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Proline Australia Announces 2 New Drivers

As some of you may have seen on their new facebook page, Proline Australia is on an expansion looking to sponsor more Australian drivers.  Some of the results for that expansion were announced this morning. Congratulations to Daniel and Steve!

PROLINE Recruit #1 young gun from Manning Valley, Daniel Richardson, welcome to the team!!


PROLINE Recruit # 2 Steve Perry with his trusty pit crew Adria. Loooooong time racer and as fast as ever, tearing up a QLD track near you!!pl2


Some Big Name International Driver Moves

There has been some big name driver moves overseas announced over the last few weeks, so I thought I would recap on a couple.

Long time British Tamiya pilot Lee Martin has been confirmed to have moved to Team Yokomo for 1:10 racing.

Horizon Hobby UK have announced the return of Ellis Stafford to the UK/EU TLR team for 2014. Widely respected for his development skills as well as his on-track pace, the former double European Champion will concentrate on TLR’s 22 2.0 and 22-4

HB/HPI Racing have announced that Ty Tessmann has re signed with Team HB/HPI Racing for the 2014 RC racing season. After a successful 2013 season which included winning ROAR National Championships and a podium spot at the IFMAR World Championships.

After much speculation about his future, multiple European Champion Hupo Honigl has been confirmed at Team C


Snowing sponsored drivers in Tasmania.

It is a positive avalanche of sponsored drivers in Tasmania this week with Team Xray Australia announcing a third sponsored Tasmanian driver. Drew Butcher is joining the Xray team in 1:8 buggy and truggy classes for 2014.

It is great to see some sponsored drivers in Tasmania, and with Team Xray announcing 3 team drivers around the state in the last week they are obviously looking to make an impression in Tasmania.


Another Team Xray Tasmanian Driver Announced

Team Xray Australia have announced another recruit, and another Tasmanian recruit at that!  Congratulations to Sam for making the team!

Recruit #2 Tassie Driver Sam Wells, hooked up with XRAY for the 2014 season. Sam’s a front runner in Tassie for the last couple of years, recently traveling to the NSW States in Sydney where he caught our attention. Welcome aboard Sammy!!!

Source: Team Xray Australia Facebook

JQ Wins at South Australian Tri Series Finale

It seems to be a big day for Australian news and results today!

JQ is back from his first ever Australia trip, where he attended the Naracoorte South Australian Tri Series Finale. The track was super loose and dusty, and got really bumpy for the mains. Qualifying was 4/6 rounds, and it was a very close affair with JQ TQ:ing before Andrew Foord. Almost every round was decided by about 1 second. The finals were interesting, with two 20 minute mains being run. The first one went to Foord, after JQ ran out of fuel while leading, on the last lap (deja vu anyone?). The second main then went to JQ, with Foord finishing 2nd. Tied in points, the tie-breaker went to JQ for the overall win! This was the 4th JQ Asia Tour event, and once again, rather incredibly, all White Editions made the A main. This time there were three, JQ, Nathan Separovich and Ashleigh Frensham. As for the Yellow Editions, there were two in the B main! Great performance!

IMG_0635-M-“Thank you to the LCRCMCC for inviting me and for Ash and Nathan Tampe for taking such good care of me! #rcgypsy”


  1.  Joseph Quagraine JQ – REDS – AKA
  2.  Andrew Foord Mugen – Nova – AKA
  3.  Mark Brown Mugen – Nova – AKA
  4.  Shane Hancock Mugen – Nova – AKA
  5. Mick Campion Mugen – Nova – AKA
  6. Nathan Separovich – JQ – OS – AKA
  7. Matt Samra Kyosho – Nova – AKA
  8. Ashleigh Frensham JQ – OS – AKA
  9. Ian Smedman Losi – OS – AKA
  10. Michael Ellis Mugen – Nova – AKA
  11. Simon “justwaitingforamate” Page Kyosho – RB – AKA
  12. Lewis Hewitt Losi – OS – AKA

For more details and photos, visit the JQ Products website

Source: JQ Products

Jarred King takes double at Sydney JConcepts Clash

New Team Durango Australia signing Jarred King has returned from the Sydney JConcepts Clash with a double first place finish, and an overall TQ in 4WD for his brand new DEX410v4.


Jarred was extremely happy to take the double winners crown at his first major race meeting since joining our team driver roster last month. The 100 strong field of racers battled hard on a dry and dusty off-road track near Castle Hill in Eastern Australia, as the regions fastest drivers raced for supremacy.jarreddex410v4

Jarred piloted his DEX210 Buggy to a convincing victory in 2WD, despite losing a tyre during the ‘A’ main finals after clipping a track pipe in the final laps of his victorious performance.

Jarred then went on to prove the awesome performance of his new DEX410v4 Buggy, by setting a TQ pace in 4WD on the loose dirt track. Jarred flew home to take first spot and reported that the DEX410v4 was perfectly balanced, with its new Two-Way Slipper Clutch system bringing added handling capabilities on the dusty surface.

Jarred is keen to highlight that the DEX410v4 is very easy to drive fast straight from the kit box, with consistent lap times being made easier by such refinements as the new UJ Centre Drive Shafts.

We send our congratulations to Jarred for a great result, and we welcome him to the team for the 2014 racing season.

Explore how the upcoming DEX410v4 can put you on the podium now:

Learn about the range of option parts that you can access to make your DEX410v4 a unique racing machine:

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Source: Team Durango

New Driver for Team Xray Australia

All too infrequently do you see any news about Team and Sponsored drivers in Australia, perhaps because our hobby simply does not have the profile RC does in Europe and the United States, perhaps because we are further from the manufacturers, but mainly because we are a relatively small market.  I suppose that the other issue is that apart from Racing Lines Magazine (and I suppose us) there is little media covering radio control car racing in Australia.

Some of you may have seen that Team Xray Australia was looking for drivers to apply for positions as team drivers, and the first of those have finally been announced.  Mark Rayner is the first new driver announced as a part of Team Xray Australia’s recruitment drive.  Mark is based in Tasmania and is looking forward to seeing the new 2014 spec vehicles.

Mark RaynerSource: Team Xray Australia