Vaterra hit the streets with a new Rally Car

Yes, Vaterra has hit the streets with a rally car to add to the currently burgeoning Rally scene in RC Cars.  This expansion is certainly making the Rally fan in me very happy indeed!  Check out some video of the Ford Fiesta Rallycross below

So the details, size was my first thought when I saw the release information, is it 4×4 SCT sized like the recent releases, or Touring Car sized? Well the release doesn’t really have any information about that, however based on price, and looking at the platform that it appears to share with the Vaterra Ford Raptor Pre Runner, it is the 4×4 Short Course Size.  So no win for the scale rally enthusiasts, but a win for a better all terrain capability.

The car is waterproof (as you can see in the above video), brushless, fitted with a spektrum radio with AVC, Metal Gear Viscous Torque vectoring differentials and a licensed Fiesta Rallycross body.

For more information and photos hit up the Vaterra website at

With four reasonably realistic rally cars of similar size and configuration on the market, I wonder if Rally / Rallycross will take off the same way 2wd SCT did with the Traxxas Slash?

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