mad to make a purchase solely based on the packaging it does play a part in attracting sales. The box material feels strong and the graphics are not cheesy or cheap looking, with good clear English translations used on the box.

Inside you’ll find all the parts you need to build the vehicle in marked bags with a clear set of instructions. The instructions are contained within a printed glossy cardboard covered booklet, which is quite different compared to the flimsy and thin instructions booklets I am used to. The diagrams and graphics appear detailed and clear.

Digging further into the box I am drawn to the chassis of the ER-12M lite which is made of 2.5mm thick aluminium with a distinctive and unique honeycomb pattern milled into it to reduce weight. It will not only provide a significant weight saving, but it looks super cool with the milled shapes contrasting against a black finish.

Other key parts of the kit are equally impressive like the aluminium 12mm big bore shocks, that have an anodised red collar for height adjustment and an aluminium cap with bleeder screw. I also like the look of the shock towers, which feel really strong and are made of 5mm thick carbon fibre.

Kit Contents

There is also the choice or running your car with a ball or gear differential in 3 or 4 gear configurations and I have been told that Intech are currently developing a lay down transmission for high traction surfaces. I will be building the car with the 3 gear ball differential initially, as I feel this will be best suited to our Australian track surfaces.

The kit came with a set of tyres and inserts, with the rubber feeling and appearing to be soft enough to work in local racing conditions. The rear tyre tread pattern bares similarities with that of a Proline Blockade and the fronts having a tread pattern like that of the AKA Rebar with pins instead of a bar. Kit rims have a 12mm hex, which seems to be pretty standard on 2wd buggies nowadays and allows you to use your existing tyres and rims.

Kit plastics feel of good quality and strong with the arms feeling particularly strong with little flex. The polycarbonate body and wings also feel thick and durable, however the shape of the body seems a little dated to me. In my opinion the body shape looks a little mismatched with swopping lines towards the rear combined with the straight lines and sides through the centre of the cabin area. Although not the prettiest looking body around, the shape is probably why the body has good rigidity and strength.


Overall the kit certainly looks to be of good quality and is made from some high quality components, with a lot of what others would call ‘hop ups’ or ‘option parts’ already in the box. I am very impressed with the standard carbon towers, all aluminium shocks, alloy bell crank and beautiful aluminium chassis.

Intech Racing has also impressed me with their desire to provide a buggy that would be best suited to our unique Australian tracks. Conversations that I have had with the factory show me that they are serious about getting their cars properly equipped and setup for our market.

In the coming weeks I will be building and racing the ER-12M, look out for my reviews as it all comes together and I look forward to getting it on the track.

If you’d like check out the full range of Intech Racing cars and products check out or to get your hands on any of the cars in the Intech Racing range, contact the Australian distributor, Duncan at or (TEL) 0408 906 326. We also need to give a huge Thankyou to the team at Intech Racing and

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