Racing Lines 242 hitting shelves

Yes the November edition of Racing Lines should be on your local newsagent stands NOW!!!  

What will you find within these hallowed pages, well lets have a look!

  • A pokemon themed Pro-Line advert, very clever given it’s popularity of late 😉
  • Auto Alley news looks at the Turbo Scorpion Re Release from Kyosho, as well as their electric motorcycles and Lazer ZX6.6. The Traxxas Bigfoot, Associated TC7.1 FT RC4WD EP18 Gelande II D90 RTR (Small Land Rover Defender Crawler, awesome!) and even a look at the ready to fly Kyosho Drone Racer which looks interesting.
  • Matt Griffin looks back to basics for Dirty Deeds on the basics of tuning a vehicle’s suspension for better results
  • Quads and Drones flies the UDI U842-1, also known as the Lark FPV
  • RC History examines the famous Castle Hill Vintage Festival
  • Second look glances back at the ARRMA Kraton to see how it has fared over time since February 2015.
  • A review of the small (not a small review) Pro-Line Ambush 1:25 rock crawler, and it looks like it is a ripper, you just need a 1:10 version now Pro-Line
  • The Zombie from DHK, their 1/8 Electric Monster Truck gets put through it’s paces by Ray Wood
  • Also being reviewed is the BSD Racing Dune Racer, a vehicle I like the appearance of I have to say, and it looks like it performs well too.
  • And for their Fourth review in a single edition, the Axial Racing SMT10 Grave Digger, somebody give me one of these to review as it looks great!  I think Axial are onto a winner here.
  • Racing News holds all the latest news and reports from all the latest Aussie races.

Ausdrift Round 3 Results

Round 3 of the Ausdrift 2016 Championship held on Saturday 15th of October was a cracker. With Perth RC Arena moving shortly to 27 Newcastle Street in Perth, this was the last comp that we’ll be holding at Perth RC Arena.

2016 Round 3: drivers and judges, Photo: Craig Jacka

This round saw a total field of 14 entries, 12 in RWD class but only 2 for AWD. With the low entry numbers in AWD there’s a big opportunity for new drivers to make an impact next year. Once again the overall standard of driving for this round was very high, with drivers enjoying a more open and flowing track layout compared to last comp thanks to competition director Soorian Ang.

Luke Veersma had another great night with another T.Q in RWD class with a 93.33/100. That makes 4 top qualifier performances in a row for Luke with 3 separate chassis. Again the top 4 battles saw some very tough calls for the judges with a few battles decided by a very small margin. In the end first time winner Paul Hayes came away with a well deserved win relegating Luke to second place. Paul’s been knocking on the door of a round win for some time and it’s great to see his efforts pay off, he showed great driving and determination throughout the battle brackets leading up to the final. Third and fourth came down to between Jay Masli and Jordon Vukojevich, with Jay coming away with his first top 3 finish. It’s shaping up for a close finish to the year with only 4 points currently separating the top 4 places on the RWD leader board after a drop round is subtracted.

In AWD class Andrew Marriott came away with the T.Q bonus point before going head to head with me in a best of 3 battles to decide AWD class. I came away with the win, locking away the AWD title for 2016 which leaves me to concentrate on RWD for the rest of the year.

Many thanks to our host Perth RC Arena and to our sponsors; Perth RC, AsiaTees, OOSpeedDrive, MRC Plaza, Drift Bunny Decals and Ken Leong’s Drift School.

Thanks to the judging panel; Soorian Ang, Peter Veersma & Chris Barnett for their hard work in making the tough decisions and to my fellow admins; Michael Smith, Anthony Tottman, Jayden Goncalves and Soorian Ang for helping to make the event a success.

Special thanks also to Craig Jacka for photographing all the action and to Amanda Walker for capturing video for the live Facebook feed.

Entrants; AWD class – 2, RWD class – 12

Judges; Soorian Ang (head judge and competition director), Peter Veersma & Chris Barnett

RWD Class Results

Top Qualifier – Luke Veersma

1st place: Paul Hayes  –  2nd place: Luke Veersma  –  3rd place: Jay Masli

 AWD Class Results;

Top Qualifier – Andrew Marriott

1st place: Noel Gettingby – 2nd place: Andrew Marriott

Please check out the Ausdrift Facebook page for all of the event photos and videos.

Review – Boom Racing 007-BRV2 High Stability Aluminium Gyro

Hello again from the Perth RC drift scene, today I’m bringing you a review of the Boom Racing 007-BRV2 High Stability Aluminium Gyro.

Boom Racing is a brand that few of you may have heard of before. It’s the in-house brand of Ausdrift sponsor AsiaTees Hobbies and includes over 2700 lines over a very wide selection of chassis including; crawlers, buggies, touring car and drift cars. For this review AsiaTees kindly provided one of their very nice 007-BRV2 high stability aluminium gyros for testing. At the time of writing the 007-BRV2 was available from AsiaTees for $45.08 AUD with free postage from Hong Kong (On orders over $100 AUD).

BR High Stability Alloy Gyro
Boom Racing High Stability Aluminium Gyroscope #007-BR, Photo: AsiaTees

While some regard fitting a gyro to any kind of RC car as cheating, in the case of RWD drift it’s essential to overcoming the difficulties that working at small scale present. In a full size drift car the rotational inertia of the front wheels and tyres creates a natural gyroscopic effect (remember those high school science lessons) allowing the driver to release the steering wheel and let the tyres steer themselves. Due to the relatively low mass of RC drift wheels and tyres and relatively high holding torque of the steering servos used, this simply does not happen at a 1:10 scale. A gyro when correctly set adds a simulated effect of exactly what happens on a 1:1 car.

The Boom Racing 007-BRV2 gyro is available in 6 colours; black, blue, red, pink, green and gold. For this review AsiaTees supplied the gold version as shown above. The attractive aluminium cased gyro is supplied with a very nice mounting tray and all required fasteners. Spare mounting trays can be purchased separately to allow the gyro to be easily moved between models. Gyro gain can be adjusted either digitally with CH3 or manually by turning the gain pot. For manual mode a handy gain adjustment driver is also supplied which saves hunting around in your toolbox for a suitable driver. There are 2 dip switches on the gyro for setting digital or analogue mode and for gyro direction.

Boom Racing 007-BRV2GD, Photo: AsiaTees

The Boom Racing 007-BRV2 gyro was fitted to 2 different cars for this review, to Jayden Goncalves’ brand new RWD dedicated Yokomo YD-2 Plus and to my RWD converted Alex Racing Design CER-D08 premium. Fitting and connecting the gyro is very easy with 3 short leads for connecting the gyro to your steering servo and receiver CH1 & CH3. The supplied instructions are light on for detail but very easy to follow. For testing purposes I simply mounted the gyro to my chassis with double sided tape rather than using the aluminium mounting tray, Jayden did much the same on his YD-2 Plus.

For me, the overall driving impression with the Boom Racing 007-BRV2 was a big improvement over the MST LSD 2.0 RS gyro it replaced. The MST gyro retails for between $80-90 AUD whereas the 007-BRV2 has much the same functionality at roughly half the price. I noticed on startup that the 007-BRV2 has a different centre frequency to the MST gyro, but once trimmed it maintained that centre setting perfectly throughout the run and on subsequent starts. When digitally set with CH3 of my Futaba 3PM radio to 50% gain, I felt that the 007-BRV2 displayed much smoother action and reduced twitchiness from my OMG D2-LP-CF07s servo compared to the previous MST unit at the same gain setting. For me this resulted in a much more “connected” feel to the steering and far greater predictability and confidence, both of which allowed me to drive a much smoother line with great control while still getting heaps of angle and countersteer.

Boom Racing: 007-BRV2 gyro, Chassis: CER-D08 Premium, Owner & Photo: Noel Gettingby

Jayden’s impression of the Boom Racing 007-BRV2 was somewhat less positive than mine. Jayden fitted it to his brand new Yokomo YD-2 Plus for it’s maiden runs. He also commented that the 007-BR centred perfectly once trimmed but that on his car it suffered from gyro wobble (caused when the gyro over-corrects at low steering angles and the front wheels wobble). He also found it difficult to find the sweet spot for the gain, he ended up settling on ~40% in order to minimise the wobble from his Futaba S9570SV servo. After his review Jayden fitted a Futaba GY430 gyro, which he found to be smoother for his combination after some tuning. The Futaba gyro retails for $80-90 and also has similar functionality to the 007-BRV2.

In all, the Boom Racing 007-BRV2 high stability aluminium gyro is a very capable gyro, well suited to RWD drift at half the price of the better known brands. In addition the very easy mounting, beautiful appearance and wide colour choice will suit just about any chassis scheme. Give Boom Racing by AsiaTees a try when next looking for great value, high quality hop-ups for your RC chassis.