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Axial SCX10 Ram Power Wagon

Axial is at it again, but this time it’s not a Jeep!

It's not a Jeep!
It’s not a Jeep!
The SCX10™ Ram Power Wagon is modeled after the toughest civilian 4×4 truck on the planet. This legendary Ram pickup is now available for heavy duty service work on the jobsite during the week and trail adventures with all your friends on the weekends. The beautiful two piece body can be split and used with the AX80046 SCX10™ Roll Cage Flat Bed Set (not included). The details in the front grill and both bumpers really sets this vehicle apart.As always, you can expect top level trail performance from this offering. Take a legendary Ram truck platform, mate it to the legendary SCX10™ trail truck chassis, and you have a combination that is hard to rival. The SCX10™ Ram Power Wagon is ready when you are to tackle even the harshest off road terrain.
• WB8 HD Wildboar™ driveshafts
• Dual slipper clutch
• Single-coil, adjustable shocks
• Heavy duty differential lockers
• Officially licensed Walker Evans Racing wheels
• 1.9 Ripsaw tires (R35 compound)
• AE-5 waterproof ESC
• Tactic TSX45 water resistant metal gear servo

More details at

The optional flat tray is a nice addition to available hopups
The optional flat tray is a nice addition to available hopups

Axial ESC – Motor recomendations form Team Novak

The guys over at Team Novak are always a helpful bunch, and the other day released a helpful guide showing their recomendations for ESC and Motor combinations for the Axial Racing lineup of vehicles.

If you are in the market for a new system for your Axial rig it is certainly worth checking out at

2014 Axialfest Video

For those of you that have not heard of it, Axialfest it is 4 day long adventure crawling event being held in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Google it, you will find a heap of photos and information on it including the information below. Although the event has finished now, and most of us are in the wrong country, I thought I would share a video looking at some of the action from the event, so enjoy 🙂

Axialfest 2014 Adventurist 1.9 & 2.2 Intel

– A tow strap is mandatory. An Axial or RPP Lanyard makes a great tow strap.
– A winch is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
– 10 scale items are mandatory.
– 10 scale gold mining items are mandatory & can be used as the 10 mandatory scale items. (i.e. a shovel or pick ax)
– A raft, self-propelled or pulled towed with rope, to ferry your scaler across a body of water is not mandatory, but highly recommended. Your ferry will be staged in a secure area and if your ferry is not self-propelled, you will be required to pull your ferry across the water.
– A scale Trash-a-roo or similar bag is mandatory & will be used to put possible gold or similar adventure items in.
– A spare tire is not mandatory, but highly recommended for possible time bonus and/or swag if challenge is completed
– Roll a Rollo to your favorite pal at G Central is not mandatory, but highly recommended.
– A scale gold nugget is mandatory and must be delivered to G Central during Driver Check in.

Axialfest 2014 Ultra Driver Intel- Special “Ultra Driver Only” Course is Mandatory and not for the timid.

– 10 scale items is mandatory.
– A scale Trash-a-roo is mandatory.
– A tow strap is mandatory
– A winch is mandatory and will be used.
– A spare tire is not mandatory, but highly recommended.

Axialfest 2014 Expedition Classes N-Tow & 6×6
– 20 scale items are mandatory
– A tow strap is mandatory
– A winch is not mandatory, but highly recommended
– A spare tire is mandatory.
– 10 scale gold mining items is mandatory.

Axialfest 2014 will be rich in adventure, action, and possibly “gold”. Load up your modern day covered wagon and head west to get your scale adventure fix, in the 2014 Axialfest RECON G6.

First look at the Axial Yeti

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Exclusive review of the Axial YETI™ 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD – RTR

I was lucky enough to be invited down to Axial Racing HQ in Irvine, CA to drive Axial’s latest product, the YETI™ a 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD – RTR. After having a little pow wow in the boardroom one of the Axial minions (they all look the same to me wearing skinny jeans and baby T’s that would look like a belly shirt (cropped top, half shirt, midriff shirt, tummy top) on me) brought the YETI in and set it down on the table in front of me. I quickly grabbed the rig off the table and needless to say, I was very happy with what I saw. The best part was the more I looked at it, the more I noticed cool new design features that were not on previous Axial rigs. The first thing that I noticed was the new hinged body mount in the rear. After removing the two front body clips and lifting the front of the body/cage up, you quickly get access to the chassis to make quick battery changes and if you need complete access to the chassis you just have to remove two more body clips in the rear and the entire body/cage comes off. We all love the EXO Terra Buggy but don’t like having to remove 12 screws to get access to the chassis to repair something, Axial not only fixed that problem, they took it to the next level and made it even easier by only having to remove two front body clips to get access to the majority of the chassis on the YETI. The second thing I noticed was the impressive design in the chassis especially where the front clip meets the main chassis “tub”, it looked very strong with an exo skeleton type design building in the strength it will need to take serious abuse from anything you throw at it. And last but not least all the little scale details are what makes Axial well… Axial. It is very obvious the guys at Axial are not only passionate about RC but very passionate about the crawler and products they make.

After taking some studio shots of the YETI, the Axial crew took me to one of their favorite bash spots only a couple miles away from Axial HQ. During the short walk to where we started the bash session I was having a hard time holding back from jumping up and down like a little boy and yelling “GIVE ME THE TRANSMITTER, GIVE ME THE TRANSMITTER!” Finally, YETI transmitter in hand I felt a sense of happiness like a kid on Christmas morning opening presents does. With the locked rear diff this rig was a handful over bumps at full throttle on 3S lipo power, but that’s what I like. It was so much fun and a little challenging to get a full on drift going, and then I started taking it off jumps and really started to use the front shock absorbing bumper trying to get the landing down. I was immediately impressed with how durable the YETI™ was, I was driving the piss out of it and not being easy on it what so ever and it took everything I threw at it. After going to a couple different spots we ended up in a bashers paradise with gap jumps everywhere. I almost started to feel sorry for the poor little YETI for the abuse I was about to give it but then my evil side took over and all I could think about was beating the living piss out of it like I do with all my RC’s, well to be honest and anyone who knows me will say the same, everything I own. I was hitting everything in sight that would make the YETI get some air and at one point I even tried hitting Rodney as he was standing on top of one of the gap jumps shooting video for me (sorry Rodney)! I couldn’t help myself, I wanted more AIR!!!!

After an extremely fun day with the Axial crew in the so-cal desert sun I was exhausted from literally driving and beating on the YETI for several hours with only one issue with the front dog bone popping out of the drive cup a couple times at the very end of the day, I would say that Axial did a excellent job designing an extremely durable rock racer that will definitely see a lot of abuse taking on the competition in rock racing events and bashing sessions. Thanks again to Rodney and the crew at Axial for inviting me down for an early look and awesome day driving the YETI as they were doing all the work taking pics and video! I cannot wait till one arrives on my doorstep so I can take it to my favorite bash spot “shells”. I hope my images and video (coming soon) will do this awesome rig justice and show how much fun I had driving it.

Keep checking back to this page and the thread on RCC as I will be posting more pictures every day. You can also check out the Axial blog for more info and pictures as they post it.

Edit: RC Crawler didn’t like us hotlinking the images, so visit their website to see them for yourself 😉

Exclusive review of the Axial YETI


Exclusive review of the Axial YETI

Axial Yeti teaser released into the wild

Axial have released this image on their blog of what appears to be a new rock racer. Details are scant apart from the title and kit number which is AX90026 YETI™ 1/10th Scale Electric 4WD – RTR and the line “You asked for it, we listened. Requested. Delivered. Introducing the Yeti™, dirt’s new friend.”

While we are takin the rock racer from the title of an email newsletter from Tower Hobbies, to be honest it looks more like the tubular structure of the exo, but if it is a new or rehashed platform we will have to wait and see.


A New Crawler from Axial

Ok, maybe not that new, more like a new paint scheme really, sorry to get your hopes up!

It is however another fantastic looking vehicle from Axial.  The  Jeep Wrangler G6 Falken Edition is the latest vehicle released on the SCX10 platform. Features include:

• Proven tough SCX10™ chassis with Jeep® Wrangler body
• Walker Evans Racing wheels
• 1.9 Falken WildPeak M/T tires
• Tactic TSX45 high torque metal gear servo
• WB8 HD Wildboar™ splined driveshafts
• Dual slipper clutch
• 4-link rear suspension
• Poison Spyder Rock Brawler front bumper
• AE-5 ESC
• 2.4 GHz radio system

Friday Reviews

Don’t get too excited, nobody is giving us cars to review.  Don’t get me wrong, i’d love to, but at this stage I think we are a bit too small to even ask, let alone actually get a test vehicle, but fingers grossed we do in the future.

The reason for this post is I noticed a heap of online reviews appear in the later part of this week, so I thought I would link to a few of them around the place!


Helion Voltron 10SC 2WD SCT

RC Driver posted A short review of this vehicle with some great looking photos, check it out at

Axial SCX10 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited C/R Edition

This new version of the SCX10 would have to be my 2nd favorite behind the Dingo, and I am loving the white paint scheme!  More of a detailed walk around than a review, but some viewing pleasure for your Friday afternoon!

Carisma M40DT Desert Truck Brushless RTR

The boys at BigSquid RC’s latest review is this great looking Carisma truck, that they test, as usual, with their own particular style, flair and utter disregard for the longevity of the vehicle, but they never cease to make you smile sometimes, whether it be at they say, or because of it.

New from Axial – SCX10 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited C/R Edition

This one is interesting, i’ve seen no press release for it, yet it appears on the axial website, although unfinished, at

However i’m excited as I think it is a fantastic looking rig, with the white colour scheme it looks crisp, and the LED lights look fantastic.  I can see them being bought to be fitted to a lot of other crawlers.

CRC Stands for Cruise it, Race it, Crawl it and it is a joint collaboration with Casey Currie who has started the CRC Brand. In Axial Racing’s own words.

Casey Currie is one of the most successful young off-road racers on the scene today. When he isn’t out on the track putting down lightning fast times, he’ll be out exploring the back roads with his Jeep® Wrangler. So it’s no surprise that he’s started his own brand around his adventurous lifestyle. A brand called CRC. CRC stands for cruise it, race it, crawl it, and embodies everything he does with his Jeep® brand vehicles.

As well as the Rigid Industries lights, and CRC wheels, there is even extra decals in the kit so that you can customise your ride how you like it.  I’ve included some more images from the website below as well.

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Scale realism the best thing since sliced bread?

RC Cars have gone through a roller coaster ride of popularity over the years.  It would be hard to find any adult who doesn’t have the big kid inside us just waiting to get out and play when the opportunity presents itself.

Radio control car racing traces it’s origins back to a boom in the 80’s in electric 10th scale off road racing.  In the noughties, nitro 8th scale was king of the RC off road racing crowd, big, loud and fast.  However there has always been a core of “Bashers” who just have whatever car that they like, and drive at local parks, tracks etc.  Monster trucks have always been popular here, but the release of the big HPI Baja brought 5th scale into popular RC culture in both racing and bashing in Australia.  In recent years there has been a re emergence of electric 10th scale off road racing, with new 2wd biggies, 4wd buggies and stadium trucks hitting the shelves from a range of manufacturers.

However the real boon in RC in recent years has been vehicles that look great, and are fairly accurate in appearance and scale.  It is because of this that in many ways the hobby of driving radio control cars has gained a foothold in the mainstream with many hobby grade rc cars appearing in toy stores around the country.   Drift cars, clubs and tracks have been sprouting up all around the country, spurned on by the increasingly popular car culture in Australia, combined with the increasing awareness of drifting as a sport in Australia.  Likewise radio control crawlers, again with incredible levels of detail and accessories available, have gained a cult following with a whole range of new RC enthusiasts.  Sporting clubs, competitions, and a real passion for detail at almost unheard of levels, crawling has introduced an amazing new aspect of RC cars in recent years.  Ok, so great products at a good price from Axial Racing have certainly helped Crawlers to grow, but hit up any forum and see the incredible level of detail in vehicles that have been built from scratch, and you can see that crawlers have become an unstoppable juggernaut.

1394430_10152017848455873_1470296247_n  1470291_480741942043552_642596632_n

Even rally cars have increased in popularity thanks to great vehicles such as the Tamiya DF-03 and XV-01, the entire Rally Legends range, they Kyosho DRX and the sport of Rallying in general becoming more popular though the likes of Ken Block and his Gymkhana videos (and scale versions of his car from Traxxas and HPI).  There is even an Australian RC Rally group on facebook trying to increase levels of interest in this area of RC to levels as seen in Europe, and Colorado RC Rally Championship.

Tamiya-Rally_2048x1536 1451377_555789944499604_10897699_n

Even RC racing has taken a scale hit.  In On Road Racing (of which I am admittedly not as well versed as off road) the Vintage Trans Am classes sporting 60’s and 70’s muscle car low down force bodies are very popular in the US, and are gathering a foothold in some parts of Australia.  In Off Road Short Course Trucks have a major footing in almost every off road club with their more realistic looks and handling, low price, and excellent durability.  Even Short Course Buggies are gaining interest in some parts of the country, vehicles which somewhat resemble the pro buggies from the Australian Off Road Championships, even the Extreme 4wd vehicles are similar in appearance and build to Short Course Trucks.

I guess what I am saying here, is bring on more scale, it is helping to re invigorate our fantastic hobby and bring whole new generations into the fold of loving to drive toy cars!

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