HB D413 Review Pt1 from Neobuggy


We have seen in the hands of the pros what the D413 from HB is capable of, now it is time to see how it stacks up for us mere mortals.

Neobuggy is doing a review of the D413, and whilst this part 1 only covers the build, it always gives an interesting insight into a kit as how the build goes. Check out all of the action at http://www.neobuggy.net/2014/11/28/hb-d413-review-the-build/

So far they seem to be fairly psitive about the kit with a couple of disliked items, but they are holding back on judgement to see if they work.  We will make sure we bring you further parts of this review, so keep an eye open.

Stringer and REDS double Podium at Queensland State Titles

redsracing-brisbane-stringer (4)

Report by Aaron and Mark Stringer.

Around 100 drivers attended the Queensland State Titles held at the Logan off Road Club in Brisbane.  Aaron was entered in Buggy and Truggy. This was the same club/track that hosted the Australian National Titles for 2014, so we were expecting a good showing.

Due to work commitments we didn’t get down till late Friday afternoon which meant we missed all of practice, the first round of qualifying and the 2nd round qualifier for Truggy by 10mins due to traffic issues.  We did make it for the 2nd round of Buggy qualifying, Aaron hit the new track and laid down a great run to finished 2nd for the round. So in the end we drove 3 hours for 7 mins of racing but was a good 7 mins!!!.

We arrived bright and early Saturday morning for another 3 rounds of qualifying.  We needed all of these in Truggy as we did not get a run in on Friday.  First was Truggy which Aaron drove perfectly to TQ.  Next was Buggy and another 2nd for the round overall had us looking good.
Round 4 and Aaron once again scored a TQ in Truggy another second in Buggy for the round. Things were looking good for the Buggy with 3 2nd places assuring us a spot in the A-Main.  We just needed one more decent run in the Truggy and we would secure TQ and a good starting spot in teh A-Main.  Unfortunately we had DNF due to a mechanical failure. This saw us drop to 8th for the A-Main,right in the middle of the 15 car field and where all the carnage happens. The last run in Buggy was epic as we missed TQ by 2 of a second!!!!

The cars looked dialled for the  10 min practice session prior to the A-Mains. Truggy was up first and Aaron got a great start and was in 2nd place by the 2nd lap.  After a good Tussle with S-Workz team driver Shane Freiberg,  Aaron pulled away and never lost the lead winning by 2 laps in the 45min A-Main.
The Buggy A-Main was the last race and what a race it was, the lead changed a few times but in the end we took a brilliant second place to cap off a great weekend.

Overall the REDS Engines performed faultlessly for the 3 days in temps as high as 36 degrees Celsius.

Buggy set up:
REDS R5T Team Edition, REDS TS4 Plug, REDS 7mm venturi, REDS Short Header, REDS 2104 pipe, REDS Steel Flywheel (4 shoe), REDS Alloy shoes x 4, low setting on the clutch.

Truggy set up:
REDS R5T Team Edition, REDS TS4 Plug, REDS 7mm venturi, REDS Extra Short Header, REDS 2113 pipe, REDS Alloy Flywheel (4 shoe), REDS Alloy shoes x 4, high setting on the clutch.

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Source: Redsracing.it

New Team Associated ProSC 4×4

Team Associated have added another vehicle to their Qualifier series of vehicles in the form of the ProSC 4×4 RTR.

This vehicle differs from the ProLite 4×4 RTR in a few ways. It has a different body, different tyres, Different ESC, Different Livery and, ummm, well i’m not sure what else really differentiates the ProSC from the ProLite???  Ok, the ProSC has 16mm Big Bore composite fluid-filled shocks, but i’m not really sure all of this constitutes calling it a different model, maybe this is their race oriented version of the 4×4 Short Course Truck in the Qualifier Series?  Read about it for yourself at http://www.teamassociated.com/cars_and_trucks/ProSC_4x4/RTR/

Source: http://www.teamassociated.com/news/latest_products/1499-NEW_ProSC_4x4_Ready-To-Run/

What would you have for a Radio Control Christmas?

I am a dreamer at the best of times, my Christmas wish list is as long as your arm and it isn’t even December yet! But I thought I would see what RC item you would have under your Christmas tree if money was no object.

Personally I would have trouble choosing, from Crawlers to Scalers, Drift and Rally cars through to Race Trucks, I think I could name a desirable car in each category just about! So then I thought, well why not write an open letter to Santa!

For bashing you have to have something big, powerful and robust. A lot of vehicles fit that description, but for me it has to be electric, so that narrows it a bit.  Yes i’m a HPI fanboy so the list has to include the Savage Flux, which is a bashing classic in any guise. The Trophy Truggy Flux also appeals to me for it’s now and fast look, while still clearly being built to take a flogging.  The Axial Yeti XL is a big, quick and less common vehicle, and is very tempting. However money no object the clear winner in my book is the biggest of them all, the RTR Baja 5B Flux. Big, Powerful, impressive and fast.  Ok, no noise, but the trade off is less annoyed neighbors or beachgoers wherever you are bashing, and no fuel to lug around.

An SCX10 is what most of you probably expect to see here, but you would be wrong, I have to say that the Vaterra K5 Blazer Ascender RTR. The body is something a little different, the platform looks strong and flexible, and as always with me, it’s a little different to what everybody else is doing.

Until a few weeks ago this would have simply been the Gelande 2 D90 from RC4wd, however RC4wd threw me for a spin recently with the release of the Gelande 2 D110.  Let’s face it, the only thing better than a Land Rover Defender, is another Land Rover defender (yes, I suspect I bleed green).


I have had a HPI Sprint 2 in the past, and i’d probably go back to one for drifting.  I am loving the orange BMW M3 body that comes with the Sprint 2 Flux, so I’d probably say that model with some drift tyres!


There are a few more rally platforms out there this Christmas as compared with the last, so there is a lot more choice, but ironically I would go with one that was available last Christmas, the HPI WR8 Flux.  Even more so since they released a Subaru Impreza body for the WR8. I preferred the Rally liveries over the Ken Block one (despite being a fan of KB), but they have been discontinued.  I hear the Rally purists crying why not a Tamiya XV-01, well I already have one of those!

So my racing fleet has seen a serious shakeup this season with the addition of a 2wd Buggy, and the replacement of the SCT with a new one (under construction). 8th and 5th scale I would never get a chance, so a 4wd buggy I think would be the item on the wish list, and whilst I like the Team Durango DEX410V4, I like the design of the HB D413 even better, making it my pick for a new car for racing.

Other Equipment
In the “Other Equipment” category I think I would have to ask Santa really nicely for a new Radio. While I love my DX2.0 it’s getting a little long in the tooth and only has a 2 model memory and limited compatible receivers.  So I think that the DX4S or DX4C would look very good in my pit bag. (The spektrum website was unavailable at the time of writing so no link)

With money no object, the Other category is fairly broad, but I think something airborne would be in order, and by something I think I would have to pick the Walkera Scout X4 Quadcopter.  With a retractable undercarriage, programmable gps, camera with transmission back to the radio for FPV and a host of fabulous features including a “follow me” mode, it would be a fantastic toy to play with and work with. You can even fit two motors and rotors to each army making it an X8 for heavier loads. With a 25 minute flight time, this is on fantastic piece of equipment which looks fabulous in the grey finish it is available in.

Proline Australia announces 2 new drivers

Recruit #1 Junior Racer Jackson Beale from QLD. Jackson and his Dad Ty are pumped about Proline!!! They will be at the QLD Titles this weekend reppin the Proline brand. Welcome to the Team guys!!

Photo: Recruit #1 Junior Racer Jackson Beale from QLD. Jackson and his Dad Ty are pumped about Proline!!! They will be at the QLD Titles this weekend reppin the Proline brand. Welsome to the Team guys!!

Recruit #2 Annabelle Rogers, yeah you guys better watch out, you could be passed by girl racer Annabelle!!! ; ) Residing in Mildura Annabelle races 1:10th EP Offroad and will be representing Proline for the 2015 season.

Photo: Recruit #2 Annabelle Rogers, yeah you guys better watch out, you could be passed by girl racer Annabelle!!! ; ) Residing in Mildura Annabelle races 1:10th EP Offroad and will be representing Proline for the 2015 season.

WA EP Off-Road Interclub Series Rd1 – Report

WA EP Off-Road Interclub Series Rd1 – Report

The Western Australia EP Off-Road Interclub Series recently kicked off at MORBC in Whiteman Park with 84 entries across six classes with 20 4WD Modified and 18 EP8 entries to bolster the racing and excitement. The MORBC club put on an incredible event, turning it up with a fresh and exciting layout designed with 1/10th cars in mind. With a little help from the weather to put on a fantastic day, the scene was set for some great racing with WA’s best and fastest drivers all turning out including back-to-back 4WD Modified Australian champion Josh Pain, 2014 4WD SCT Australian champion Kyle Francis and 2014 2WD Modified runner-up and 4WD Modified number three driver Craig Laughton.

WA EP Off-Road Interclub Series Rd1 – Report

Qualifying got underway and in 4WD Modified it was the usual suspects out front instantly with Josh Pain taking TQ honours over Steve Smith and Craig Laughton. 4WD SCT saw a dominant display by the newly crowned national champ taking convincing wins in Q1 and Q3 to take overall TQ honours from Fabio Silvi and Brayden Miller. 2WD Modified proved difficult with the varying traction however it was once again Josh Pain showing how its done in Qualifying taking TQ from Tod Trower and a strong showing from Jarrod Smith to qualify 3rd in his first open event in Modified. EP8 it was Kyle Francis dominating his way to take TQ over Martin Wolhuter and Jarrod Smith. 4WD Stock saw a dominant display of driving from Cody Ireland to take TQ from the hands of Tim Kenny and Grahame Gauder. 2WD Stock was a relatively small field, but the tricky conditions had Kristian Goodchild sitting on top in TQ with Dan Anderson and Reece Hendy in spots 2 and 3 respectively.

With smiles on everyone’s faces at the halfway point of the day, triple finals for all classes set the stage for a fun afternoon of racing. 4WD Modified saw Josh Pain take wins in leg 1 and leg 3 to take the overall win from Steve Smith in 2nd who managed to scrape through a leg 2 win over Laughton by just 0.057 seconds across the line. Craig Laughton had a strong result in 3rd.

2WD modified was very difficult on the sometimes loose and soft track depending on the watering, a surprise breakthrough win from Jarrod Smith in leg 1 gave him a huge boost going into leg 2 but it was once again Josh Pain shining through from the TQ position to take legs 2 and 3, granting him the overall win over Jarrod Smith in leg 2 and 3, leaving Jarrod Smith in 2nd and Steve Smith in 3rd.

WA EP Off-Road Interclub Series Rd1 – Report

4WD SCT was dominated once again by Kyle Francis in both leg 1 and leg 2, locking down the overall win only to be let down by an electrical issue in leg 3 allowing Fabio Silvi to take the win and snatch 2nd for the event followed by youngster Brady Piggot in 3rd.

WA EP Off-Road Interclub Series Rd1 – Report

4WD Buggy Stock seemed to be a whitewash from Cody Ireland after a runaway win in leg 1, however some errors in leg 2 saw him drop a long way back from the young talent of Riley Papalia, who took the leg 2 win leaving Ireland in 2nd to shape up a 3rd leg showdown. Leg 3 things were a little scrappy but in the end it was Cody Ireland leading the way home over Riley Papalia who clawed his way up to 2nd place. Cody taking the overall win from Riley Papalia in 2nd and Dan Anderson in 3rd.

WA EP Off-Road Interclub Series Rd1 – Report

2WD Stock was also dominated in all 3 legs by Kristian Goodchild making the most of the tricky conditions, Dan Anderson in 2nd and Reece Hendy in 3rd.

WA EP Off-Road Interclub Series Rd1 – Report

EP8 was dominated by Kyle Francis in all 3 legs leaving the remaining podium spots to be decided between Martin Wolhuter and Jarrod Smith, eventually Wolhuter taking 2nd and Smith in 3rd.

Source: http://www.redrc.net/2014/11/wa-ep-off-road-interclub-series-rd1-report/

Team Associated add lights and sound to your car

Team Associated have added a Engine Sound and Vehicle Light all in one system to their product lineup.  The product looks more flexible than the one that Traxxas released recently, although it will inevitably cost more. But with the ability to add lights and 25 different sound sets all in one package, I think it’s an accessory worth considering for any RC Car.

The ESS-One Engine Sound System lets you choose from multiple throaty race engine sounds, shifting, brakes, and turbo blowoff valves! The programmable ESS-One delivers these sounds in one simple, small box for a clean and easy installation. Whether you drive a short course truck, drift, or rally car, the ESS-One has the right sound to match!
Team Associated XP light kits cut through the darkness with realistic lighting arrays that feature headlights, tail lights, fog lights, and reverse lights – and a police light bar kit.

Source: http://www.teamassociated.com/news/latest_products/1482-NEW_LED_Light_Kits_and_Sound_System

Pro teams Wax and Wane

It seems to be a roller coaster for many of the Professional RC racing teams at the moment while the silly season driver changes are happening, and Team Durango and HPI/HB are two who seem to be at opposite ends of the spectrum.

HB (Hot Bodies) seems to be increasing their number of drivers exponentially signing Reno Savoya and David Ronnefalk and confirming contract extensions for Ty Tessmann (they would be mad not to), Andy Moore, Tanner Stees, JJ Wang and Teemu Leino.  This really takes HPI/HB form a fairly small team, to a fairly large one with some bug name drivers.

On the other hand, after announcing that it was dissolving it’s professional team, Team Durano’s drivers have all headed off to greener pastures with the exception of Travis Amezcua who was announced as the TD North American Technical Representative. I had to go and look at the release to see precisely what that meant, but it looks to be in line with the theme of strengthening local support, notably “Travis will be traveling from his SoCal base, around the US, bringing expert track-side support to local club racers and Team Durango fans.” So TD are focusing on you, the local racer instead of it’s professional team.  A good thing for the local racer but will it work long term? Let’s look at Traxxas, the No.1 selling RC brand and their professional team, except that they don’t have one do they, they focus on what you the consumer wants.  So while some are saying that TD’s decision is insane, there is not only a precedent, but a successful one.  Another paragraph of the press release caught my eye as well:

Travis will work closely with our newly appointed, Champaign based, Hobbico Field Communications Manager, Brad Brucker, in the US. This new support team for Northern America will allow our fans to gain race-day support, whilst also feeding back important ideas and issues to our design engineers

Travis will also be scouting for new talent, in all racing classes, allowing us to build a base of local racers who will contribute to how we design new race machines.

Expect to see these guys travelling across the US to meet as many of you as they can at your local events.

Stay tuned for more news on how your local racing scene will benefit from regionally appointed Team Durango Trackside Representatives very soon.

So reading between the lines, the change comes after Team Durango was sold to Hobbico.

Also i would say that we will see more local Team Durango Technical/Trackside Representatives, which lines up with the rumors we are hearing from other quarters.  We will probably also see more drivers with minor sponsorships in busy areas as well, anther plus for average joe racer at the local track.

Source: http://www.team-durango.com/blog/2014/11/21/team-durango-%E2%80%93-strengthening-local-support/
Source: https://www.hpiracing.com/en/news