Another Aussie Business: Melbourne Hydrographix Depot

Sounds like some kind of swimming body paint, not even close.  Hydrodipping is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional surfaces and whilst it is known by many different names, the results are no less impressive on whatever it is applied to, especially radio controlled cars.

Based in Victoria, Melbourne Hydrographix Depot (you can find them on the web here or on facebook here ) can cater for all of your Hydrographics, commonly referred to as water transfer printing, needs.  It was in the applcations of RC cars that it caught my eye.

Have a look at some of these samples and talk with them about your next custom painted radio, body or chassis.

Racing Lines October 2015


Another month, another exciting Racing Lines, issue 229.

This month we have the usual range of articles, and some great reviews of some great vehicles.

  • There is of course news about all of the latest releases
  • Testbench works on the Rex Legend 4 from Novarossi as well as gives it a spin at the 2015 Queensland 1:8 off road champs.
  • Testbench also fits the Associated Pro Rally with the Associated XP LED light set and the ESS One engine sound system.
  • RC History looks at the impressive Kyosho Tomahawk
  • Flashback looks down memory lane to Issue 116, April 2006
  • Chris Lander gives us his impressions of the Team Associated RC8B3
  • Christian Brunelli looks at the HPI RS4 Sport 3 BMW M3 (A long name, but a tasty looking car, i’d love one of these to review, although I like the Subaru BRZ better)
  • Christian Brunelli also looks at the ARRMA Fury Mega Short Course Truck
  • Racing News looks at a range of racing activities, meets and results as usual.
  • Tech Talk with Ray Munday looks at his first impressions of the Team Associated SC5M, it will be interesting to see his thoughts about it on carpet and turf at the indoor Launceston R/C club meet that will be in the next issue (My home track)

So another bumper edition which should be on news stands NOW!

We Want YOU!

Promoting RC Racing in Australia, and the results therein is something I set out to achieve on this website, and of late i’ve had limited time and success, and that is why I need YOU to join the team!

I am looking for a Correspondent/rep for each state to help post up about the events, results and happenings in your state as most people are more aware of local events than interstate ones.  So if you are interested in helping out Aussie RC, and if you can write in a word document you can write a post on the page here, then drop an email to or comment or message me on wordpress or on facebook.

So stand up and help get events in your state noticed from Large Scale, to 8th off road, 8th on road, electric on or off road, crawlers U4RC or Drifting, we want to know about it all!

Has Drifting and Street Racers saved the Touring Car?

Ok, ok, I know that touring car racing is not dead, but there has been a significant increase in the number of cars designed to either cater to those wanting sideways action, or some social street driving or racing.  Much like their crawling cousins, scale accessories and scale detail are also king in this arena of public opinion. However this new brand of on road driver has certainly resurrected some interest in On Road chassis.

Today’s release of two muscle cars from Kyosho on the Fazer platform, a 1970 Dodge Charger and a 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat are further evidence, and while I don’t know how these vehicles are selling, I certainly see a few around the place, and there is certainly a lot of chatter generated by them.  Heck i’d be quite happy with one the the offerings on the Vaterra V100 platform or the new HPI RS4 Sport 3 platform (and I almost forgot the Team Associated Apex cars).  All of these platforms have a number of attributes in common, great looking scale bodies, scale tyres and rims, basic shaft driven platforms and affordable pricing.  This is fast turning into a what RC car to buy for street fun article, but I will resist!

Now none of these are what you would call drift vehicles despite being labeled as such and coming with hard tyres.  Yes they do a decent job, but in my mind a drift car has to at least have an optional set of gearing to allow a Counter steer (or CS) conversion.  What does that mean?  Well the rear wheels turn faster than the front ones.  Why?  Because it’s easier to keep the car sideways, and who doesn’t like a bit of sideways action sometimes.  None of the cars mentioned before have much in the way of adjustment either with all having fixed suspension links, but most have aftermarket or factory adjustable ones available to allow for some adjustment.  That said, this keeps the price of these units down, and there is nothing like a car that is fun to drive, a decent price to buy and looks great as well.  Personally I love how the BMW M3 and Subaru BRZ models on the HPI Sport 3 chassis look, but the 1969 Corvette from Vaterra looks amazing as well.

Many of this new breed of street cars also come with waterproof electronics, so even a rainy day isn’t able to keep you off the streets.  About the only feature that I am a little disappointed is still on these cars is the ubiquitous post body mounts.  Yes, they work well, but there are some great magnetic body mounts available today which eliminate the posts and give the car a much clearer look, but are still strong enough to stop the body coming off easily.

There is a whole range of chassis and bodies out there, and there are some offerings from Yokomo, MST and Sakura which are true drift chassis, but expect to be paying more than the cars we are discussing here today.

I guess what I am saying is don’t be a chassis snob, grab one of these budget street brawlers, grab some mates and go outside and have some fun!  And because everybody loves some eye candy, here is a slide show of some of the offerings on sale at the moment.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

PS, yes, I completely missed out on the Tamiya TT-01 and TT02 platforms, I could say I was focusing on new platforms, but the TT-02 is a new platform, Maybe i have a bit of tunnel vision, but check out the Tamiya cars as well as they have a huge range of cars and bodies available.