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Tasmanian AARCMCC Electric Off Road State Titles Results

While i’ve seen no race report yet, here are the results from the recent State Titles results

Day 1:

Day 2:

I have seen a few photos around facebook however most are in the Goodwood club facebook group .  The below video gives a great insight into the racing, track and conditions for the weekend, so enjoy the sights and sounds of Tasmanian racing. Remember if you have race results, photos or reports, send them in to

24HR @ Adrenalin Arena in Melbourne.

Adrenalin Arena hosted a 24hr race on the 31st of January. Racing kicked off at 8pm, with five teams entering the event. The cars were powered and limited to 21.5 turns Blinky utilizing any 1/10th touring car chassis. The race started with the usual paint swapping and body banging, but quickly settled down to a nice rhythm. With only five teams competing there was plenty of time to form strategies. The A Team quickly pulled away followed closely by Team Hack, Team Munster, Team Arena and Makers Maulers all followed in that order. The first round of battery changes had the teams scrambling.The A team was the slickest at the change and was quickly back on track and making a good gap to the second place Team Hack whilst the remaining teams all got back on track a couple of laps down. Team Arena fried a motor in the first hour after showing some good pace.









The motor and gear ratio changes cost them a few laps but were back on track and putting in some good times. After a couple of hours of taking pictures I left the teams to settle in for the long haul.
On my return I was greeted by some very tired drivers, a little worse for wear but at least standing. Sports drinks seem to be the chosen poison given the hot conditions. By this stage the gap between the first two teams was only 75 laps or so! Makers Maulers had dropped out after completing 1533 laps with mechanical trouble, still a decent effort all things considered. Fighting fatigue by this stage was causing the drivers to make small errors but this was effecting everyone. Through blood shot eyes the teams made there last driver changes. The drivers coming off the stand collapsed into the nearest chairs for a quick breather and some shut eye. By the time the last half hour presented it self, buoyed on by the impending finish all teams were wide awake and encouraging their drivers on. The last few minutes of the race finished like a sprint race, the drivers hoping to get one extra lap on the others.

1st The A Team – 4798 laps (705.305km)
2nd Team Hack – 4714 laps (692.958km)
3rd Team Munster – 4086 laps (600.642km)
4th Team Arena – 3449 laps (507.003km)
5th Maker’s Maulers – 1533 laps (225.351km)
These are the final results.
I congratulate all the finishers, job well done.

Report and Photos
Damien Christidis

Results from the DHI Cup in Denmark

It was a big weekend in Denmark for the International DHI Cup being run indoors on carpet.  Encompassing On Road and Off Road electric cars, some of the biggest manufacturers and drivers were in action on the track in this event in it’s 14th running.  It was interesting to see that those who were victorious are not who you may have expected at this event either.

In 4wd Buggy it was the names and Manufacturers that you expect to see high up the list, however the surprises come in 2wd where Tom Cockerill from Schumacher topped the charts at the end of the day, with a very strong showing from the Team C drivers in their new buggy.  It is fantastic to see vehicles form some of the smaller manufacturers well up the finishing order in a class that is increasing in strength in Australia in recent years along with 4wd Buggy.

4WD Buggy Overall Result
1. Jörn Neumann (DE) – Team Durango – 2 pts
2. Martin Bayer (CZ) – Team Xray – 3
3. Jesper Rasmussen (DK) – Team Associated – 6
4. Tom Cockerill (GB) – Schumacher – 8
5. Oskar Levin (SE) – Team C – 9
6. Joakim Nicolaisen (NO) – Team Associated – 11
7. Kim Nielsen (DK) – Team Xray – 11
8.Simon Moss (GB) – Schumacher – 14
9. David Hassel (SE) – Team Xray – 16
10.Niclas Månsson (SE) – Team Associated – 18

2WD Buggy Overall Result
1. Tom Cockerill (GB) – Schumacher – 2 pts
2. Jörn Neumann (DE) – Team Durango – 3
3. Oskar Levin (SE) – Team C – 4
4. Kim Nielsen (DK) – Team C – 6
5. Jesper Rasmussen (DK) – Team Associated – 7
6. Niclas Månsson (SE) – Team Associated – 10
7. Jonas Kaerup (DK) – Team Associated – 12
8. Villalba Zacarias (ES) – Team C – 14
9. Martin Bayer (CZ) – Team Xray – 16
10.Thomas Andersson (SE) – Schumacher – 17

Mod Touring Car Overall Result
1. Ronald Völker (DE) – Yokomo – 2 pts
2. Viljami Kutvonen (FI) – Awesomatix – 3
3. Marc Rheinard (DE) – Tamiya – 5
4. Alexander Hagberg (SE) – Xray – 6
5. Marc Fischer (DE) – Serpent – 9
6. Adrian Berntsen (NO) – Xray – 11
7. Steen Graversen (DK) – Awesomatix – 11
8. Jan Ratheisky (DE) – Serpent – 13
9. Tim Benson (DE) – Xray – 14
10.David Ehrbar (DE) – Serpent – 18

Results Source:

2013 Tasmanian Drivers Championship

We spotted down at Launceston RC that they have released the results of the 2013 Tasmanian Drivers Championship.  By the looks of it, it was mostly 1:10 electric off road racing over three rounds at three different clubs.

Congratulations to all of those that took a Class Podium, and to Adam Beresford who took the overall win despite not winning a single class!

2013 Tasmanian Drivers Championship

  1. Adam Beresford – 158 points
  2. Ben Hoare – 149 Points
  3. Justin Strickland – 134 Points

Stock Short Course

  1. Justin Strickland – 59 Points
  2. Adam Beresford – 54 Points
  3. Andrew Mackenzie – 53 points

Stadium Truck

  1. Ben Hoare – 59 Points
  2. Phil Reibel – 56 Points
  3. Jarrod Painting – 53 Points

2wd Stock Buggy

  1. Andrew Mackenzie – 56 points
  2. Joe Browning – 55 points
  3. Marcel Jeni – 47 points

2wd Modified Buggy

  1. Ben Hoare – 58 points
  2. Jessie Hilder – 52 points
  3. Adam Beresford – 51 points

4wd Modified Buggy

  1. Justin Strickland – 57 points
  2. Mark Rayner – 51 points
  3. Damien Betts – 47 points

8th Scale Electric

  1. Steve Madziara – 40 points
  2. Adam Beresford – 35 points
  3. Chris Madziara – 34 points

For the full list of results visit

Source: Launceston R/C

JQ Wins at South Australian Tri Series Finale

It seems to be a big day for Australian news and results today!

JQ is back from his first ever Australia trip, where he attended the Naracoorte South Australian Tri Series Finale. The track was super loose and dusty, and got really bumpy for the mains. Qualifying was 4/6 rounds, and it was a very close affair with JQ TQ:ing before Andrew Foord. Almost every round was decided by about 1 second. The finals were interesting, with two 20 minute mains being run. The first one went to Foord, after JQ ran out of fuel while leading, on the last lap (deja vu anyone?). The second main then went to JQ, with Foord finishing 2nd. Tied in points, the tie-breaker went to JQ for the overall win! This was the 4th JQ Asia Tour event, and once again, rather incredibly, all White Editions made the A main. This time there were three, JQ, Nathan Separovich and Ashleigh Frensham. As for the Yellow Editions, there were two in the B main! Great performance!

IMG_0635-M-“Thank you to the LCRCMCC for inviting me and for Ash and Nathan Tampe for taking such good care of me! #rcgypsy”


  1.  Joseph Quagraine JQ – REDS – AKA
  2.  Andrew Foord Mugen – Nova – AKA
  3.  Mark Brown Mugen – Nova – AKA
  4.  Shane Hancock Mugen – Nova – AKA
  5. Mick Campion Mugen – Nova – AKA
  6. Nathan Separovich – JQ – OS – AKA
  7. Matt Samra Kyosho – Nova – AKA
  8. Ashleigh Frensham JQ – OS – AKA
  9. Ian Smedman Losi – OS – AKA
  10. Michael Ellis Mugen – Nova – AKA
  11. Simon “justwaitingforamate” Page Kyosho – RB – AKA
  12. Lewis Hewitt Losi – OS – AKA

For more details and photos, visit the JQ Products website

Source: JQ Products

Jarred King takes double at Sydney JConcepts Clash

New Team Durango Australia signing Jarred King has returned from the Sydney JConcepts Clash with a double first place finish, and an overall TQ in 4WD for his brand new DEX410v4.


Jarred was extremely happy to take the double winners crown at his first major race meeting since joining our team driver roster last month. The 100 strong field of racers battled hard on a dry and dusty off-road track near Castle Hill in Eastern Australia, as the regions fastest drivers raced for supremacy.jarreddex410v4

Jarred piloted his DEX210 Buggy to a convincing victory in 2WD, despite losing a tyre during the ‘A’ main finals after clipping a track pipe in the final laps of his victorious performance.

Jarred then went on to prove the awesome performance of his new DEX410v4 Buggy, by setting a TQ pace in 4WD on the loose dirt track. Jarred flew home to take first spot and reported that the DEX410v4 was perfectly balanced, with its new Two-Way Slipper Clutch system bringing added handling capabilities on the dusty surface.

Jarred is keen to highlight that the DEX410v4 is very easy to drive fast straight from the kit box, with consistent lap times being made easier by such refinements as the new UJ Centre Drive Shafts.

We send our congratulations to Jarred for a great result, and we welcome him to the team for the 2014 racing season.

Explore how the upcoming DEX410v4 can put you on the podium now:

Learn about the range of option parts that you can access to make your DEX410v4 a unique racing machine:

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Source: Team Durango

A Big Weekend of Aussie Racing!

It was a big weekend of racing in Australia with a number of major events being held.  ossibly the biggest was the Associated Indoor Masters at the Gold Coast Raceway.  With a big list of entries, and some major support from Team Associated it was always going to be a big weekend of racing.  Photos and results can be found on their facebook page

Friday night saw Adrenalin Arena in Melbourne officialy open their doors for racing as well. Photos can be found on their facebook page

The Northwest Remote Control Car Club in Tasmania held their latrobe Cup .  With 60 entries over the 2 days and some great weather it sounds like it was a great place to be. Full details and results on their website and photos on their facebook page

Scott Giles Victorious in Victorian 2wd State Titles

Scott Giles reports from the Victoria State championships in Australia where he scored a fantastic victory for the new Schumacher Cougar KF 2WD buggy.

The prestigious Victorian State Titles were run and won on the weekend of Nov 30/Dec 1, in Australia, with the Schumacher Team represented by Scott Giles in the spec motor classes, and Leigh Cheeseman in modified. With entry numbers pushing 200, and temps over 30 degrees Celsius for the weekend, there was sure to be some hot action.

After some lazy test laps during the afternoon on Thursday, the track was officially open on Friday for practice, with 5 x 4min rounds to each class and driver. With the brand new Schumacher Cougar KF in hand, but completely untested, I used the time to run 2min with each car until deciding that the KF was the way to go. Friday left both Leigh and I confident of our rides for the weekend.

Saturday was to be the 4wd day of the titles, and with 4 qualifiers in the books, both Leigh and I found ourselves in the top 5 in our respective classes. Leigh in the 5 spot, and myself starting out of 2 with our K1′s. With some poor starts and mistakes in the opening laps by my self, I was chasing the lead cars in every final, and also turning the fastest laps of the day. The result was to be a reverse from the National Titles earlier in the year, and I finished second with some hard charging runs. Leigh also had a great day out, managing to maintain his fifth qualifying position in one of the best modified fields assembled since the Nats.

Sunday saw some very strong fields assemble for the 2wd competition, and with the track forming a blue groove in most sections, but also becoming bumpier and more rutted, I was torn with the decision of which 2wd car to use. The KF to me just felt easier to drive fast though, so I stuck to my guns and debuted the new car in Australia. The choice proving to be the right one, I topped the leader board in rounds 2 and 3, seemingly securing me the TQ, however, the round 1 winner had other ideas and drove a superb race to eclipse my time and take the round win in the 4th. I would start 2nd on the grid. After using the 4th round to push the KF beyond its limits though, I knew where I needed to be for the finals. Leigh was having a great run with his SV2 also, proving to be consistently amongst the quickest, and again securing the 5th grid position. Leg 1 of the finals saw me get off to a great start, shadowing the leader for three laps until he made a small error, I then made a clean pass and went on to win. Leg 2 saw me get involved in the typical first corner mele and chase from mid field to gain a 3rd place finish. Leigh was running great in Mod, with a 3rd and 5th in the first two finals, keeping it consistent really paying dividends on the rough track. In the third leg, I made a clean start and put the KF into the lead on the second corner, never to be headed or challenged, winning the state title, and debuting the KF on the top step of the podium. Leigh again rounded out his day with a 5th overall, a fantastic weekend for the team in Australia, and yet another win on debut for the new KF, on a med-high traction, bumpy clay track!! Not exactly its design brief, but so smooth and stable that it eclipsed all others.

Source: RC Easy and Schumacher