How heavy is Lightweight?

There was some fanfare about B5M Factory Lite kit when it came out as a great, lightweight, stock class racer, and I thought what a good idea, lighter is faster! 75g lighter than the regular B5mM, fantastic!!

However something about the touted weights seemed familiar but I never looked into it.  However my recent acquisition of some 2nd hand shorty packs prompted me to think about the weight saving of these packs as well as the punch provided by them as they are MUCH newer than my existing packs. So I thought I would re look at the B5M and it’s lighteright sibling.

While official weights have not been published, I have seen the B5M noted as weighing 1342g without a battery or weights by a user online, so a Factory Lite should be around 1267g.  So I took the battery out of my DEX210 (details here of what it is fitted with) and it came in at 1312g. Ok, it has an alloy chassis, not plastic, gear diff,  steel driveshafts, still a slipper clutch, transponder fitted etc etc. Now minimum buggy weight under the AARCMCC regulations is 1500g, so anything under that really is a pointless saving. So with a battery fitted I weighed in at 1600g, a little on the weighty side of things.  However with the new shorty fitted there was a 75g saving in weight, an uncannily similar figure from higher up the page bringing me down to 1525, not bad all in all I think for somebody who isn’t a truly serious racer.

So all that weight saving is pointless?  well, no not at all.  Yes, you still have to be over 1500g, and my buggy can loose a little weight (much like it’s driver), but with a shorty battery as the weight saving instead of in the kit, it means I have the flexibility to move the battery around to help tune the handling of the buggy, something that made a big difference on my first night of running the new shorty batteries.  Mind you, with a lightweight buggy you can add weights to tune the performance, but i’m too lazy to mess around with those, and it’s just another part that I need to buy!

Re Released Kyosho Tomahawk Scale Goodness

Yes, I already posted this on facebook, but it needed a blog post all of it’s own.  I have to say that this and a HPI Mini Trophy have fast moved to the top of my “RC cars I want” over a SCX10 of late (ok, the Tomohawk went straight to the top this morning).

So the details, well it’s awesome, although I suppose that doesn’t count as a feature.  The design is a little different from the original, but those improvements have all been a good thing.  From what I can find the original was released in 1985 and was developed from the recently re released scorpion, this year marks 30 years since it’s release.  The changes include:

  • A unique battery mount to  allow a full size stick pack to be mounted side-to-side instead of the original hump packs
  • Ability to fit a shorty lipo lengthways in the chassis
  • improved servo mount
  • gearbox housing is now a two-piece design made of die-cast aluminum
  • A gear differential wiht optional ball diff (original had no differential)
  • slipper clutch to cope wth modern bushless systems
  • 48 pitch gears
  • soft compound tyres with foam inserts
  • arms, chassis plates, and the rails of the main chassis feature full 6061T6 aluminum construction
  • Countersunk hex-head machine screws are used throughout
  • bright red anodized aluminum shocks are slightly larger in diameter than the original shocks, and they feature polished stainless shafts for much smoother, more durable shocks
  • a slight increase in suspension width for stability
  • Expected Release Date: June 2015

To Dawn Trading and Hobbies Australia (the Australian Kyosho Distributors), I am happy to get down on my knees and beg you to send me one of these to review, pretty please with a cherry on top?

Tamiya reveal TRF211XM 2WD Buggy for Shizuoka Hobby Show

Tamiyablog have revealed that Tamiya is currently working on the successor of the TRF201XM 2WD off-road buggy that won the manufacturer the runner-up spot at the 2013 IFMAR Worlds. With this year’s event being held on home soil Tamiya is really trying to bring home the silverware.

No information or images of the TRF211XM are available as of now but the buggy will make a (first) public appearance at the forthcoming Shizuoka Hobby Show that will be held from the 14th to 17th of May.


Seprpent Cobra 1:8 Be 2.1 Buggy

It seems to be raining 8th scale buggies at the moment with Serpent, Associated and Durango all releasing cars!  Here is the new spark driven 8th scale buggy from Serpent, the Cobra Be 2.1 .

Key changes  for the 2.1 version include:

  • Upright buggy 1/8 V2 (2)
  • Wheelaxle buggy v2 (2)
  • Driveshaft buggy 98mm (2)
  • Wheel-axle boot rubber (2)
  • C-hub 14 L+R alu
  • Antiroll bar front 2.3mm

For more details hit up the serpent website at

Full details of the Associated RC8B3

After the first photos appeared yesteday, today Associated has hit us with the full gallery of photos of the new RC8B3 Buggy.

For all the details hit the TA website here

So, an overview of the kit;

Completely designed from the ground up. The RC8B3 starts with a hard-anodized 7075-T6 aluminum chassis designed for optimum weight distribution, ground clearance, and better overall handling. As a result, the RC8B3 Team Kit changes directions faster, and is more compliant and stable in rough terrain.

World class suspension package. The RC8B3 has received an updated suspension that features a pillow-ball front upright for maximum steering and durability. Refined 16mm Big Bore hard-anodized aluminum threaded shocks and 3.5mm alloy shock shafts provide plush suspension travel. The RC8B3 features precision universal drive shafts front and rear to keep suspension travel free through the entire stroke.


NEW Serpent 1/8 Cobra GP buggy 1/8 version 2.2

The Serpent Cobra Buggy 2.2 is a result of continuous development and intensive cooperation with the key team-drivers.

New Serpent teamdriver ran the Cobra 2.2 version at the recent Neo 2015 race in the UK, qualified 6th overall and finished 11th in the A-main . Great results after only so few practice laps with the Cobra, in such worldclass field..

  • The changes for the 2.2 version are not big, but very important to make you go around the track easier and faster.
  • Upright buggy 1/8 V2 (2)
  • Wheelaxle buggy v2 (2)
  • Driveshaft buggy 98mm (2)
  • Wheel-axle boot rubber (2)
  • Antiroll bar front 2.3mm

and below developments are continued also in the 2.2 version.
– plus 4 chassis: the hard anodised chassis is 4mm longer in the rear, creating a more stable rear end, especially better on tracks with short bumps and rough surface. The great handling on smooth, flat surfaces remains !
– longer alu rear brace: the longer alu brace also helps to make the rear end more stable. The shorter nylon or alu version can also still be fitted.
– longer rear central shaft: to suit the longer chassis a longer rear central shaft is needed (which is actually the same as the one used in Cobra buggy 1.0 )
– hard coated shockcaps: the hardcoated aluminium shockcaps can withstand the rigors of crashes better
– aluminium 14 dgr casterblocks The Cobra buggy has a lot of steering already which makes it turn very fast. The 14 degree caster blocks help to smoothen steering out a bit, still lot of steering , but easier, less direct, creating a more stable front end.


Serpent webpage:

Serpent Micropage:

Designed by Billy Easton from the USA
Serpent offroad designer and world champion

NZ Offroad EP Nationals 2015 Results

Ok, now for some news from our NZ cousins!

The NZRCA Offroad EP Nationals for 2015 is over.  It was a good event.  Some of the best racing we have seen. It was awesome to have Shane Van Gisbergen over from his busy V8 schedule. There were a couple of hiccups and a the obligatory Auckland rain delay but we got through it all.

Check out our facebook page for photos and more news.  

Some stats from the event:

  • 165 cars entered
  • 111 races run
  • 19 hours of racing

Full Alycat results can be found here All Race Results

Thanks to all the guys who helps run the meeting from the track crew to the race officials and scrutineers.

Also thanks to our sponsors:

Outlaw RC Developments

Prosport RC



We Cut Shapes for trophies

Feature Event: 2015 AARCMCC South Australian IC 1/8 Off-Road State Title Championships

What: 2015 AARCMCC South Australian IC 1/8 Off-Road State Title Championships
When: 17-19 April, 2015
Club: Southern Districts Model Car Club Inc (SDMCC)
Where: Wilfred Taylor Reserve, Wheatsheaf Road, Morphett Vale, SA 5162, Australia
Classes:1:8th I.C. OFF ROAD Buggy Pro and Sportsman Class
1:8th I.C. OFF ROAD Truggy Pro and Sportsman Class
1:8th E.P. OFF ROAD Buggy – a minimum of 10 entries is required for this class to run.
RC Tech Thread:

Buggy and truggy are 15 car, 45min finals.
Sportsman finals are 20mins each for Buggy and Truggy classes.
EP Buggy are 3x10min finals

The event will run under the 2015 AARCMCC event format.

This is a sanctioned event and is part of the National Series, (round 2 which will be counted towards the overall champion)

This event is strictly limited to 120 entries in total (Sportsman entries not included), please note the drivers acceptance will based when you have paid rather then nominated.

$60 for first class, $40 for extra classes.

Payments to:
Credit Union SA
BSB No: 805-007
Acct Name: Southern Districts Model Car Club
Acct No: 00198060
Please include your name in the reference.

Accommodation located near the track.

Woodcroft caravan park – 5 minutes from track
(08) 8325 1233
1 Bains Rd., Morphett Vale SA 5162

St Francis Winery – 10 minutes from track
(08) 8322 2246
14 Bridge St, Old Reynella SA 5161

Sturt River Caravan Park – 15 minutes from track
(08) 8296 1113
Brookside Rd, Darlington SA 5047

Marion Holiday Park – 15 minutes from track
(08) 8276 6695
323 Sturt Rd, Bedford Park SA 5042