Feature Event: 2015 Launceston R/C Cup

What: 2015 Launceston R/C Cup
When: 7 – 9 August, 2015
Club: Launceston R/C (LRC)
Where:  Uniquely Tasmanian Pavillion, Quercus Park, Carrick (just outside of Launceston, Tasmania)
Classes: SCT Stock, Open/4×4 SCT, 2wd Buggy Stock, 2wd Buggy Mod, 4wd Buggy Stock, 4wd Buggy Mod, Stadium Truck, Novice (over 13), Junior (13 and under)

Online Entries:http://www.emailmeform.com/builder/form/RZcgdIym4WK5
RC Tech Thread:http://www.rctech.net/forum/australian-events/878247-2015-launceston-r-c-cup.html
Event Website:http://launcestonrc.com/2015-launceston-rc-cup/

Why wait for the worlds at Yatabe when you can race indoor on artificial turf and carpet in only a month’s time in Tasmania! This fantastic event is on it’s fifth running this year and is expecting to bereak their record of 102 entries with a number of mainland and sponsored drivers already confirming their attendance. Already there are 61 entries with a month to go before the event.

Ok, so yes, I am biased because this is my home event and I help to organise it, but we have always prided ourselves not only on close competition, but a friendly and fun focus to the event. This year we have embraced the cold, rain and snow by moving the event further into winter to August. This avoids clashes with other events and invites the poor weather to try and intefere with our indoor racing. For full details visit the website at http://launcestonrc.com/2015-launceston-rc-cup/

For those after a taster, have a look at some of hte videos taken by Team Durango driver Leo Lorenzen of the track layout recently.  https://www.youtube.com/user/erugifkcitstaf/videos

And as some bonus content, our appearances on local news the lasst couple of years, not always all the facts, and my ugly mug appears, but good PR none the less.

New Monster truck, the LST XXL2-E RTR from Losi

I love a new release, and even better it’s an electric monster truck!


The original LST2 was a beast, so I expect big things from this new version that very much follows the recipe established by it’s predecessor.

So what is new, AVC is of course included, and while it is a derisive feature, if you don’t like it, turn it off.   Equipped with a 6S compatible Dynamite® ESC it is going to be quick and, well fairly unstoppable as well, not one to loose control of near young children that’s for sure.  The US pricing that Losi are advertising is pretty competitive given the size of the beast so hopefully we will see a few in the wild soon!
LOS04004_a05And because they included it, a video to top off this post after saying that further details of this vehicle can be found at http://www.losi.com/Products/Default.aspx?ProdID=LOS04004