New 69 Muscle Baja Short Course Body from Parma

Continuing on from today’s theme of new bodies, we find news of a new Short Course truck from Parma, but not your run of the mill body, but what is basically a 1969 Muscle car in the form of their 69 Muscle Baja Short Course Body.  It’s unusual, but certainly looks fantastic. Parma are no stranger to these bodies as they have a few on their range.  For more details visit the parma website at

I thought I would also post some photos of some of Parma’s other interesting Short Course bodies.

BittyDesign Black Hawk SCT Body

There hasn’t been much in the way of new racing Short Course Bodies appearing in a while, perhaps the manufacturers are happy with their offerings.  However really there is still for room for improvement in them i’m sure.  Sure Proline and Jconcepts have released some nice scale looking bodies, and while I love how they look, I don’t know how well they would work on a racetrack.

However I saw over at RC News this morning details of this new body from BittyDesign that I think should have been called the sharkfin myself, and i’m sure you can see why!

Now I suppose it doesn’t look very realistic which is part of the appeal of Schort Course to me, but then I can see how it may help with the truck’s directional stability. RC News had this to say about the body

Italian stylist experts BittyDesign have turned their attention to another area of offroad and introduced us to their new prototype ‘Black Hawk‘ Short Course truck body, unveiled at their signature race. the EURO Contest in Italy.

As any Galeophob would have noticed by now, the body’s unique feature is a large rear ‘shark fin’ which we’re told that despite still being a prototype helps rather a lot with highspeed straightline stability as well as high speed cornering.

We’re told that the fin concept was inspired by the Audi team’s car from Le Mans, the body itself is designed to be car neutral so fits most Short Course trucks and always retains BittyDesign’s signature aggressive styling. Expect more concrete information on this prototype body in the near future.

What do you think, I think the fin is a little large in appearance stakes, but it sounds like it undeniably helps in performance.  AARCMCC legal?  Not sure, but an interesting concept none the less.


AARCCMCC Queensland EP Off Road Championships Wrapup

I have to say that the social media and online coverage of the weekend’s Queensland EP Off Road Championships left everybody in no doubt that no only was it a great event, but that the internet can be used as a fantastic tool to publicise our sport and let everybody know what is happening and when, part of why I started this website really I suppose!

So as there was so much online posted by so many I thought I would warp up some of that coverage into one location!

Let’s start with the excellent race report from Scott Guyatt (who always writes a good report of the goings on’s at any event).  You can find his report over at the Action RC website here

Of course the facebook page for the Gold Coast RC Raceway posted a lot of updates and information as the event progressed, so make sure you go and like their page .  I would be remiss not to phoso a photo of some of their regular racers and their results from their facebook page.

There is also some fantastic videos of the event, the one below is one of the better ones I have seen so far, but there are a few good ones out there

Team Xtray Australia posted the below photo of Tasmanian Driver Sam Wells on 4wd day on their facebook page

Of course all the big names were racing at the QLD Titles, but some of the big names were big names from other sports. Casey Stoner and Shane Van Gisbergen were both competing with the latter performing very well in his races.  Both posted photos on their facebook pages seen by up to 350,000 likers on their combined pages.  Casey was racing in the Buggy Classes and while he didn’t make the A mains, it looks like he had a lot of fun!

Casey Stoner’s pit table, a little different to the pits he is used to i’m sure!

Shane Van Gisbergen on the other hand was very competitive in Short course placing  3rd in 2wd Short Course and 2nd in 4wd Short Course.  Kyosho Australia also posted Shane’s results on their facebook page.

A great paint scheme and racing result from Shane Van Gisbergen in his Kyosho SC6 from RC Race Supplies

Team Schumacher Australia with Darren Lord also had some fantastic results at the event, you can read about that here

TLR Australia also had some good results with TLR driver Mitchell Steer on taking out the 2wd SCT title. Star if the future!

Believe it or not I am yet to see the official; results of the day, but as soon as I do (anybody want to write up the results for an Aussie RC News exclusive?) I will post them for all to see.


Vaterra 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Z51 Stingray

I have a broad range of vehicular interests, however I do have a soft spot for Chevrolet’s Corvette.  Now Corvette bodies for the most part are fairly hard to find apart from the 5th Generation version, but recently Vaterra added to the mix with a 3rd Generation body on their V100 chassis, and today I have discovered that they have expanded that line once again with the 7th Generation Corvette releasing details of their 2014 Corvette Z51 Stingray on their V100-S chassis as a RTR.

One thing that I found interesting was that some photos show no front body mounts.  No i’m not sure if they are simply not fitted, or if Vaterra are stepping up their scale realism by incorporating some stealth body mounts of some kind.  I have not found any mention in the blurb for the vehicle at all about it, and maybe it was something they toyed with but never made to production.

For more details and photos head over to the Vaterra website


Kyosho FO-XX VE

Kyosho USA has released their 1/8 scale, Brushless-Powered, 4WD FO-XX VE truck today with a few limited details about what is an impressive looking vehicle!

Kyosho’s new FO-XX based Formula Off-Road truck is based on the Mad Force Kruiser chassis, powered by a strong, torquey monster of a motor, the brushless version of the Fo-XX is going leave destruction in its wake. It’ massive 1/8 size not only makes it imposing to other trucks, they should be downright afraid! 😉
So basically it is big, brutal and looks like a pile of fun! It certainly is a step into Axial territory in one respect, but the size of this vehicle really puts it in a different class to the offerings from Axial Racing.

Schumacher Mi5evo Review: Built and Raced by Scott G

There are a lot of companies out there making fantastic Touring Cars, and Schumacher from the UK is no exception.  We have posed before about their latest version of the Mi line of TC’s, the Mi5evo and now you can read about just how good it is in a very in depth review from Scott G over at Action RC.  Head over to Action RC to read the full review of the Mi5evo from opening of box through to hitting the track –

H.A.R.D. Racing Storage and Hauler Bags

I get newsletters from a bunch of RC Stores around the globe, and today one caught my eye from RC Mart which had some interesting information about some bags from H.A.R.D. Racing.  I hadn’t heard of them before so I looked at what was on offer from them.  As well as starter boxes and setup stations they have a fabulous array of Hauler and storage bags for almost any RC application.

Personally I have a large 8th scale size hauler bag from Atomik which straps my SCT on top, a Rally Car or buggy in the top drawer, and everything else in the 4 drawers below that, and to date it has been tough and extremely useful.  To be honest I have no idea how I did without it!  It was actually a birthday present from my wife who tried to buy a bag from a local hobby store, but they weren’t too interested in helping her out, so I was given a voucher to buy from a store in Sydney.   But I digress!



I love a good storage solution, and while many are all the same bags re badged, or similar to, the range and variety here certainly gives you pause for thought on how you could move your equipment better. From charging sacks, to starter box bags, Touring Car haulers, 8th scale haulers, and  Transmitter bags, H.A.R.D. Racing have all your needs covered!  Check them out on their website at .  Available in Australia?  Well HEI International is listed as their Australian Distributor, so your local hobby store should be able to access them.


New VBC Firebolt DM

VBC Racing, who to date have only made F1 and Touring Car kits, have released some photos and information of their new 2wd buggy, the Firebolt DM.  This mid mounted buggy follows a different line of thinking to many of the other players in the buggy game, but that makes it interesting,m not necessarily worse.  Features of the kit include:


  • 2.5mm Lightweight 7075 aluminum chassis
  • Adjustable chassis flex system
  • Carbon fiber chassis brace
  • Narrow chassis design
  • Lightweight 7075 aluminum motor mount, arm mount and rear bulkhead
Suspension & Steering
  • Big bore 12mm oversize shocks
  • 7075 aluminum shock caps with integrated bleed screws
  • Adjustable caster insert
  • 3.7mm carbon fiber shock tower
  • Quick rear toe and anti squat adjustment
  • Adjustable front suspension mount kick up angle
  • Oversize rear hub bearing and camble link insert.
  • Captured hinge pin system
  • Horizontal Steering ball studs for fine Ackermann adjustments
Drive train
  • High torque slipper system
  • Ultra smooth ball differential
  • Hardened heavy duty CV drive shaft
Design & Quality
  • Intergraded motor fan mount
  • Carbon filled composite parts
  • Hardened heavy duty turnbuckle
  • Multiple battery positions for in-board, shorty, saddle and square packs
The kit is slated to be available in July 2014, so not far away at all.  In Australia they are available at R.A.B. Hobbies so keep an eye out for this interesting buggy.


2014 RCAA Victorian Carpet titles.

Written and submitted by John Watkins

This past weekend racers from all over Victoria gathered together at the Melbourne’s newest Indoor racing facility, Adrenalin Arena (AA) for the first ever off-road indoor Carpet state titles.

On a chilly, winter Saturday Morning drivers were greeted with a brand new track designed by off road driver Simon Healy, the fresh layout was super tight and ultra technical and included a cross over section and never seen before in Victoria, a Wall climb!     The new layout was completely different to anything racers have seen before at AA all previous layouts were flowing, high speed and quite easy to drive. This fresh look at the hand of Simon had a lot of fast changes of direction, hair pin corners and a large jump section that was enticing enough for a few of the mod guys to try and clear the 16 meter jump section!

Qualifying was intense through all classes and consistency rewarded.  In 2wd modified 1 mistake was the difference between TQ and 5th. Ex UK driver Simon McHugh took the prestigious TQ honours with a flawless 5 min run nudging the un heard of 18 lapper! The Finals were incredibly fast paced in the high grip carpet conditions, the motor of choice in Modified classes ranged from a 5.5 to 7.5 most driver running a small amount of boost  in order to get out of the corners as quick as possible.

A1 : Simon McHugh  Jumped out to an early lead over John Watkins as P2 on the grid was left vacant with Andy Bishop not making the start with a wheel nut issue.  Watkins went on to take the win after a mistake by Simon McHugh at the 3 min mark.         A2: at the tone drivers jumped to a frantic pace and on lap 2 leaders Simon and Andy Bishop came together and with Watkins finding a way through the carnage he laid down a lawless 5 min run to take the title with Paul Sims driving a Prototype 2wd finishing 2nd  ahead of the fast paced Andy Bishop in 3rd. John Watkins sat out the 3rd final and watched as Andy Bishop set a new lap record with a 16.7! 1st John Watkins , 2nd Simon Mc Hugh, 3rd Paul Sims

All eyes were on the stock classes, as in the lead up month’s stock was by far the more popular class with almost 30 entries qualifying was going to be tight. Local Hero and Carpet Specialist Andrew adamic driving a Schumacher KF was left with some serious work to do after round 1 of 2wd, from  out of nowhere Richard Dyer took A1 from newly signed AE junior Development driver Cameron Zammit  by .2 of a second , Round 2 and both Andrew and Cameron knew what they had to do, both shaved considerable time off their previous best with Cameron going almost 10 seconds quicker and with a time that would of put him 6th in the Modified A Main, Cameron took TQ with this run and Andrew was a close 2 seconds behind.

2wd Finals were close Richard Dyer took A1 by .2 of a second over Cameron and Andrew only a couple of second’s further back. A2 and A3 was a extremely close race with Cameron getting the job done closely followed by Andrew and Richard. Overall, 1st Cameron Zammit, 2nd Richard Dyer, 3rd Andrew Adamic

4wd Stock saw the same epic battle between Cameron, Andrew and fresh prince Neil Kovacs, the battle royal was set with an AE, LOSI and XRAY showdown, Cameron Zammit took his 2nd TQ honours of the day . A1 was epic and the lead changed multiple times with Adamic getting the win by less the half a second, A2 saw the early retirement of Cameron with a broken front arm on his B44.2, Kovaks stepping his game up and taking it Andrew but a last lap roll over handed the overall win to Adamic and his Xray XB4 , this was the first time Andrew had run his new 4wd ever!

SCT was a great spectacle to watch as these big heavy brutes tried to cope with the mega grip of the carpet. TQ went to Hayden Palmer with a brilliant display in all qualifiers. With 1 win a piece in the finals Hayden in A1 and with a stellar drive in A2 David Varricchio the show was set for fun A3 with a couple of forced errors Hayden Palmer took the overall win. Hayden Palmer 1st , David Varricchino 2nd , David Shilton 3rd

Stadium truck: Numbers were low on race day but drivers were as keen as they could be to hit the track. Truck King Andre Morton came out swinging with a dominant performance in all 3 Qualifiers taking TQ easily, Finals were close with Kyosho driver Glenn Wilson taking the win in A1 closely followed by John Watkins after a retirement by the master Andre. John Watkins Took A2 over the fast finishing Andre.  A3 was lingering Andre had to win to force a count back, and win in a better time to take the title, he did this comfortably with almost all of his laps being a full second quicker the Watkins and Wilson.  Results , 1st Andre Morton, 2nd John Watkins, 3rd Glenn Wilson.

Vintage classes were also offered and number were huge with almost 20 entries over 3 classes,  but as you can imagine retirements were plenty from these dinosaurs with the shining stars Andy bishop and Simon Healy putting on a display with their mid mount RC10 worlds cars, in most cases with times that would of giving them a podium in the stock classes. Vintage Competition results: 1st Andy Bishop, 2nd Simon Healy, 3rd Craig Jenner.  2wd Vintage kit Competition results:  1st Simon Mc Hugh, 2nd Andre Morton, 3rd Brent Jefferies.


Thanks to Adrenalin Arena for hosting what hopefully becomes a long tradition of indoor winter off road racing. The great atmosphere was heightened by race by race commentary by AA owner and vintage guru Damien Andrews.

I look forward to see you all again next year!