Thunder Tiger Back in the game with a stack of new models for 2015

Thunder Tiger has sort of become the forgotten Manufacturer with nothing much new of note for a while.  However if the number of releases this year is anything to go by it will be a big year for them.

AXIO 8Be Terra Buggy RTR

Yes, the name is very similar to a vehicle made by Axial, but it’s appearance is somewhere between the Axial unit and a 1:8 buggy.

Modeled after full scale buggies and in ready to run form this beefy 8th scale platform helps to make it tough, while a 1515 sized Reedy 2000kV brushless motor provides the power. Also it comes stock with an Engine Sound Module that emulates the sound of a full size buggy. The part number for the Axio is #6410-F


K-Rock MT4 G5 RTR

The Matte Black of K-ROCK is a new scale looking MT from Thunder Tiger, something akin to an armored truggy strike all the terrain vehicle. K-ROCK comes with advanced chassis construction, eye-catching tough body and the roll cage decorated with the LED lights and of course a matte black colour scheme. Of course brushless power is under the hood provided by a 2000kV motor and BLC-150C ESC. A Cougar GP2 2.4GHz radio system controls the beast while waterproof electronics keep the fun going when the going gets wet.


KAISER eMTA Monster Truck

Based on the eMTA platform, but again with a more scale looking jeep wrangler style body, this like the others is also fitted with the Engine Sound Module. All in all it looks like another stong MT, check it out at

1/10 Jackal Trophy Truck

This is the one that intrigues me more than the others combined, the Jackal is along the lines of a full scale stadium truck, baja 100 racer or pre runner truck.  The only downside for me is the body that looks a little on the cartoon rather than realistic side of things.  However it is a great looking vehicle in a similar design to the Axial Yeti.  With an independent front and 4 link live rear axle it has the suspension configuration to much it’s 1:1 counterpart.  I’d be excited to see a Short Course Truck using the same platform as well.  Powered by a 3900kV brushless motor and controlled by their standard Cougar radio system, the Jackal #6544-F really appeals to me.  It even looks to use Associated SCT tyres in the same size.

For more details check it out at and with any luck I will be able to review one some time!

Review: Yokomo YZ-2 2wd Buggy by Chris Sturdy

Sometimes I can review cars because I own one, sometimes borrow one, so far nobody is giving me any to review, but sometimes other review cars for me which is the case here.  In this instance, a new reviewer in the form of Team Yokomo driver Chris Sturdy who has just recently built his new YZ-2.  So we asked Chris to give us his thoughts on his new ride and this is what he had to say!

The Build

Like all Yokomo kits the bags are all marked in number order allowing for easy identification of each bag and what order they need to be opened in. From the new bell crank and steering assembly to the all new rear suspension mounts the quality was top notch. I had no issues with the build, screws went into the plastic nice and smoothly without the need for excessive force while tightening.
Some new features. Yokomo has redesigned their steering system and is a big step up from previous buggies. The new system now includes 8 bearings instead of 4 like the Bmax2 allowing for a super free motion with the bell cranks. The new C-Hub design allows for a screw and kingpin instead of a suspension shaft this alloys for a very low friction steering system that feels great on track. The new C-Hub design also includes changeable inserts to change Caster angles, In corporation with either the 25 degrees or 30 degrees suspension mounts the inserts now alloy for a maximum of 35 Degrees caster and a minimum of 20. The biggest addition to the YZ-2 is the new Low-Profile forward Gearbox, The gearbox includes the top shaft, 2 idler gears and the differential. this kit include the Alloy top shaft as standard alloying for less weight in the gearbox giving faster acceleration and a lower enter of gravity. The idler gears are plastic but are a much bulkier design so durability isn’t an issue allowing for lighter idler gears instead of the alloy ones most people used on the Bmax2.
The gearbox is now mounted on 3 rubber sheets which alloy for a floating gearbox which aids in forward traction.
The new Rear suspension mounts incorporate the 4wd design using plastic inserts for easy adjustment of toe and anti-squat, the Shims that can either be placed under or on top of the RR block and RF block allow for a better adjustment of the roll centre by raising or lowering the suspension arms.
Some things to note, whenever I build a car, any screw that is being installed into Alloy parts I always add a dab of locktite to the screw. this will almost guarantee that the screw will not come loose while on track.
When installing the differential into the gearbox housing always check for any excessive left to right play and use very fine shims to adjust, In this kit I added a 0.1 shim on both the left and right outdrives inside the gearbox case.
Here is a list of all the running gear I installed aswell as all the option parts I installed on the buggy.
Motor: Fantom Ion5 8.5T Team Edition Motor
ESC: Hobbywing V3.1 running in Mode 8
Battery: Fantom Short 4600
Servo: ProAmps Prototype (Released soon)
Radio: Futaba 4PKS-R with Fasst BTA Receiver
Tires: Slicks ( works best at GCRC Raceway)
Bearings: Plaig Bearings YZ-2 Kit (available shortly)
Option parts include:  Alloy rear Hubs 0Deg, Full Titanium Screw Kit, Full Ti Turn-buckle set 52mm, Alloy front and  rear Shock Caps, Machined pistons, Ball Diff
All together the car weighed in at a feather weight of 1550g with added weight included.

The first run

Before the first run I was sceptical, but once I did a lap there was no doubt, this buggy was FAST, within the first 15 Laps I matched my best lap from the Bmax2MR the week before and only got better from there. I played around with camber links, camber, springs but didn’t change too much from first run and got used to the buggy. Compared to the Bmax2MR which I also ran on track during the day, The YZ-2 feels more nimble, Smoother cornering and turns more precise and aggressive without the rear end snapping through corner. The buggy jumps a lot flatter allowing for easy adjustment of throttle and steering through the air allowing for much more precise and smoother landings. Despite the more forward motor position the buggy still had tremendous forward grip and was wheel standing at some points. By the end of the night i posted my fastest 2wd lap, We are only starting to scratch the surface with the setup now and I look forward to testing the buggy more and more in the coming weeks.
Here are some photos of the build and a video of a few laps at GCRC Raceway.
I would like to thank Team Yokomo for the support and the All new YZ-2, a weapon straight out of the box!

Chris Sturdy
Yokomo, Fantom Racing, Hobbywing, Jconcpets, ProAmps Servos, Plaig Bearings, Wild Turbo Fan, StickIt1Racing, BittyDesign Australia, S2H Bodies, GCRC Raceway

HPI Jumpshot range from the Nürnberg Toy Fair

Not an updated anything else, this line of 2wd 1:10 vehicles featuring twin verticle plate chassis similar to the legendary Savage is all new and sure to be a basher favourite. Confirmed starters in the lineup include Stadium Truck, Monster Truck and Short Course Truck.

Features Include:

  • Tough aluminum TVP chassis design
  • Large battery box capable of fitting 7-cell NiMH stick packs
  • Battery easily accessible from bottom of chassis
  • SC-3SWP2 waterproof brushed ESC
  • Enclosed receiver box
  • 2.4 GHz radio system
  • Oil-filled shock absorbers
  • Double-wishbone suspension design
  • Sturdy body mounts
  • Standard 12mm hex hub wheel fitting
  • Monster Truck: 2.2″ wheels & tires and pick-up truck body
  • Short Course: Standard-size SC wheels & tires and SC racing body
  • Stadium Truck: 2.2″ wheels & tires and racing body


New Carpet Tyres from Schumacher

Schumacher have released a few new carpet tyres for your buggy this week.

Firstly the new 4WD wide front stagger, this tyre has been developed for high grip astro and carpet surfaces. Aimed at providing more grip whilst keeping great stability associated with the staggered rib tyre.

2.2 inch diameter, suitable for 4WD and 2WD medium wheels.  It is available in the legendary Schumacher Yellow compound for dry conditions and also the softer Silver for damp and wet conditions.  The yellow is also available pre-glued on the 4WD Flexlite 12mm hex wheel.

U6810 – Wide Stagger Rib – 1/10-Yellow (pr) – £7.99
U6811 – Wide Stagger Rib – 1/10-Silver (pr) – £7.99
U6812 – Wide Stagger Rib – 1/10-Yellow – Pre-Glued (pr) – £15.49

Secondly the new Mini Pin 2 rear tyre, this is a tyre for high grip astro and carpet racing.  The new tyre has a thinner wall thickness which is aimed at providing more traction and improved bump handling.

The pins have been designed to have more of a radius edge as opposed to the square edge on the previous and hugely popular Mini Pin tyre.  This allows the tyre to work perfectly straight from the packet, without the need for bedding in.

The Mini Pin 2 is available in Yellow, Silver and hard wearing Blue compound, the Yellow is available pre-glued on the Flexlite 12mm hex wheel.

U6803 – Mini Pin 2 – 1/10 – Blue – (pr) – £7.99
U6804 – Mini Pin 2 – 1/10 – Yellow – (pr) – £7.99
U6805 – Mini Pin 2 – 1/10 – Silver – (pr) – £7.99
U6806 – Mini Pin 2 – 1/10 – Yellow – Pre-Glue – (pr) – £15.49


Boom Racing release 3 new Rigs

Yup, not one but three new rigs from Boom racing, and two of them are 6×6’s!  They are a Land Rover D90, the G63 6×6 truck, and the 7GI Mil 6×6 military truck.

1/10 6×6 Off-Road Military Truck, the 7GI Mil

-Pre-painted 7GI Mil 6×6 Truck Body
-All-Wheel Drive
-Military Look, 1.9″ Tires On White 5 Lug Stamped Wheels
-Pre-Assembled Chassis
-Boom Racing Spare Tire Case
-Full Bearing Set
-Realistic Transfer Case
-Assembled Damper Units
-NATO green color
-CNC Machined & Assembled Aluminum Axles Front And Rear
-Assembled Gearbox With Installed Motor
-Motor, Servo And ESC

-Length: 74cm
-Width: 20cm
-Height: 27cm
-Wheelbase: 44cm
-Weight: (box included) 10.4kg
Land Rover D90
The D90 is a ridiculously popular car, and we know that people are going to LOVE what Boom Racing has in store for them.

-Scale 1:10
-Overall length (bumper to bumper):422mm
-Frame width :85mm
-Overall width:210mm
-Wheelbase: variable 260-295mm
-Mainly all parts in 6061 alloy Assembled
-Full metal internal gears in axles
-Full metal internal gears in transmission
-Full metal internal gears in transfer case
-HD universal drive axles
-All metal steering rods
-Steel shackle mounts

To complete this chassis you will need:
-2-channel radio system
-Steering servo
-Electronic Speed Controller

1/10 G63 6×6 truck
This G63 6×6 truck has everything you need to get started with a 6×6 vehicle!

-Pre-painted 6×6 Truck Body
-All-Wheel Drive
-Scale Look, 1.9″ Tires On White 5 Lug Stamped Wheels
-Pre-Assembled Chassis
-Realistic Transfer Case
-Assembled Damper Units
-CNC Machined & Assembled Aluminum Axles Front And Rear
-Assembled Gearbox With Installed Motor
-Motor, Servo And ESC
-Motor-power distributing system is loaded horizontally in the center
-Variable 3 gears for the shaft distance: 280mm/290mm/300mm
-3 kinds of adjustable poses for the shock absorber

Measurement for the car:
-Wheel base: 150 mm to 440 mm
-Width: 220 mm
-Height: 230 mm
-Diameter wheel: 112mm

-Length: 64cm
-Width: 28.5cm
-Height: 23cm
-Weight: (box included) 7.8 kg


APEX Scion Racing tC Ready-To-Run from Team Associated

APEX Scion Racing tCTeam Associated has released a new drift version of the Apex chassis called the APEX Scion Racing tC Ready-To-Run.  TA have this to say about it:

Brushless Powered All Wheel Drive Ready to Run

Built on the all-wheel-drive Apex chassis, the Scion Racing tC Rocket Bunny replica comes fully assembled and Ready-to-Run with factory installed Reedy brushless power and a Reedy WolfPack 6-cell battery wired with a High Current T-Plug.

Additional features include the XP water-resistant speed control and XP 2.4GHz radio system. The front and rear sealed metal gear differentials are connected together with a tough aluminum drive shaft that handles all of the Reedy brushless power. Imperfections in the road are managed by four adjustable fluid-filled coil-over tuned shocks.

The high grip treaded racing tires are mounted on scale replica 5-Spoke hex drive wheels featuring detailed brake rotors and calipers. Topping it all off is the factory finished Scion Racing tC Rocket Bunny body that replicates the details of Fredric Aasbo’s Hankook Racing Scion tC, built by Papadakis Racing, which has become one of the most competitive cars on the Formula Drift circuit!