New bodies from Pro-line Racing June 2021

Pro-line have survived so long as the market leader for bodies and tyres by being clever with the products they release.  They are always aimed at the largest and most popular segments of R/C cars so as to maximise how many units that they sell.  Which makes it all the more interesting that for the first time in a while they have released new bodies to suit Stadium Trucks from Losi and Team Associated.  Even better, they look at least a bit like Stadium Truck Bodies should, not the pseudo futuristic bullnosed bulldog bodies of recent years.  Maybe my 22T needs a new body, Axis from Pro-line is he name to be looking for.



The next body that Pro-line have released is a fascinating military themed body for rock crawlers named Strikeforce which draws it’s shape from modern armoured light vehicles used by militaries right around the world. It is a 2 piece utility style body, so there is certainly scope for some customisation here.

Noprep drag racers have not been left out of this month’s releases either with a 1967 Ford Mustang body which looks, well stunning!  I don’t really need to say more here!!!


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