Racing Lines April 2016


Yes edition 235 is hitting mailboxes and Newstands now with some great articles and reviews including:

– Information about the Select FOUR 10SC from Helion
– 30th anniversary releases from HPI
– The re release if the Kyosho Optima 4WD and a look at the original
– a review of the Xray T4 2016, hotel HS8775MG servo and Santa SV Plus Zero esc
– A review of the DHK maximum monster truck (mirrors my thoughts after a quick drive)
– A review of the LRP S10 Twister 2 sct.
– Yet another review, this time the Kyosho Rage VEi (I love how this car looks)
– All the latest results and race reviews.

New Toys, DEX210V2 and Hobbywing Quicrun 17.5t combo

Hobbywing Quicrun and program card

Yes, i have finally spent some money on some more gear for racing. Yes, I wanted to buy the slick new Team Durango carpet Buggy, the DEX210F, but the budget demon just couldn’t justify the price compared with a 2nd hand V2. Also my son is racing more and more and needed a racing design Buggy.

So I am upgrading to the V2 Team Durango Buggy, and my son gets my old V1. I will keep my electronics and he gets the new Quicrun combo which cost me $133 from eBay with program card from Hong Kong, an excellent budget speedy and motor combination from a tried and tested company.

Reviews in both will appear as time permits, so keep your eyes peeled.

Review – HobbyKing GT2E Radio

Yes, i have had this for a while now, but things have been so busy I forgot to finish this review. So let’s do this!


The Review

So, we are looking at the HobbyKing HK-GT2E radio, it appears in a few places as radios in cheaper cars as well as of course through HobbyKing.  Cost wise, it is WAAYYY at the budget end of the scale at about $28 Australian depending on sales etc etc. Recievers if you ever need to purchase more, are only about $9.  Personally I like how it looks, and it is light and easy to use.  Yes you don’t get the adjust-ability of a more expensive radio’s features etc, but you get the regular reversal of channels, dual rate, steering and throttle trim that you get on a regular DX2E for example.

It has just the 2 channels and takes 4x AA batteries.  The receiver, weighing in at 5 grams, is a 3 channel and is nicely compact, which is good as it went into my space poor Tamiya XV-01 rally car freeing up space that the Spektrum receiver was eating up.

Summing it up!

So, it works well, looks ok, has good range and is cheap.  What more do you really need in a radio for that extra car, rock crawler etc etc.  Ok, it was a little more with freight but I still consider it a good buy, and for some months it has been working flawlessly in my Rally Car.  So i’m happy to recommend them to anybody looking for an extra radio.  Would I race with it?  if I had to, sure why not, reaction speeds were fine, but it wouldn’t be ideal in the situation.

Is that I hear you cry? well i’m not sure what else you need to hear, but if you have any questions, feel free to post on here, or on facebook!

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