Redcat Release Kaiju EXT

It’s big, bad and named after giant monsters in Japanese science fiction (Think Godzilla), the Kaiju EXT is longer than it’s predecessor, and looks outright mean in my opinion.

This beast is rocking Hobbywing electronics capable of 6S operation, 25kg metal gear servo, functional hood scoop, enclosed drivetrain, tethered body clips, adjustable wing and wheely bar, a massive 567mm length and a protective cover over all the electronics.  It’s got an impresive look and spec sheet that certainly warrants taking on the best out there, I wonder how it will stand up to the Traxxas Maxx and HPI Savage?


Redcat Racing appoints Jeff Johns as President

Ok, so I saw this one on facebook and honestly, I didn’t know who Jeff Johns was.  However it was the crawler that he was holding that got my attention (see below)

This truck it turns out is the new Redcat Racing Gen 8 which looks awesome, and is due out soon, details of the vehicle in the video below.  However the importance of the photo it turns out was in the man, not the machine.  Jeff was a founder, co owner and president of Axial Racing (after a start with HPI), a somewhat famous name in the crawler scene, and with the purchase of Axial by Horizon Hobbies many have been asking if Axial will stay at the forefront of crawler development or just keep making trucks.  However it is quite possible that this appointment will see a new name, Redcat, permeate further and further into the crawler market.  Only time will tell I guess!