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Associated B5 and B5M have landed

It is finally here, the new B5 and B5 Mid Mounted buggies from Team Associated. While there was nothing wrong with the B4.2, there was no in house mid mounted motor option, and the platform was looking long in the tooth compared with Buggies from TLR, Team Durango, Schumacher etc.

Few details have been released yet, but like the Serpent buggies, it looks like these buggies are seperate models rather than one model that can be configured 2 ways like the 22 and DEX210.

for more details visit

Source: Team Associated Area 51

Licensed Warn Winches from RC4WD

We all know that RC4WD have some of the best crawler and scale gear out there, and now they have collaborated with Warn to release a licensed version of their 9.5 winch for your crawler.  And not only can you get the winch, but you can get a wired or wireless controller for your vehicle in these fantastic scale additions to your rig.

To find out more details, prices, photos etc, head over to the RC4WD website here

winch controller Source: RC4WD

VRC – The Buggies are here!

Let’s start at the beginning, what is VRC?  Initially focused on Touring Cars, Virtual RC is an online Radio Control Car Racing simulator! No, it’s not a game, it’s a fully fledged, physics based RC Car simulator that is recommended and used by racers around the world for the last 13 years.

In recent years, and newer releases of VRC and VRC Pro have expanded their user base by an increasing number of tracks, as well as the release of off road tracks and vehicles.  Initially off road circuits were navigable by short course trucks, however yesterday marked the release of the nitro 8th scale buggies.   Whilst many areas are only available to paid subscriptions, a limited number of areas can be accessed from the free version.  You can even buy adaptors to use your own radio in the game.  Check it out today at


Source: VRC

Schumacher release updated CAT K1 Aero

Now the Schumacher CAT K1 isn’t an old vehicle, in fact it is pretty new, although it is certainly the latest iteration of the fantastic CAT range from Schumacher.

So what is new?  Gear instead of ball diffs, carbon fibre instead of alloy chassis, A sexy looking AirFlo body to replace the boxy cab forward tye that i’m not particularly a fan of,  aerodynamic nut guards for the shock towers (I like these) and a large high downforce wing. So a few changes, certianly enough to qualify this as a seperate model, and it liiks liek the 2 may be sold in tandem as they are obviously intended for significantly different conditions.

I am still loving the black “Stealth” look, all in all, I think I need to get one of hte new Schumacher buggies, although at my skill level, probably a 2wd car.


Source: Schumacher Showroom/CAT K1 Aero.html and Action RC

New Associated 8th scale Buggy soon?

Over at Neobuggy there has been some reports that a new 8th scale buggy from team associated have been spotted testing!


An interesting thread appeared yesterday on RC Tech suggesting Team Associated were down at Revelation Raceway in SoCal testing a (new) car they’d prefer to keep away from prying eyes, cast your minds back to the ROAR nats when we stumbled upon a hush hush test the day after the event whereby another plain white-bodied buggy was also seen on track, although not for very long. We also hear that AE’s ‘man in Europe‘ Yannick Aigoinmight have tested a new car a month ago at the track in Reims, host of the Euros a few months earlier.

According to the thread author, “I was at Revelation Raceway today, and a few guys from Associated were there testing a new design. I was told that one of the designers from HB is at Associated now, and the car is a completely new design. One of the guys at Rev walked up to their pit table and started talking to them, he said “Don’t worry, I’m not going to look at the car.

“There were 2 cars there, one was DIALED…”

“They left as soon as Adam Drake showed up.”

It will be interesting to see what design features this new buggy may have!

Source: Neobuggy and Source: RC Tech

Team Durango DEX410V4 details released

Team Durango has released details of it’s freshly updated DEX410V4 off road buggy.  The changes are evolutionary rather than revolutionary, but the changes reflect what appears to be a solid increase in strength and ease of maintenance.

  • Front & rear gear diffs
  • Harder diff cases
  • Ultra-Slim aluminum chassis
  • Premium carbon fiber parts
  • Universal joint center drive shafts
  • Two way slipper clutch
  • Revised a-arms
  • Low friction shock o-rings & updated pistons
  • New Dimec X spec ball cups
  • Cab forward body
  • Larger body clips & captured hinge pins

for mroe details check out the kit page on the Team Durango website