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Feature Event: 2014 Vintage Festival at Castle Hill Off Road


When: 27-28 September, 2014
Club: Castle Hill Off Road
Where: Fred Catterson Reserve (Entry via Gilbert Road off Showground Road, Castle Hill)
Classes: See below for details.
RC Tech Thread:

Hello all Vintage RC car enthusiasts!! The Castle Hill Off Road committee is proud to announce that it will be hosting the 2014 Vintage Festival on September 27 and 28
This year as with last we have been listening to feedback and looking at class numbers (the best feedback there is) so in the efforts of tweaking the event to make it even better this year, here is a summary of the changes

Pipe frame – We’ve struggled with low numbers for a few years, but rather than put the bullet to it we’ve expanded the class to include chain driven 4wds such as early optimas/rockys/javelins etc

Plastic clarification: We’ve tidied up the regs for the plastic class just to make it clear that the only modifications allowed are different springs and wheel/tyres. All internal gearbox components must be factory standard and the maximum pinion allowable is the largest pinion indicated in the manual, no dremelling of the gearbox to shove bigger pinions in.

Classic buggy on ice for the moment: with the low numbers attracted to this class in the last few years, we’ve elected to pull the classic 4wd and 2wd classes off the schedule for this year in lieu of some new and exciting classes below. But don’t worry, all is not lost. The 4wd class in 2013 was a bunch of top forces (evos and normal spec) and a vintage eligible Lazer and a Schumacher. We’ve therefore moved the top force evo into vintage class so it will be on for young and old!! (mainly old). With regards to 2wd, sadly B2’s and XX’s wont get a run but the jrx pro fitted with the LRM tranny is vintage legal

****NEWS FLASH!!! – Exciting new classes****

2wd stock Purist: new addition to the 2014 festival. This class is for those racers that love the purity of racing how it used to be. Two categories of car are eligible for this class.(originals and plastics) all cars must run on original tyres

-The originals: stock original ultimas (ladder type chassis) and stock gold pan short arm rc10s (re-re eligible) – Cars must be original; 6 gear transmission in the RC10, standard tranny in the Ultima, original shocks.

-The plastic cars: may be fitted with option parts that must have been available to buy for your car. No handmade pivot blocks so you can fit rc10 arms to your frog etc but hot trick, thorp and crp parts for example are all fine for this class, camber may be adjustable and shocks may be upgraded as may gearbox components but please don’t throw a stealth transmission on the back of your FAV

Truck (Vintage Open, Vintage 540 & Classic Open): Oh no I hear you say, don’t change the truck class, it was awesome last year!!! Yes you’re right, it was awesome, but what could be more awesome than 1 truck class?? 3 truck classes!! Yes you read it correctly. We’ve had our thinking caps on over the break and we were looking for ways to include more of the earlier and entry level models (Blitzers and king cabs) so we figured lets create a 540 truck class as well as still running Vintage truck open. Vintage Truck 540 is an experimental class but we thought the best way to level out the playing field was to drop the power and pull the trigger.

The other class that will be available on the Sunday now is Classic truck open. This will give you a chance to dust off that old T2 or XXT or preferably that old Pro-XRT, Storm 2000 or SRT and put whatever motor you like in it and run hard. As usual, classes with less than 5 entries a month out from the event will be cancelled, the beauty of the structure of the truck classes is if numbers are struggling in one, you’ll be able to move into another class easily and also remember that if you want to run your vintage truck twice over the weekend, there’s no reason why you cant run it in Classic Truck on the Sunday or throw a 540 in it and run vintage truck 540

We also want to mention that if you have multiple cars eligible for a class, please feel free to run them all during the day, if you have 6 x 2wd vintage cars setup, run a different one each race!

Entry fees will be $20 for the 1st class, $15 for the second and $10 per additional class after that, you can enter up to 3 classes per day. In keeping with the vintage vibe you can pay cash on the day at race control however if you wish to pay via EFT please make your payment to :

Castle Hill Off Road Club
BSB 112-879
A/c 015 468 992
Ref: “your name” Vintage

The BBQ will be running for lunch as per usual and cold drinks will be available all day

Drivers meeting 730am

******Racing will START at 8am SHARP on BOTH days******

The events to be held on Saturday are:
• 2wd Vintage Stock
• 2wd Vintage Open
• 2wd Purist Stock
• Vintage Truck Open
• Plastic fantastic

The events to be held on Sunday are:
• 4wd Stock Vintage
• 4wd Open Vintage
• Vintage Truck 540
• Classic Truck Open
• Pipe Frame / Chain drive
• Hotshot

Categories for Vintage racing are:
• VINTAGE Buggy: Cut off date December 31, 1991. 2wd and 4wd classes – open and stock
• VINTAGE Truck: Cut off date December 31, 1993. Open motor
• CLASSIC Truck: Cut off date December 31, 1996. Open motor
• PLASTIC Fantastic: Cut off date December 31, 1988. Stock motor

Category motor basics:
• STOCK – RS540 Mabuchi silvercan with black endbell /Johnson 540 grey endbell
• OPEN – any motor – brushed or brushless.

Category Batteries:
• Hard case Li-Po 7.4 v nominal voltage maximum.
• Sub-C cells. 7.2 v nominal voltage maximum

Class specific guidelines:

Eligible Vintage Truck entries:

Truck class cut-off is nominated as end of 1993 for vintage classification. Motor is open in truck class.

Eligible cars for the HOTSHOT Class are:
• Hot Shot
• Boomerang
• Super Shot
• Big Wig
• Hot Shot II
• Super Sabre

The eligible buggies for the Hot Shot class are limited to the above mentioned buggies only. The motor for this class is the Mabuchi/Johnson RS540. (Same as the stock class). The aim for this class it that someone could buy a re-release kit and go racing merely by finding the right pinion (17 tooth maximum) and modern tyres so the cars should remain as stock as possible, standard cva shocks must be used, all internal gearbox components must be standard . Interchanging of parts between these cars is fine. ALL cars must retain a strong resemblance to the original buggy where possible (period correct aftermarket bodies are acceptable). Tyres and wheels are open and upgrading to bearings is fine.

Eligible cars for Plastic Fantastic Class:

Any car that was released with fixed camber front and rear up to the end of 1988. Solid axle buggies like the Hornet and Grasshopper are also included in the class. Basically this class is for entry level buggies. Springs can be changed, but the car must retain original shocks. All internal gearbox components must be factory standard and the maximum pinion allowable is the largest pinion indicated in the manual, no dremelling of the gearbox to shove bigger pinions in. No other modifications or option parts are allowed. Buggies that have been modified to have adjustable camber should be entered in the 2wd purist class. The motor for this class is the Mabuchi/Johnson RS540. (Same as the stock class).Tyres and wheels are open

Eligible cars for 2wd Purist Class:

This class harks back to the classic battle of the 1987 worlds. Kyosho had brought out the Ultima with a pledge that it would beat Associated’s all-conquering RC10 and win the Worlds that year (which it did). So the class is limited to RC10 Gold pan (short arm/6 gear-no mods or hop ups – rere allowed), original “ladder chassis” Kyosho Ultima (no mods or hop ups) and plastic fantastic cars (period option parts allowed). All cars must run on original tyres and the Mabuchi/Johnson RS540 is the motor for this class


The main aim of these events is to have fun obviously, but a part of that fun is feeling like everyone is competing in the same spirit of the event. With that in mind, the cut off is there for a reason and the concept is pretty simple regarding modifications. If the modification involves changing the geometry of the car ie 1992 shock towers give a better/different geometry to the 1991 ones, then they shouldn’t be on the car. However, if it’s the case that the upgrade is purely a reliability one ie using a 92 slipper on a 91 car to protect the drive train or stronger belts, then it is deemed ok, but don’t replace the whole transmission with a unit from a later model in the name of reliability. If the item is both stronger and changes geometry, not allowed

Please look at the attached documents for a list of what cars fit into what category.

Unless specific class requirements state otherwise, the fitting of later model shocks, wheels and tyres and other small parts are acceptable – as sometimes they are simply impossible to find and/or maintain. We need to keep the cost of racing a vintage buggy reasonable.


We understand that a lot of vintage enthusiasts aren’t well seasoned racers, which is why it’s great to get a chance to get everyone out on the track with fellow minded people who all have a respect for these old machines. The driving standards have been excellent over the last couple of years, with a lot of respect being show on track for these rare cars whilst still maintaining high level competitive racing :
• NO SWEARING AT THE MARSHALS – they didn’t crash your car – you did!! It’s ok to talk loudly to attract their attention (they are probably fixated on the cool vintage buggies) – but don’t swear or be aggressive towards them. Remember – you are a marshal too – or will be!!
• If a faster car is coming up to lap you – just move slightly off line – or let them know that you are letting them through. This avoids damage to our precious vintage buggies and allows you, as the slower driver, to learn the lines of the faster driver. Crashing, and taking both of you out, only slows the both of you down…..easier to just be courteous.
• Be ready for your race, the sooner you are ready – the sooner we can start – giving more free time for everyone! We understand that having a chat about the good old days is fun, but we really want to make sure that everyone gets enough racing in. If you intend on entering the maximum 3 classes per day please plan ahead so you have your cars ready and down at the track at the beginning of the round so you can race then marshal and then grab your car ready to race again. We’ve found we lose a lot of time with people having to run back to their tables to grab the next car etc.
• Please don’t be aggressive with your driving or other competitors. We all understand the value of the cars we’ll be running dangerous moves are not worth it.

We will be having approximately 4 minutes between each race – as there are lots of us running multiple classes

MVP – On Sunday afternoon we will present the trophy for MVP (Most Vintage Pride). This will be an entirely subjective award which will come down to biggest effort for the weekend so it will encompass thing such as (but not limited to) display vehicles/arrangement, attire, attitude, competing in the spirit of the event, tallest stories about the good old days, rarity of vehicles raced etc. Being No.1 on the track won’t make you the MVP. Being No.1 in the pits will! Wiggy took it out last year. Who will be our MVP in 2014 ?




Feature Event: 2014 1/10th EP Onroad South Australia State Titles

When: 29-31 August, 2014
Club: Adelaide Electric Radio Controlled Car Club
Where: Hobby Habits indoor onroad facility on Daws Road, Melrose Park.
Classes: 21.5 Blinky Touring Car, Stock (13.5 Blinky) Touring Car, Modified Touring Car, 12th Scale, Mini, F1 – Demo, Sakura Class – Demo
RC Tech Thread:
Online Entry:
Event Website:

Being an indoor facility means you come, you race. There will be no rain dealys. Guaranteed 6 Rounds of heats and guaranteed 3 A finals and 2 Finals for the minor groupings.

The track is a permanent top quality asphalt surface with newly laid concrete kerbing and painted corners.

The facility has a pit area with tables and chair permanently set up. Access to the shop will be available over the weekend. Also the cafe to cover all your eating needs. Hey if you have an offroad car as well there is a high grip carpeted offroad track you can cut some laps during the practice days or even between rounds.

Entry list can be found @

All Touring car classes, including 21.5, will be running control tires. The control tire will be Muchmore Rush 36. Event tires will need to be purchased via club. Practise tires can be oredered via the club when entering.

Tires for Mini, F1 and 12th Scale are open.

The track will be accessible for practise on Thursday the 28th and Friday the 29th from 9.00am – 8.00pm.

The previous four years events have been a huge success. A highlight for everyone that has attended.

We have quite a lot of interest already shown from Interstate competitors so it’s shaping up to be another cracker


Feature Event: The Golden Goat Short Course Muster

When: 23 August, 2014 starting at 12 Noon
Club: RC Hobbies, Gold Coast, QLD.
Where: RC Hobbies, Gold Coast, QLD.
Classes: 2wd Short Course, 4wd Short Course
RC Tech Thread:
Online Entry: Email with your name and classes

Feature Race: NSW Indoor Titles

Yes, I have been very slack not posting any feature races of late, so I’ll look forward to August and post a little further ahead what is coming up!

When: 15-17 August, 2014
Club: Castle Hill
Where: Castle Hill Showground, off Carrington Rd, Castle Hill, NSW.
Classes: See website and page for details.
Facebook Page:
RC Tech Thread:
vent Website including Online Entry:

NSW F1 Series Website:


F1 @ Sydney Model Autosports

A new SMA F1 Championship will commence on Tuesday 1st July. The winter series will be run the same as before but with one new exciting addition of a Teams Championship. Matching liveries are not a requirement (but encouraged and welcomed), drivers just have to have nominated their two car line up and their team name to be in the team competition. Please send a PM here or see me (Brett Allen) at the track with your team details.

Event Details:

  • The championship will be run over 10 rounds with your worst result dropped at season’s end. In the event of a rained out event, the round will be run at the next meeting, not dropped.
  • Points system will be the same as the current F1 point structure. (That being the top ten receiving 25, 18, 15, 12, 10, 8, 6, 4, 2, 1)
  • Race format: 2 x 5min qualifiers and 1 x 8min final
  • Trophies will be presented to the driver and team champions
  • Car rules: SMA runs under the national F1 rules (for rubber tyres) as listed on

So if you want to join in the fun there is a few weeks to go till Round One to get those cars ready and a team organised. As always the round results, leader board, and series news will be posted here weekly as well as on the SMA Facebook page ( We look forward to seeing you down at the track again for some great racing action!

Need some racing action this weekend, check out these events

From the fantastic crowd sourced racing calendar here at RCTech, here is some race meets for those of you looking for some track action this weekend.

Victoria Option 1

The Mini nationals are on from the 25th to 27th at Wodonga in Victoria.

This time we’re heading back to where it all began at the Wodonga radio Control Car Club Inc ( back in 2010. The Wodonga RC club is situated in the border town of Albury/Wodonga and the track is located in Diamond Park on the Lincoln Causeway.

ONLINE ENTERIES:…nline-entries/

Victoria Option 2

At the ever popular Keilor there is the Keilor SCT Stampede & Vintage Race on the 26th of April.

Classes on offer include:

  • SCT Stock (2wd, 10.5T)
  • SCT Mod (2wd or 4wd, open motor)
  • Stadium Truck Stock (2wd, 10.5T)
  • Stadium Truck Mod (2wd, open motor)
  • 2wd Vintage (540, national rules apply)
  • 4wd Vintage (540, national rules apply)

Drivers briefing at 9:30am, racing starts at 10am. If necessary, racing will conclude under lights. Club will be providing the usual hot and cold food and drinks.

For those traveling down to the event, there will also be a club race held on the Sunday. If enough vintage competitors are still around, a separate vintage race will also be run.

Event information and online entry can be found here:

Entry list can be found here:

South Australia Racing

Railway raceway will be holding its first race on 26/27of April at its new location. We have moved to the speedway/go cart complex.

Race format will be,

5 x 5 minute qualifiers with the best 3 to count.
3 x 5 minute finals with the best 2 to count.

There will be 5 qualifiers and 3 finals on both days.
Saturday we will run Sct mod, stadium truck, and 4wd buggy.
Sunday we will run 2wd buggy and 2wd Sct.

For details visit or or

Keilor SCT and Vintage Stampede

Get your entries in for SCT and Vintage Stampede Sat 26 April 2014

This should be a great event catering for SCT, Truck and Vintage RC cars!
– Central RC have donated a vehicle for the raffle and racers have already entered from interstate.
– A ‘modified truck’ class has been opened for this event so strap in your 6,5turn motor and pop some wheelies!

To allow the club to properly cater the event, please enter early rather than leaving it to the last minute.

Entry form is here:

Feature Race: 2014 AARCMCC WA EP On Road State Titles

When: 13 to 16 March, 2014
Club: West Coast Model RC
Where: Moojebing Reserve, Cnr Moojebing Rd & Colwyn Rd, Bayswater, Perth, W.A.
Classes: 21.5 Sportsman; 13.5 Stock; Modified; VTA; Mini; 1/8th Scale
Event Page:
RC Tech Thread:

Racing Around Australia in March

March is often a big month in Australian racing with everybody trying to get some track time in before the weather gets colder and wetter (well those not lucky enough to be racing indoors anyway).   2014 looks to be no exception, and rather than retype the epic thread over at rc tech ( ) I am just going to copy and paste.  If you can’t find some good racing in March in Australia, you aren’t trying at all!

March 2014: