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Vaterra Ascender RTR details released

Perhaps unsurprisingly Vaterra has released details of an RTR version of their Ascender after releasing it as a kit earlier this year, in fact the very first kit from Vaterra. It looks like having a list price of around $400 US and for that you get the same metal ladder frame chassis, a metal gear single speed transmission, CV front shafts, a painted K5 Blazer Body, Waterproof Dynamite electronics, 35t brushed motor, Spektrum DX2E radio and Interco TSL SX Super Swamper® tires.  A pretty good deal to my mind, and it looks to be price competitive with the SCX10 line of vehicles on price at least.


Is waterproof really waterproof

Axial Racing posted an interesting guide yesterday titled “The truth about waterproof” walking about the claims by many manufacturers about their equipment that is waterproof.

Now the crawlers amongst you who have rigs that can survive full immersion in creeks, rivers and lake know exactly how much work and maintenance it takes to make, and keep, a vehicle truly waterproof.

The truth is that most RTR vehicles are Water Resistant at best, but have a read of the article over at Axial for yourself 😉

New Bodies and parts from RC4wd

If you have a crawler, you will know EXACTLY who RC4WD are as they make some of the best products and accessories available for Rock Crawling vehicles in the world.  If you didn’t know that before, you do now.

Some of their latest products are very tasty, as a Land Rover man I am loving their new Defender 90 Pickup Truck body.  Now the normal hard top has been available for some time as a body as well as on the RC4WD Gelande 2 kit, but the truck cab variant always looks fantastic and lends itself to modification as a longer bed 110, cab chassis or range of other variants when it comes to modifications.  Information about this new hard body is here

Next is almost as exciting in many ways, a scale V8 Engine and transmission! You can put a standard crawler brushed motor in the V8 and the transmission is a single speed, working transmission, the combination of which looks amazing!

Shown installed with R4 Transmission (Z-U0031) and 540 Crawler Brushed Motor 45T (Z-E0004) for example (Not Included)
Shown installed on R4 Transmission (Z-U0031), 540 Crawler Brushed Motor 45T (Z-E0004) and TF2 V8 Engine Mounts (Z-S1239) for example (Not Included)

For more information visit and

Axial SCX10 Ram Power Wagon

Axial is at it again, but this time it’s not a Jeep!

It's not a Jeep!
It’s not a Jeep!
The SCX10™ Ram Power Wagon is modeled after the toughest civilian 4×4 truck on the planet. This legendary Ram pickup is now available for heavy duty service work on the jobsite during the week and trail adventures with all your friends on the weekends. The beautiful two piece body can be split and used with the AX80046 SCX10™ Roll Cage Flat Bed Set (not included). The details in the front grill and both bumpers really sets this vehicle apart.As always, you can expect top level trail performance from this offering. Take a legendary Ram truck platform, mate it to the legendary SCX10™ trail truck chassis, and you have a combination that is hard to rival. The SCX10™ Ram Power Wagon is ready when you are to tackle even the harshest off road terrain.
• WB8 HD Wildboar™ driveshafts
• Dual slipper clutch
• Single-coil, adjustable shocks
• Heavy duty differential lockers
• Officially licensed Walker Evans Racing wheels
• 1.9 Ripsaw tires (R35 compound)
• AE-5 waterproof ESC
• Tactic TSX45 water resistant metal gear servo

More details at

The optional flat tray is a nice addition to available hopups
The optional flat tray is a nice addition to available hopups

Scale Garage Accessories from Boom Racing

Boom Racing have released a range of scale accessories that are available from Asiatees as seen below. I love a good scale garage as much as the next person (especially a rally one) but these accessories are something else I have to say!

Accessories in the picture:

This is just a taster of the scale accessories that you can get from Asiatees, for the full list to deck out your garage, scaler or crawler project, check out the Scale Accessories here


New K5 Blazer Ascender from Vaterra

I make no bones about the fact that I love what new player on the block, Vaterra, have done since their inception.  Today’s news of a Rock Crawler from them continues to give them huge brownie points in my book!

The 1986 Chevy K5 Blazer is one of the first mainstream competitors to the mighty SCX10 platform from Axial and it ticks a lot of boxes.

  • It comes as a kit, which is the crawlers preferred method over RTR
  • The body is unpainted, and looks very scale
  • It’s originally configured with a front mounted battery
  • it has a metal gear transmission
  • it is designed around a Ladder frame chassis with an adjustable wheelbase (important for fitting other bodies)
  • the front and rear bumpers look great, and appear to be functional as well as sliders at the sides
  • 4 link rear end and 3 link front end
  • alloy links all around for steering and suspension

All in all it looks like a great package and on Modelflight where I saw the news first, they listed the Australian RRP as$399, so a competitive with the SCX kit which is normally around the $400 – $450 mark.

For more information visit the model page at the Vaterra website

Axial ESC – Motor recomendations form Team Novak

The guys over at Team Novak are always a helpful bunch, and the other day released a helpful guide showing their recomendations for ESC and Motor combinations for the Axial Racing lineup of vehicles.

If you are in the market for a new system for your Axial rig it is certainly worth checking out at

Vaterra Twin Hammers

They teased us with photos the other day, and today it’s been revealed as a Twin Hammers

But don’t dismay, this is a Twin Hammers Rock Racer Kit, paint your own body, install your own equipment.  And, well I want one!!

Kit VTR03001 comes with no electronics at all so you can put your choice of equipment in. It includes the 2 speed transmission, metal gear differentials, 4 link suspension, licensed Interco Super Swamper tyres, unpainted body panels, front differential lock, metal wheel hexes, metal transmission gears, heavy duty front outdrives swaybars and alloy bodied shocks.  So basically it includes the pick of upgrades for the Twin Hammers RTR !

A kit without paint hasn’t looked so good for some time!