2015 2wd IFMAR Worlds results

Firstly I have to start with a huge congratulations to Spencer Rivkin from Team Associated on a very level headed drive for a 16 year old to take his first World Championship crown.

How on to the Australian contingent. The PDF file below from Neobuggy lists the final standings for all drivers from 2WD with the 4wd competition starting today.

2015 2WD Final Standings

So the final placings for the Aussies was as follows, in italics I have added some of the big names so you can see just how proud we should be of our racers;

14th Kyle McBride
15th Steven Hartson
21st Hupo Honigl 
26th Chris Sturdy
27th Marc Rheinard
31st Travis Amezcua
32nd Ty Tessman 
36th Ray Munday
41st Josh Pain
52nd David Ronnefalk 
64th John Watkins
67th Scott Pettet
116th Ashley Peeler
124th Andrew Molkentin

So a huge well done to all, and good luck in 4wd!

Durango DEX210F at the Worlds

Thankyou Redrc.net, you have delivered details of the new durango buggy that I have been waiting to see, a hybrid of parts from the DEX210V2 and DEX410V4 to make what is so far being called the DEX210F.  I begin saving for one of these as of now! (unless Team Durango wants to give me one to test 😉 )

To quote the details;

 US driver Travis Amezcua is running the new DEX210F from Durango, another car that combines the rear end of a 4wd and the front end of a 2wd buggy to create a astro/carpet specific chassis. Using the parts from both the companies buggy platforms it is a new chassis that brings them together and we are told that the complete kit will be released by the end of the year. Having never raced on Astro prior to this race, Travis has had to seek the help of the British Durango team for set-up and adjustment help as he originally battled with push, but is no struggling with off power oversteer.

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Source: http://events.redrc.net/2015/10/chassis-focus-travis-amezcua/

New pre-cut Flo-Tek Fusion SCT body from Proline

Ok, I know most everybody is watching the AFL Grand Final, but I am looking at RC news, more interesting in my mind, but I know most disagree.

Anyway, to the news and proline have bred their Evo Short Course Truck body with their Flo-Tek bodies to get their new Flo-Tek Fusion body.  Looks good, and the Flo-Tek bodies really do help stop short course trucks parachuting on jumps, so it is nice to have another SCT body option!

Source: http://www.prolineracing.com/bodies/pre-cut-flo-tek-fusion-clear-body/