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Axial ESC – Motor recomendations form Team Novak

The guys over at Team Novak are always a helpful bunch, and the other day released a helpful guide showing their recomendations for ESC and Motor combinations for the Axial Racing lineup of vehicles.

If you are in the market for a new system for your Axial rig it is certainly worth checking out at

New ESC’s from Team Novak

Novak have released details of their Pulse V2 and GTB V3 ESC’s .  The Pulse is retaining it;s place as the Novak flagship ESC with updates to the hardware and firmware.  They have designed the V2 to be more adjustable, have higher performance, be able to handle heavier loads and be more robust.

The GTB V3 looks to be nearly completely redesigned with an on board bank of capacitors, no timing at all to avoid problems with spec racing classes and a host of updates to the venerable GTB 2 platform.

Team Novak now Novak R/C

And it’s more than just a name change.  From their facebook page and website:

Effective January 1, 2014, Novak Electronics, Inc. will be operating under a new entity named Novak R/C, Inc. Bob Novak, President and co-founder of Novak Electronics will retain partial ownership in the new company, and will continue to focus his efforts in product development. Bob’s daughters, Linda Novak Logan and Laura Novak-Roesgen, and Novak’s Engineering Director, Adnan Khan, all whom have been with Novak Electronics for over 25 years, complete the ownership. The management and design teams for Novak R/C will remain the same.

“We are excited for Novak R/C to continue the Novak legacy and bring innovative product to our customers. We will also maintain the high level of standards of customer service on all Novak products,” commented Bob Novak.

It will be interesting to see if this will result in an expansion or contraction of the Novak line of electronics, however it looks morere like it is handing the keys to a new generation to me!