Readers Rides: 6×6 Drift Truck?

This is the first of our, hopefully regular, Readers Rides posts featuring rigs, rides and race vehicles from RC drivers that send them in.  Admittedly we didn’t have this one sent in per say, but we chased down the owner for information about it after seeing it mentioned over at Bigsquid RC

Owned by Shaun Aitkins, a member of the Rogue Nights drift community, this rig is a MST MS01D 6wd.  It is full 6wd and a custom chassis to take the extra length and axle components.  It is an impressive looking vehicle that must certainly get some attention around the traps.  The concrete drum even turns while it is drifting!

Here’s the Specs that Shaun has just added below:
MST MS01D converted to 6wd
Countersteer 2.0
Bruder Scania cab, custom fitted with Driver, and light kit
Bruder Concrete Mixer,, modified with a servo to spin when car is on
Custom Metal Exhaust Pipe
Full Carbon Fibre Chassis (Designed and built by original builder Mark Blackburn)

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For a video of this truck in action recently, visit the Rogue Nights facebook page at

Ari Bakla continues with XRAY

From the Xray website, it’s pretty rare to see much about australian drivers on the manufacturers websites.

XRAY is happy to announce that multiple Australian National Champion Ari Bakla will continue to race with XRAY in 2014 season. Ari has been the main leader of the Australian XRAY team racing in all the classes with great success and countless victories. Ari will continue in 2014 to race with T4, XB8, XT9 & XB4.

Ari’s best achievements:
• 11x Australian National Champion
• 40x State Champion
• 2013 EP Off-road State Champion 2WD & 4WD
• 2013 GP Off-road PROLINE Challenge winner
• 2012 4WD EP Off-road National Champion
• 2012 EP On road National Champion
• 2012 3rd Place GP Truggy Nationals
• 2012 A-Main Finish GP Buggy Nationals

Ari says:
“To work with XRAY team is a true pleasure. The 2013 racing season was successful for me and our Australian team and I am sure the 2014 will be another successful year and we will do our best. I’m 100% confident in the XRAY company and their products, they can get me to the winners circle once again. In 2014 I will be traveling to all major Australian races to support our XRAY team and I will be happy to help anyone, just stop by to see me.”

Ari will in 2014 race at all the major events in Australia including:
• GP Off-road Nationals
• GP Off-road NSW States
• GP Off-road Proline Challenge Series (5 Races)
• EP On road Nationals
• EP On road States
• EP Off-road NSW State Proline Challenge Series (5 Races)

Source: Team Xray

Modelflight sponsoring full size Trophy Truck in Australia!

Overseas a number of manufacturers have sponsored full size race vehicles or race series in the past, however in australia the connection between modeling and motorsport doesn’t seem to have connected for the most part.  However that seems set to change with Modelflight becoming a sponsor for the Brad Gallard No.454 Trophy Truck team for the 2014 Australian Off Road Championship season.

Modelflight will sit along side Toyo Tyres and Jetpilot as one of the major sponsors of the team. Jamie Nancarrow from Modelflight said: “This is a great opportunity that presented itself through a mutual passion for off-road motorsport. Brad Gallard and Todd Casey have both been using the Losi 5IVE-T to bash around the pits during downtime.”

The first event in this year’s calendar for the Gallard #454 Team will be at the famous Finke Desert Race, Northern Territory: June 6-9 (Round 2 of AORC Series). This is closely followed by the home track, Round 3, at Waikerie, South Australia: July 4-6. The next major event for the team is the ARB Goondiwindi 400, Queensland: August 22nd – 24th.

Modelflight will be using these events to demonstrate the powerful Losi 5IVE-T, Losi Desert Buggy XL, and the all new Losi XXL 2 Monster Truck. There will also be displays for the Vaterra and ECX RC cars.

For more information visit the Brad Gallard #454 Trophy Truck Facebook page at and for information about the AORC Series, visit their facebook page at


How to glue your tyres by RC Driver

I am certainly no tyre gluing expert, so i’m always looking for tips to do it better.  I spotted this how to from RC Driver this morning and thought it was worth re posting!  I thought the battery velcro strap was a good idea as well.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
It may not be a favorite RC task for most of us but we will all need to glue up some new tires at some point in our RC careers. Zap has introduced rubberized CA glue that won’t become brittle like other tire glues. The process of gluing tires is the same but the Zap glue is a little thicker than many other glues.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
Once you have placed your foam insert into the tire you need to “roll” it around inside to make sure there are no creases. Do this b y placing your fingers inside as shown and press outward while rolling your hands on e over the other until the insert is evenly placed. If you use the molded urethane type of inserts they should fit much for easily.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
Once the insert is placed, use your thumb and work it around the bead to make sure the foam is completely secured under the bead.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
Push the wheel in from the front by started at one side and pushing all the way around the wheel until it is seated in the tire.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
Carefully work you way around the bead on the back side of the wheel, using both hands, to confirm that the tire is seated properly and the foam is not pinched or bunched up. Again, molded inserts are much easier at this stage, and not likely to get out of shape.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
Pull and stretch the bead on the front of the tire to seat it properly on the wheel. Keep and eye on the foams here, too.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
I like to use Velcro battery straps while the glue dries. Place the strap loosely around the tire. Pull the bead out gently and place the glue in small drops. Let the bead in then pull it out and let it in again. This will help to spread the thick glue evenly. Use the glue sparingly to keep it from oozing out onto the face of the tire. Work your way around the tire’s bead. By the time you get back to where you started the first glue applied will be starting to take hold and cure.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
Keep the strap up near the top of the tire and pull it tightly, making sure the bead is set evenly all the way around.

Gluing Tires with Zap Rubberized CA Glue
Once the backside glue has cured completely, repeat the process on the front of the tire.

Source: RC Driver

New from Axial – SCX10 2012 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited C/R Edition

This one is interesting, i’ve seen no press release for it, yet it appears on the axial website, although unfinished, at

However i’m excited as I think it is a fantastic looking rig, with the white colour scheme it looks crisp, and the LED lights look fantastic.  I can see them being bought to be fitted to a lot of other crawlers.

CRC Stands for Cruise it, Race it, Crawl it and it is a joint collaboration with Casey Currie who has started the CRC Brand. In Axial Racing’s own words.

Casey Currie is one of the most successful young off-road racers on the scene today. When he isn’t out on the track putting down lightning fast times, he’ll be out exploring the back roads with his Jeep® Wrangler. So it’s no surprise that he’s started his own brand around his adventurous lifestyle. A brand called CRC. CRC stands for cruise it, race it, crawl it, and embodies everything he does with his Jeep® brand vehicles.

As well as the Rigid Industries lights, and CRC wheels, there is even extra decals in the kit so that you can customise your ride how you like it.  I’ve included some more images from the website below as well.

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New Bodies from Proline

Proline have come out with a few new bodies that will be hitting hobby shop shelves soon.

My favorite is the 1981 Ford Bronco body for Short Course Trucks, it looks fantastically well scaled, and functional!

Proline Ford Bronco
Proline Ford Bronco

Next is the Phanton body specifically for the Team Associated B5M. It is a cab forward boxy design (I prefer low and smooth, but each to their own).

Lastly is the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited body, not for crawlers as you may expect, but for Monster trucks!  Again, looks great with a lot of scale detail so it is bound to be a hit!

Racing Lines April 2014

For those of you that subscribe to Racing Lines magazine, your editions should be hitting your mailbox very soon.

Included in this month’s edition are all the usual news and race reports, as well as reviews f the Team Associated Rival Monster Truck, HBX Sand Racer and Hong Nor DM-ONE GP Tourer.


We Want You!

We have posted before looking for more contributors across all areas of RC Cars, but this time it is a little different.  Each friday we want to feature one Readers Ride on our website. However to do that, we need readers to send in pictures and information about your RC vehicle or vehicles!  Even the whole collection if you have a few.

Just send them to us on facebook, or to and see if your vehicle is the one chosen to feature on Aussie RC News that week!

We are also looking for reviews from our readers.  Are you getting a new model soon, and want to take some photos of the build, finished and being driven at your local bash spot, drift track, crawling spot or race track?  Do you have some time to write up your thoughts on your new vehicle?  Then write it up, and submit it to us at or through the contact us page.  Because let’s face it, the best thing to help you choose on what rc car you are going to buy next, is to see what other people think of theirs!