New Hobbyzone Carbon Cub S+

Reading this blog you may thing i’m just all about cars, but that’s far from the truth.  I fly quads a bit as well and I would love an aircraft to fly, but time and space are against me.  However if I had the space this ripper with it’s 1300mm wingspan, it is exactly what I would buy!!

Despite the name, this aircraft is not made of carbon fibre, rather it is a reproduction of the modernised version of the Piper Cub, called the Carbon Cub.  Hobbyzone do have a more basic version called the Super Cub S but this carbon cub is only a little more expensive, with a shed load more features on this new version of the aircraft!

  • Exclusive SAFE® Plus GPS-Enabled Drone Technology
  • AutoLand, Holding Pattern and Virtual Fence functions
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Experienced flight modes
  • Spektrum™ DXe 2.4GHz Transmitter
  • Spektrum™ DSMX® Receiver/Flight Controller
  • E-flite® 1300mAh 3S 11.1V 20C LiPo Battery
  • E-flite® DC Charger and AC Adapter
  • Durable EPO airframe with fully painted scale trim scheme
  • Oversized tundra tires for flying from smooth or rough surfaces
  • Optional flaps for shorter takeoffs and landings (requires a 7+ channel programmable transmitter)
  • Optional floats for flying from water (HBZ7390, sold separately)

The tunra tyres are an excellent idea for a learner as is the SAFE zone features including a virtual fence to stop fly aways, auto land and three different flight modes to keep a beginner safe, or allow an advanced pilot the leeway that he needs.  The SAFE technology allows for not only the virtual fence, but also a  holding pattern, auto land, and my personal favourite, panic recovery which brings the aircraft back to flat and level flight. Just like the real aircraft there are even optional floats! This plane has definitely shot straight to the top of my Christmas wish list!

For more details visit Modelflight via this link and order yours for delivery as soon as they arrive!

AARCMCC Rule Updates – Batteries & Mugen MTC-1

AARCMCC have released through their 1:10 On Road Facebook page  a rule clarification and an update to the battery list.

Lets start with the touring car, AARCMCC have clarified the legality of the Mugen MTC-1 and it’s front bumper  As you can read below the ruling is that the bumper and the car are legal for use.

We have had some questions raised about the legality of the recently released Mugen MTC-1 touring car. The item in particular is the advertised ‘Aerodynamic front bumper’, which may contravene regulation “Under body/chassis aerodynamic aids of any nature are not allowed.”

Following discussion of the committee, we have concluded that whilst the car in question is advertised with bumper as an “aero-shaped” component, the primary function is as a bumper/foam bumper support, not an aerodynamic device.
The intent of the regulations is to avoid home made bolt-on skirts and diffusers, not to restrict mass produced cars from competition.

As such the MTC-1 is legal for use in all Sanctioned AARCMCC events.

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In the land of batteries, there has been an update to the battery list to include Team Zombie batteries on the approved batteries list.  Now most of these are High Voltage packs, which personally I think should not be allowed on the list.  It gives easy scope for people to cheat and use higher voltages, and more work for officials who have to test the battery voltages.  That said, it is just my opinion but as my club is looking at running a state title for the first time in 2018, all I see is more work….
For those interested here is the link to the information about which packs are now on the approved list from Team Zombie and below the statement that accompanied it.

Zombie Batteries – Local Approval

We have recently had some discussions about the use of Zombie Batteries at AARCMCC sanctioned events. Having been in contact with both racers and the distributor, it’s been drawn to light that battery approval lags well behind motors. For example, the BRCA only update their lists twice a year, and ROAR haven’t updated for a while.
Having discussed this among representatives from both Electric sections (On and Off-road), we have the solution to provide a local approval.
The stipulations were;
1) Batteries must have been submitted to ROAR and/or BRCA for approval on their lists (this has been provided, to both ROAR and BRCA)
2) The batteries are commercially available for sale (they are, and have been for some time)
3) Samples sent need to be sent to AARCMCC for measurement and reference (complied with)

With this, we are happy to announce that Zombie Batteries detailed in the attached pdf are as of now legal for use at AARCMCC sanctioned events.

We are always keen to work with local distributors to aid in making sure equipment is able to be used, and if any other supplier wishes to enquire as such, please get in contact with us.

Changes to Alycat Software Licence Model

On the 16th of September Alycat made the following statement on their facebook page.

As discussed here previously, and supported unanimously by all who replied, the latest version of Alycat (2017) is being offered on a licence model. The initial purchase price has been reduced to $299US, The annual licence fee is $52US. Initial purchase includes one year licence, so in effect purchase is now $247US. Upgrade prices have been reduced (to $89US from 9.5), with a special offer if combined with a licence (upgrade before 31st December this year and buy a one year licence for only $30US). Payment of the annual licence fee entitles users to ALL upgrades released during the licence period (one year) at NO COST, together with support, access to the Alycat Online Entry System and the new Licensed Alycat Users group on Facebook.

It certainly is a move away from the old model of a flat fee or upgrade fee for each version.  Ironically it is somewhat similar to what Microsoft themselves now do with Office 365 where you pay an annual fee and get any upgrades, updates etc to the software along the way.  How it works out price wise comparatively for clubs I have yet to look at myself.

Details can also be found on the Alycat website here

Bathurst RC Model Sports Raffle

Bathurst RC Model Sport is a club with a mixed bag of interests from off road racing, to crawlers and an airstrip for aircraft!  At the moment they have a MASSIVE raffle with $6500 worth of prizes, so well worth having a look at the website for details.  Tickets are $25, but before you moan you have to check out the prize list!
The fundraising efforts are to enable the club to purchase a disabled toilet as they are aiming to accommodate some in the community that need this facility to come and have fun.
There are 4 Rock Crawlers, 3 rc aircraft, 2 quads, 2 racing buggies and a stadium truck!
The Bathurst RC Model Sport website is and make sure you check them out if you are in the area!!!
Oh, and somebody buy me a raffle ticket LOL!!

Losi Tenacity Monster Truck

Somewhere along the way I must have been missing the news as the Losi Tenacity line of vehicles somehow slipped under my radar!

A 4wd Monster Truck based on the Losi TEN platform, how can you go wrong!  RTR, Brushless, Spektrum Radio, AVC and a great looking Monster Truck it certainly seems like a winner to me. Heck, it even includes a FPV camera mount, how much fun would that be!