Open Source RC Cars

Recently I had the pleasure of having access to a Prusa 3d printer at work, which led to  a lot of interesting discussions about just what you can do with it.   From cookie cutters to vases and figurines, what you can do is in many ways limited only by your imagination, as long as you have a bit of  technical knowledge about the printing as well.  I can assure you it isn’t as straightforward as it looks!!!

So naturally applications in R/C formed the basis of some of my searches, and what a lot of things there are, from scale accessories, to witches hats, trailers and more.  But then  I wondered how far you could go  when  I saw some 3d printed r/c rims and tyres (not in  actual  rubber, but a substance with similar properties).  A little bit of searching found Daniel Norée’s Open RC project.  Yes an entire Truggy that you can print from your very own home. Now this isn’t just a few bits to  add other rc bits into, all the parts are printable, even printable versions of shocks are available for  some cars.  There is also a touring car and F1 car that can be found in a variety of places,  but i’ll list the thingiverse links below.  Now not every 3dmodel is available, although  the community sharing files is quite astounding.  Some models you pay a small fee for, but the results are truly worth it.  While looking for a Land Rover body to print for my Trailfinder 2 I stumbled upon a small model available for free from Prusa  themselves (Manufacturers of the 3d printer that started me down this rabbit hole).  Now whilst it  was too small, and the wrong model for what I was after, the article was about the team at 3d who, for a small fee, have  quite a variety of rock crawler kits available for you to  print, Chassis, wheels, bodies, the works!! Not only that, but the quality and detail were astounding!

So I have to say, that my mind is blown somewhat by some of these amazing, home grown projects out there.  It also reminds me of another article I have not printed about this as well, oops. These are also some amazing rock crawler bodies, and ground up models out there as  well.  There is a trailer that I want to try my hand at personally.

Now as I mentioned, don’t presume that these are quick and easy, from failed prints,  different filaments, different print settings and modeling mistakes to out of whack tolerances and sheer number of hours of printing needed, these are a labor  of love no doubt, but they are a fascinating addition to our hobby.


Open RC Project:

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