Axial Racing release SCX10 III Kit!

Axial have done it again and released the 3rd version of their popular SCX10 platform. This time around the first release is a kit version, and there is certainly some new items to look at!

One item that is very obvious under the skin is a replica V8 engine which the motor can hide within for those that like to make opening engine bays. To take full advantage of the gearbox features you will need a 4 channel radio a the gearbox can not only be set up for high and low range, but it also has a DIG function (the ability to lock the back axle to allow tight turns, easier descents etc). Each function will need it’s own servo, so plan on 3 servos if you want it all running from your radio. But don’t rush out and get full size servos, the DIG and 2 speed use aircraft style micro servos to save space.

Portal axles with offset front differential for more clearance, and less axle twist are incorporated into the kit, as are shorty and standard battery configurations, inner guards, floors, scale interior and roll cage, there is even 3 piece beadlock wheels. Overall the chassis looks somewhere between the TRX4 from Traxxas, and the previous SCX10 II

The body itself is interesting in that not only does it include an interior, but a driver figure with a variety of hats. It also has the body posts cleverly hidden out of sight in the wheel arches. It certainly harks a little to the Proline Metric body with it’s inclusion of hard plastic components for lights, wipers, hood vents, wipers etc. It is certainly a kit that will appeal not only to those that want a crawler that performs well, but that also has some great scale looks far in excess of a plain lexan body.

For more details see the axial website at