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WA EP Off-Road Interclub Series Rd1 – Report

WA EP Off-Road Interclub Series Rd1 – Report

The Western Australia EP Off-Road Interclub Series recently kicked off at MORBC in Whiteman Park with 84 entries across six classes with 20 4WD Modified and 18 EP8 entries to bolster the racing and excitement. The MORBC club put on an incredible event, turning it up with a fresh and exciting layout designed with 1/10th cars in mind. With a little help from the weather to put on a fantastic day, the scene was set for some great racing with WA’s best and fastest drivers all turning out including back-to-back 4WD Modified Australian champion Josh Pain, 2014 4WD SCT Australian champion Kyle Francis and 2014 2WD Modified runner-up and 4WD Modified number three driver Craig Laughton.

WA EP Off-Road Interclub Series Rd1 – Report

Qualifying got underway and in 4WD Modified it was the usual suspects out front instantly with Josh Pain taking TQ honours over Steve Smith and Craig Laughton. 4WD SCT saw a dominant display by the newly crowned national champ taking convincing wins in Q1 and Q3 to take overall TQ honours from Fabio Silvi and Brayden Miller. 2WD Modified proved difficult with the varying traction however it was once again Josh Pain showing how its done in Qualifying taking TQ from Tod Trower and a strong showing from Jarrod Smith to qualify 3rd in his first open event in Modified. EP8 it was Kyle Francis dominating his way to take TQ over Martin Wolhuter and Jarrod Smith. 4WD Stock saw a dominant display of driving from Cody Ireland to take TQ from the hands of Tim Kenny and Grahame Gauder. 2WD Stock was a relatively small field, but the tricky conditions had Kristian Goodchild sitting on top in TQ with Dan Anderson and Reece Hendy in spots 2 and 3 respectively.

With smiles on everyone’s faces at the halfway point of the day, triple finals for all classes set the stage for a fun afternoon of racing. 4WD Modified saw Josh Pain take wins in leg 1 and leg 3 to take the overall win from Steve Smith in 2nd who managed to scrape through a leg 2 win over Laughton by just 0.057 seconds across the line. Craig Laughton had a strong result in 3rd.

2WD modified was very difficult on the sometimes loose and soft track depending on the watering, a surprise breakthrough win from Jarrod Smith in leg 1 gave him a huge boost going into leg 2 but it was once again Josh Pain shining through from the TQ position to take legs 2 and 3, granting him the overall win over Jarrod Smith in leg 2 and 3, leaving Jarrod Smith in 2nd and Steve Smith in 3rd.

WA EP Off-Road Interclub Series Rd1 – Report

4WD SCT was dominated once again by Kyle Francis in both leg 1 and leg 2, locking down the overall win only to be let down by an electrical issue in leg 3 allowing Fabio Silvi to take the win and snatch 2nd for the event followed by youngster Brady Piggot in 3rd.

WA EP Off-Road Interclub Series Rd1 – Report

4WD Buggy Stock seemed to be a whitewash from Cody Ireland after a runaway win in leg 1, however some errors in leg 2 saw him drop a long way back from the young talent of Riley Papalia, who took the leg 2 win leaving Ireland in 2nd to shape up a 3rd leg showdown. Leg 3 things were a little scrappy but in the end it was Cody Ireland leading the way home over Riley Papalia who clawed his way up to 2nd place. Cody taking the overall win from Riley Papalia in 2nd and Dan Anderson in 3rd.

WA EP Off-Road Interclub Series Rd1 – Report

2WD Stock was also dominated in all 3 legs by Kristian Goodchild making the most of the tricky conditions, Dan Anderson in 2nd and Reece Hendy in 3rd.

WA EP Off-Road Interclub Series Rd1 – Report

EP8 was dominated by Kyle Francis in all 3 legs leaving the remaining podium spots to be decided between Martin Wolhuter and Jarrod Smith, eventually Wolhuter taking 2nd and Smith in 3rd.


2014 Chilli FM Launceston R/C Cup Results

With the support of Chilli FM, Action R/C, Trophy Traders, Hot Toddy’s Heater Installs and Pabs Discount Car Parts, innovative R/C motorsports club Launceston R/C hosted the highly successful Chilli FM Launceston R/C Cup in early October 2014.


Now featuring a fully carpeted off road layout at our venue in the Uniquely Tasmanian Pavilion at Quercus Rural Youth Park, Carrick. Tasmania’s R/C racers responded incredibly, with a Launceston R/C record of 105 entries making it the most successful event in the four year history of this Annual event.

Members from all Off Road Clubs around the state attended the event and took part in some incredibly competitive racing, amazing camaraderie, fantastic atmosphere, great coffee from Bump ‘N’ Grind Coffee and the mouth watering hamburgers from Burger Junkie.

There was strong entries across all of the classes with two heats being run in 4wd Modified Buggy, 2wd Buggy Stock, Stadium Truck Stock, and three rounds in 2wd Short Course Truck Stock.

Launceston R/C is very thankful for the support of all it’s supporters, together with our other event sponsors in putting together this fantastic event. We’re looking forward to even bigger and better things in 2014.

Full details, including photos, video of the raceway and comprehensive results are available at

2014 Chilli FM Launceston R/C Cup Overall Positions

Trophy Traders 2wd Short Course Truck Stock

  1. Andrew MacKenzie (SCX60CF)
  2. Brady Anthes (TLR 22SCT)
  3. Phil Reibel (TLR 22SCT)


Action RC Junior 1:10 Off-Road

  1. Sam Betts (Durango DEX210)
  2. Bailey Tyler (Associated B44.1)
  3. Tylar Jenni (Schumacher K1)


4wd Stock Buggy

  1. Marcel Jenni (Schumacher K1 Aero)
  2. Phil Reibel (TLR 22-4)
  3. Danny Tatnell (Kyosho ZX-5)

Hot Toddy’s Heater Installs 2wd Stock Buggy

  1. Pier Vandermerwe (TLR 22 2.0)
  2. Calvin James (Associated B4.2)
  3. Jade Chandler (Associated B5)
Open / 4×4 Short Course

  1. Justin Strickland (TLR 22SCT)
  2. Brady Anthes (TLR 22SCT)
  3. Marcel Jenni (Losi Ten-SCTE)


Open Stadium Truck:

  1. Andrew MacKenzie (X60CF)
  2. Jarrod Painting (Kyosho RT6)
  3. Matthew Chandler (Durango DEST210)

Pabs Discount Car Parts 4wd Mod Buggy

  1. Tim Parsons (Yokomo Bmax4)
  2. Jessie Hilder (TLR 22-4)
  3. Justin Strickland (Xray XB4)

2wd Mod Buggy

  1. Justin Strickland (Xray XB4 2wd)
  2. Tim Parsons (Kyosho RB6)
  3. Mark Rayner (Xray XB4 2wd)


Other Awards:

  • Pabs Discount Car Parts Most Improved Junior: Max Hoare
  •  Specie of the Meet: Zoltan Lokos
  • Saturday Concourse De Elegance: Jessie Hilder
  • Sunday Concourse De Elegance: Ben Hoare

All photos of the two days can be found here for Saturday, and here for Sunday.

Other upcoming events in Tasmania are the Goodwood Cup this weekend in Hobart, and the Latrobe Cup near Devonport on the 6th and 7th of December.

Nationals Videos and Results

Unless you are as blind as a badger, you will have noticed the 1:10 Electric Off Road National Championships held in Canberra last week.  For those of you that missed the action, you can head over to this youtube channel to find videos of most every final that was held, I for one will be spending some time watching the videos! Find them at

Some results appeared on the Tekin website as well as on various facebook pages, but i’m yet to see a complete list of results about the place, or I just missed them, either way here is the latest from Tekin!

RAB Classic Results


The RAB Hobbies Classic was held at Bendigo last weekend. I won’t re post all the photos here, instead check them out at

Great weather, great track, great people. What more needs to be said.

1st Scott Rawlings (TQ)
2nd Will Moore
3rd Toby Whatmore

Full results (PDF)

RC Tech Discussion Forum

Remember that Round 8 of the Vic Cup Series is at the Bendigo track in 3 weeks time.

What was the biggest surprise of the ROAR Electric Off-Road Nationals?

Live RC is running an interesting poll about the recent ROAR EP Off Road Nationals asking readers what the biggest surprise is, and I thought the options were interesting.  The options are:

  • Low turnout for Racing Truck and Short Course Truck
  • Wildly differing track conditions
  • Dakotah Phend’s domination of qualifying
  • Jared Tebo missing the 2WD A-Main
  • B5M failing to win another major event
  • Ryan Maifield going winless
  • Dakotah Phend beating TQ Ryan Cavalieri in Racing Truck
  • Ty Tessmann upsettting TQ Dakotah Phend to repeat in 4WD
  • Ryan Cavalieri getting TQ and winning in 2WD Short Course
  • Dakotah Phend repeating in 2WD, and quite easily at that

To vote in the poll visit Live RC at

While we are talking about the ROAR Nationals, one interesting piece that I saw from Ty Tessmann was that he borrowed some parts from a local racer Trey Roberts to make his (Ty) Losi 22sct 2.0.  It’s very strange to see a HPI/HB driver driving a Losi, but race oriented Blitz ESE appears to be out of production, and a generation of design behind the competition, you have to drive something!  It will be interesting to see if it is being driven as a precursor to a new HPI Short Course Truck in the way that the 2wd buggy Ty has been racing for some time is reportedly now a D215 buggy prototype.  Anyway, photos and descriptions below from Ty’s facebook page, and Trey was given a Ty Body for his help as well, great to see that kind of camaraderie in the pits even at a major race.

For a first hand account of the ROAR Nationals, look no further than Ryan Lutz who has posted on his blog about the challenges of the event.  Check it out at

A Quick Race report on the Golden Goat from Proline Australia

Report by Jacob Staines.

The meeting started off with a fresh track that had never been run on by any of the competitors. The first lot of the 10 minute qualifiers for both classes didn’t go to successful. 2wd was my first class to hit the track, i had a bit of bad luck in the opening laps coming under the 2nd cross over and collecting a pipe and ended up pulling out a a ball stud. I was lucky enough to get back on the track for the last 5 minutes after making a few changes to the car. My first 4wd heat was good, i was lucky enough not to get caught up in the traffic and had a clean run with only one mistake handing me the TQ in first round by 10 seconds. During the second round of qualifying i had a bit more luck completing a solid run with only a few small bobbles giving me the TQ for the second round. My second run of 4wd was not very clean. Getting caught up some of the jumps and apexes. I was also struggling with the traffic which ended up leaving me in 3rd place over all with Mitch Steer in 1st and Chris Paterson in second. For the third round i made some changes two both car. 2wd i added a bit of weight to settle the car down and with the 4wd i changed tyres because the car was very loose in the 2nd qualifier. I went into the 3rd round of 2wd with Mitch having TQ in one of the earlier heats in the round. I had a very successful run keeping it clean while pushing out the same lap, lap after lap. Which handed me the overall TQ in 2wd and the bonus $50. My last 4wd run was clean but i got caught up a a marshals foot half way through the race which unsettled me and ended up rolling me over. With that mistake i ended up missing the TQ in 4wd but came in second behind Mitch.

During the first 2wd i started off from pole holding Mitch out for the first couple of laps then i started to pull away. After gaining over a 15 second lead at the 7th minute mark i just started to pace myself and holding my lead. Had a clean end to the race and ended up taking A1 in 2wd. For the 4wd main i started off second,getting squeezed into third by Chris into the first corner i was sitting in third but the he made a mistake going into the first cross over handing me back second. I then managed to find a gap on the inside of Mitch coming through the stutters which handed me 1st. Having a close battle for the next few laps until Mitch mad a mistake giving me a comfortable lead. I was able to hold that lead uncontested for the remainder of the 10 minute main.

The second main for 2wd was not so easy in the beginning. I made a mistake coming over the first cross over rolling me over needing the aid of a marshal then nosing in on a pipe through the stutters putting me back to 5th. After mistakes from the leaders i was able to get back to 1st then pull out a gap then go onto win A2 handing me the win for 2wd. 4wd because of the resort i started on pole for A2 leading the pack away and being uncontested for the entire main handing me the A2 win and also giving me the over all for 4wd.

Source: Proline Australia

Victorian State Titles Reports Online

Both RC News and RC Easy websites have photos, a report and results from the recent Victorian State Titles via Team Associated.  You can find them here and here however both say much the same thing that I have reposted below for your reading pleasure from RC News.

Team Associated takes 3 Victorian titles

AE Keilor Cup

The third round of the Victorian State Series was held at the historic Keilor club in Melbourne, with a huge field of 170 entries for this one-day event. The entry list was deep, with many previous national title holders racing. Team Associated was well represented with Ray Munday and Glen Bonetti in the open classes, with young gun Cameron Zammit running 17.5T.

It was a long day for all racers as they dealt with the intermittent rain showers, making tyre and setup choices difficult as the track conditions changed almost every round. The club worked very hard to squeeze three rounds of qualifying and three rounds of A finals in, with only the last two races being run under lights.

In 2WD Open, Ray TQ’d and took out A1 and A2 with his B5M to remain unbeaten in 2WD this year. Despite the slippery conditions, B5Ms filled the first three spots on the grid. Ray was pressured hard by Glen Bonetti (also B5M) in both finals, Glen winning A3 to seal second overall. With three wins out of three starts in the 2014 series with, Ray Munday is the 2014 2WD Open Victorian Drivers series champion with the B5/B5M remaining undefeated!


In 4WD Open, Glen Bonetti TQ’d with his B44.2 but in the finals it was Sam Wells from Tasmania who drove fantastically in A1 and A2 for his first major win. Glen and Ray pushed Sam hard in A1 and A2 and then battled it out for A3, Ray taking the win and leaving second overall for Glen, both running B44.2 buggies. Ray and Glen will now race for the series win in Round 4 – whoever comes out on top will take the series for Team Associated.


In the well-supported SCT class, Ray Munday (SC10.2) took a comfortable TQ from Scott Rawlings (SC10.2) and Ben Sterling. A1 and A2 were very tricky for SCT, with rain falling partway through each race, making the track very slippery, but Ray’s SC10.2 was stuck to the track and took a dominant win. This also gives Ray the 2014 SCT Drivers series win.


In Stadium truck, Glen Bonetti (T4.2) and John Watkins (T4.2) had epic battles all day with their trucks. Glen took a narrow win from John, putting him in the unbeatable position for the 2014 Truck Series!


In the 17.5T classes, 13-year-old sensation Cameron Zammit put his B5M on pole for the biggest class of the day. A bit of bad luck in the finals meant that he finished second overall, but he made amends by winning the 4WD class for his first state series win. He is in contention for the series win at the final round in Wodonga in both 2WD and 4WD 17.5T. In the 21.5T 2WD class, John Wiggins placed second with his B5, but this was enough to give him the series title for this entry-level class.


It was a successful race meeting for the team, with Ray Munday taking out 2WD Mod and SCT, Glen Bonetti Stadium Truck, and Cameron Zammit 4WD 17.5T. This result wraps up the 2014 series for Ray (2WD Open and SCT) and Glen (Stadium Truck) with one round remaining.

Photos by Peter Brady and Mark Polistena
Source: Team Associated

Keilor Cup Results and Photos

The Keilor Cup is arguably a big event on the Off Road racing calendar in Australia, and results and photos from the event are starting to filter through. Let’s start with the results themselves which can be found complete at , and with over 160 entries, there is a few results there!

Photos, I’ll start with the one I am biased towards, President of the club I am a member of, Sam Wells, took out the win in 4wd Modified Buggy at the cup and had this to say about it;

Very happy with my results at the recent Keilor cup. My Xray Xb4, running Proline holeshot m3 2.0 tyres was hooked up and faultless all weekend allowing me to take the win in 4wd modified.

I always enjoy coming over to Vic and racing at the Keilor Offroad RC Club. I had a close battle with Glen Bonetti in A1 and Ray Munday in A2 who was charging hard. Well done to all the other competitors and thankyou to the Keilor club for hosting another fantastic event. With 160 entries they did very well get through it all in 1 day.

I would like to thank Ari Bakla from Xray and Proline Australia for the opportunity to run such great equipment, Nicola Poltronieri from Gforce Australia for the super smooth and easy to use ESC and Jeff Schroeder and the team from Fantom motors for building such powerful and reliable motors.

A special thanks to John Watkins and Amy for there hospitality. Without them i wouldn’t be able to do these events.

Sam Wells from Team Xray Australia and his 1st place trophy for 4wd Modified Buggy

Proline Australia posted on their facebook page about the PRO-2 SCT’s participation in the event here;

he Proline Pro-2 SCT in action this past weekend at the Keilor Cup! Over 20 entries in SCT and 170 in total for all classes! The Pro-2 got 3rd over all with 2 Pro-2 trucks making the main!

Team Kyosho Australia posted on their facebook page this photo of one of their team drivers and his new Lazer ZX-6.

A great photo of Team driver Ben Sterling at the Keilor Cup steering the new ZX6! Now available in Australia! First shipment is selling fast! (Thanks BJ Louey for the Pic)

Model engines posted a host of photos from the event on their facebook page, so rather than me reposting them here, head over to their page directly to see them at

Ray Munday, a well known and highly respected racer, posted a photo of his B5M from the event on facebook as well as a link to the setup sheet for the B5M for the event

Ray Munday’s B5M whose setup can be found at the Keilor RC Website.

Cameron Zammit was also racing at the event and posted a roundup with some photos on his facebook page here


Keilor Cup 2014.
What a awesome day of racing at the Keilor cup for the 2014 Driver Series Round 3.
In 2wd Stock, qualified (TQ) I finished 2nd for the day in a field of 35 racers.
In 4wd stock, qualified 2nd and finished 1st for the day in a field of 36.
I would like to thank my family for coming out on the day to support me and also the Keilor club for a great event. Also I would like to thanks my sponsors Ace Hobbies and Team Associated.