Anyone interested in Rock Crawling?

Hi everyone. My name is Jason Wieman and I am the newest member a part of the Aussie RC Team. My plan is to keep you up to date in new Rock Crawling products coming out and give you an insight into the competitive side of Rock Crawling in Australia. On top of Rock Crawling, I am also interested in Scale Monster Trucks, Ultra 4 Rock Racing and have also started looking into Scale Rally events.
Scale Nino 1
I have been competing in Rock Crawling for almost 3 years now and haven’t looked back. It all started with buying a second hand HBX Basilisk. It was a Monster but I knew it wasn’t the best. I saved up my money and finally bought my first kit, an Axial SCX10 Dingo. Once I started building, I just knew it was going to be an obsession. I finished building it the night before my first comp and the first time I drove it was actually across the start line of my very first comp. It was such a good event where I could see how much development these cars could get going into the future. The guys there were so helpful and the competition was very laid back.
Since then, I have competed in more than 30 competitions including 2 National Competitions. I have taken out the whole season in my 2 classes last year in WA and have also place 2nd and 3rd at Nationals. I have also been lucky enough to pick up sponsorship by Onetencrawlers and Hulksta Engineering.
Boulder Group 3
These days I run the competition series in WA with the support of many others who chip to keep the comps going. On top of that, I have a once a year comp called the “Top Truck Challenge”. It is a competition that is my own creation which puts all types of 1.9 Scale Crawlers against each other through various tasks. The idea is to build the best all round car while having the most fun possible.
Nats 18
I really hope you enjoy my future posts and enjoy the small insight into what Rock Crawling has to offer. It has really turned into an obsession for me that I live and breathe every day. Sometimes I really wonder how my friends, family and most of all, my girlfriend puts up with it. But I am lucky that she supports me through it as well. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about getting into it.

See you on the rocks.

Jason Wieman

ROAR do a backflip on 1:10 Wheels

Why do we care what is happening with some US rules? Because many AARCMCC regulations are derived from ROAR rules, and what happens there tends to have an influence around the world.

Now i never understood the controversy around the bigger 2.4 rims (diameter, not width) were banned last year be ROAR as the rules never allowed them. However the announcement today is an about face from their position in 2014 that is effective immediarely.

Now the height and width of the tyres is not changing, just the size of the rim, and a lower profile tyre will not suit all conditions, just like with 1:1 cars.

If anything i am relieved to see the rule makers moving with the times a little, although i don’t see it changing the nature if how we race much.

ROAR is introducing a rules change with immediate effect that results in 2 different wheel configurations being available as options for manufacturers and competitors: – the existing 2.2″ nominal wheels – the newer 2.4″ or 61mm nominal wheels The new rules do not include dimensions compatible with vintage style wheels as they are generally not used in ROAR sanctioned competition. Dimensions for the traditional 2.2″ wheel will be: – Mounting Bead Diameter – 2.20 inch (55.88mm) +/-.013 inch (.30mm) – Maximum Overall Diameter – 2.42 inch (61.468 mm) – Width – 1.513 inch (38.43mm) maximum Dimensions for the newer wheel style will be: – Mounting Bead Diameter – 2.380 – 2.427 inch (60.45 – 61.65 mm) – Maximum Overall Diameter – 2.571 inch (65.3 mm) – Width – 1.513 inch (38.43mm) maximum