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Axial Yeti teaser released into the wild

Axial have released this image on their blog of what appears to be a new rock racer. Details are scant apart from the title and kit number which is AX90026 YETI™ 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD – RTR and the line “You asked for it, we listened. Requested. Delivered. Introducing the Yeti™, dirt’s new friend.”

While we are takin the rock racer from the title of an email newsletter from Tower Hobbies, to be honest it looks more like the tubular structure of the exo, but if it is a new or rehashed platform we will have to wait and see.


Top Truck Challenge 2014 in WA

It’s been a little too long since I posted anything crawler related up, so I thought it was about time when I spotted a great video this morning.

The event was held on the 25th of May, so to have a video up already is an epic effort in itself, however there is some great footage of what looks like a great event. As best I can tell the event was organised by members of the Crawl ANZ forum, and details of the organisation, rules and results can be found on the forum thread here.

Keep up the good work lads, and remember to let us know when you have any events so that we can publicise them.


How to glue your tyres by RC Driver

I am certainly no tyre gluing expert, so i’m always looking for tips to do it better.  I spotted this how to from RC Driver this morning and thought it was worth re posting!  I thought the battery velcro strap was a good idea as well.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
It may not be a favorite RC task for most of us but we will all need to glue up some new tires at some point in our RC careers. Zap has introduced rubberized CA glue that won’t become brittle like other tire glues. The process of gluing tires is the same but the Zap glue is a little thicker than many other glues.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
Once you have placed your foam insert into the tire you need to “roll” it around inside to make sure there are no creases. Do this b y placing your fingers inside as shown and press outward while rolling your hands on e over the other until the insert is evenly placed. If you use the molded urethane type of inserts they should fit much for easily.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
Once the insert is placed, use your thumb and work it around the bead to make sure the foam is completely secured under the bead.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
Push the wheel in from the front by started at one side and pushing all the way around the wheel until it is seated in the tire.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
Carefully work you way around the bead on the back side of the wheel, using both hands, to confirm that the tire is seated properly and the foam is not pinched or bunched up. Again, molded inserts are much easier at this stage, and not likely to get out of shape.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
Pull and stretch the bead on the front of the tire to seat it properly on the wheel. Keep and eye on the foams here, too.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
I like to use Velcro battery straps while the glue dries. Place the strap loosely around the tire. Pull the bead out gently and place the glue in small drops. Let the bead in then pull it out and let it in again. This will help to spread the thick glue evenly. Use the glue sparingly to keep it from oozing out onto the face of the tire. Work your way around the tire’s bead. By the time you get back to where you started the first glue applied will be starting to take hold and cure.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
Keep the strap up near the top of the tire and pull it tightly, making sure the bead is set evenly all the way around.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
Once the backside glue has cured completely, repeat the process on the front of the tire.

Source: RC Driver

2014 Onetencrawlers CrawlANZ National Titles

I often post about various upcoming competitions, form Touring Car races, to large scale and tenth scale off road racing.  However they aren’t the only RC competitions happening.  Right around the country various RC Rock Crawling groups hold regular competitions and the biggest of these, is the CrawlANZ National Titles!  So when and where is this event?  well keep on reading to find out more!

When: Saturday 15 March 2014.

  • In the event of a rain washout on Saturday the comp will postpone until the next day, Sunday 16 March 2014.

Where: The location has been selected and is based at one of the fantastic coastal locations on offer in northern NSW. Boat Harbour, NSW.

What: 2.2 Sportsman, 2.2 PRO and both Scale class 1 & 2.

  • Check your rigs fit the class regulations here.

In addition to the prestige associated with being crowned the cANZ National Champion, the top three drivers in 2.2 PRO will gain direct entry into the USRCCA 2014 National Competition held in the USA in Sept.

For more information visit

Topgear Bolivia Special Range Rover Build

I had already shared this build on Facebook, but it was so epic that it thought it deserved it’s own website post.

Built on a RC4wd Gelande 2 Chassis and running gear, this crawler is using a resin Range Rover body to recreate an iconic 4×4 from my favoirite motoring show, Topgear. For those that have not seen it, check the episode out on the official Topgear youtube page. To sum it up, the three hosts have to buy cheap 4wd’s and drive out of the amazon jungle!

The detail in the crawler built is fantastic from the non working gauges and missing speakers, through to rough cut bonnet vents and “I heart my septum” written on the side. Rc4wd even came on board the build with one of their new winches.

To view the whole build visit the build thread at

Another highlight for me is the running video splicing in audio from the original Topgear special.

Source: Scale Builders Guild

New Tamiya Toyota FJ Cruiser

The ever popular CC-01 platform from Tamiya has announced a new wardrobe, this time a Tamiya FJ Cruiser, ironically a vehicle slated to be discontinued in the next year or so.  The body looks to have an excellent level of detail that will appeal to crawlers and trail drivers alike. The part number is 58588 – 1/10 R/C Toyota FJ Cruiser (CC-01) with a MSRP of  $304.00.

When 4×4 just isn’t enough for your crawler

Yes, Exceed has come out with a 6×6 version of their Mad Torque rock crawler.    While the design and layout isn’t for everybody, I can see the parts making their way ito a lot of crawler builds!

Are you ready for this rock stomping, boulder chomping Mad Torque 6×6 Crawler? Challenge the laws of gravity with the ready-to-run Mad Torque 6×6 truck. It is complete with front and rear multi-link suspension, 3 solid axles, a full aluminum chassis design, and six oil filled shocks. This setup allows this 6×6 MadTorque to flex and articulate over any obstacle. With triple high-torque electric brushed 540 Motors and dual electronic speed controller system, this crawler is pumping out some serious torque. This truck has dual electronic speed controllers that have been tuned specifically for rock crawling mayhem and includes a 2.4ghz Exceed radio system for precise driver to machine interface. Aggressive true bead lock rock crawling wheels married to aggressive terrain shredding treaded tires, this crawler is ready to tackle all types of mystery terrain.

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Licensed Warn Winches from RC4WD

We all know that RC4WD have some of the best crawler and scale gear out there, and now they have collaborated with Warn to release a licensed version of their 9.5 winch for your crawler.  And not only can you get the winch, but you can get a wired or wireless controller for your vehicle in these fantastic scale additions to your rig.

To find out more details, prices, photos etc, head over to the RC4WD website here

winch controller Source: RC4WD