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AARCMCC Calendar of Events – CLUBS READ THIS

The AARCMCC executive is trying to get together a more balanced calendar of events for 2018, which i can say from the perspective of trying to arrange non clashing dates for a major event, is very, very welcome!

This is the information that AARCMCC posted on their 10th offroad Facebook page today, and was also emailed to affiliated clubs. I have removed the link to stop AARCMCC getting un-needed spam, but if you need it just message us and we can pass it on

Dear AARCMCC Clubs,

In an effort to align, publish and plan next years calendar, we are now seeking expressions of interest for AARCMCC Sanctioned Events for the 2018 calendar year.

This includes all events as defined within the various section technical regulations, including, but not limited to National and State Championships.

We ask that you nominate the event(s) you would seek to host next year, including two dates – one that aligns to any preliminary or example calendar within the relevant technical regulations and a second date of your choice.

If you plan to apply for two or more events, for example BOTH a state and national championship, you will need to submit this form twice.

Cut-off for expressions of interest will be 15 October 2017, and you will be asked to reconfirm any event EOI that you may submit with your re-affiliation by 1 November 2017.

To be guaranteed to be considered to host an event next year you MUST submit via this process. Any event that does not receive an EOI is not guaranteed to run next year.

the form us located HERE

Kind Regards,

AARCMCC Executive

West Coast Model RC throws down fresh asphalt

West Coast Model RC are very proud of their recent works, the major upgrade and resurfacing of their on road circuit in preparation to hosting the 2017 AARCMCC Australian EP ONR National Championships in November!

The original track, which was built well over 20 years ago, has not been completely resurfaced since its original construction, and has stood the test of time in Moojebing Reserve, Bayswater. This year, the club decided it was time to change things up, with original plans to simply put in some bitumen cut-outs for additional layout options. These plans quickly blew out to a complete overhaul, with cutouts and a resurface of the circuit.

The new surface should last a lot longer, and the cutouts will provide plenty of layout options for WA’s on road racers to play on. This work is the focal point of the buildup towards hosting the 2017 AARCMCC Australian EP On Road National Championships on November 2-5, right here at WCMRC!

Personally, this makes me want to build up a tourer and go back to my RC Racing beginnings, but I’m thrilled to be a part of a growing RC scene here in WA, and also to be trackside announcing the show!

Event info and entry forms, including hotel and tire information is all coming soon from WCMRC, follow the club on Facebook to stay in the know, and I hope to see plenty of faces here for the Nationals!

WCMRC Facebook Page

WCMRC Chat Group




ROAR do a backflip on 1:10 Wheels

Why do we care what is happening with some US rules? Because many AARCMCC regulations are derived from ROAR rules, and what happens there tends to have an influence around the world.

Now i never understood the controversy around the bigger 2.4 rims (diameter, not width) were banned last year be ROAR as the rules never allowed them. However the announcement today is an about face from their position in 2014 that is effective immediarely.

Now the height and width of the tyres is not changing, just the size of the rim, and a lower profile tyre will not suit all conditions, just like with 1:1 cars.

If anything i am relieved to see the rule makers moving with the times a little, although i don’t see it changing the nature if how we race much.

ROAR is introducing a rules change with immediate effect that results in 2 different wheel configurations being available as options for manufacturers and competitors: – the existing 2.2″ nominal wheels – the newer 2.4″ or 61mm nominal wheels The new rules do not include dimensions compatible with vintage style wheels as they are generally not used in ROAR sanctioned competition. Dimensions for the traditional 2.2″ wheel will be: – Mounting Bead Diameter – 2.20 inch (55.88mm) +/-.013 inch (.30mm) – Maximum Overall Diameter – 2.42 inch (61.468 mm) – Width – 1.513 inch (38.43mm) maximum Dimensions for the newer wheel style will be: – Mounting Bead Diameter – 2.380 – 2.427 inch (60.45 – 61.65 mm) – Maximum Overall Diameter – 2.571 inch (65.3 mm) – Width – 1.513 inch (38.43mm) maximum

“ROAR and IFMAR Should Look at Their Rulebooks and Start Crossing Some Stuff Out”

“ROAR and IFMAR Should Look at Their Rulebooks and Start Crossing Some Stuff Out” isn’t the title of my article, but rather that of an interview between Radio Control Car Action and  Orange County RC Raceway’s outspoken owner, Robert Black.

The full interview can be found on their website here

It presents some interesting opinions, and thoughts with regards to a needed clean out of old, unused our outdated rules.  In Australia many of our rules either follow or are based on one of these rule sets, in other areas they have evolved on their own over time with AARCMCC being the largest Sanctioning body (but not the only one) in Australia.

I’m not saying we need to throw out the rule book, but a fresh look at it once in and a while is worthwhile.  Look at 1:8 GP off road, there was some fairly large rule changes proposed recently that the clubs mostly voted against.  However the problem there was an all or none approach where a yes or no vote was the only options to some significant changes.  Almost all of the proposed changes were well received, however one fiscal one that made affiliation more expensive for clubs by a significant factor was a sticking point for many clubs.

If it had been broken down into two or three parts the majority of changes would have been carried.  Nobody likes change for changes sake, but you need to give people time to digest the changes one at a time, not throw a whole new book at them. I hope the proposal is re written and re submitted for voting once again because a lot of the ideas would certainly move things forward in terms of professionalism and the way that the sport is perceived. People just prefer to see such changes in smaller bites.

AARCMCC EP Off Road Rule Changes

Not everybody would have seen the recent rule changes that were voted on and approved in recent months signaling some changes in the AARCMCC regulations for Electric, Off Road 1:10th racing.

One change related to changing Stadium Truck from 10.5 motors to open motors which makes sense to me as I see a lot of racers stepping up to that class from Short Course Truck, and let’s face it, those big tires need more power than a 10.5!

The second rule change I was involved in as I co-wrote the proposal on behalf of my local club.  The rule was proposing to update the rule 3.3 with regards to the track surface stating that the track surface for a sanctioned event needed to be predominantly dirt.  The proposal wasn’t a blanket yes to carpet or astroturf surfaces, it had a few provisos and checks built into it. The proposed rule 3.3.3 stated:

A multi-surface or artificial surface track may be approved for sanctioned events on the following conditions:

  1. All other track requirements must still be met (such as dimensions, inclusion of jumps, bumps and other ‘off-road’ obstacles for example)
  2. AARMCC Executive are satisfied that the host club, track and venue is suitable for the staging of the event as a genuine “Off-road” event
  3. At least 50% of other clubs in the host state agree to the use of the multi-surface or artificial surface track being used for the event in question
  4. In the event that no other club within the host state is willing to host the event, the condition (3) above is void

So the track has to be the same size specification, a genuine off road nature in the layout and obstacles, approval of 50% of other clubs in the state.  If there was no other club willing to host the event then the approval was not needed in point 3.  This opens up a number of venues to be able to run sanctioned events, Launceston RC being one of them.

Both of these rule changes were submitted to affiliated clubs and voted on, with both rule change proposals being carried with implementation to occur in 2015.  I was relieved that the track surface rule passed as big events in Europe have been run on these surfaces for some time, and it seemed unfair to me that the current regulations did not allow for this surface to be used, which is no less challenging than a dirt track.

So a few changes of EP off road for next year.  There is some changes to 1:8 GP off road being proposed, but to date nothing has been agreed to yet.  Many are saying that a change is needed, and while i’m no expert, numbers seem a little down in some areas indicating that there needs to be a change.  Just what that is time will tell.