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Thunder Tiger Back in the game with a stack of new models for 2015

Thunder Tiger has sort of become the forgotten Manufacturer with nothing much new of note for a while.  However if the number of releases this year is anything to go by it will be a big year for them.

AXIO 8Be Terra Buggy RTR

Yes, the name is very similar to a vehicle made by Axial, but it’s appearance is somewhere between the Axial unit and a 1:8 buggy.

Modeled after full scale buggies and in ready to run form this beefy 8th scale platform helps to make it tough, while a 1515 sized Reedy 2000kV brushless motor provides the power. Also it comes stock with an Engine Sound Module that emulates the sound of a full size buggy. The part number for the Axio is #6410-F


K-Rock MT4 G5 RTR

The Matte Black of K-ROCK is a new scale looking MT from Thunder Tiger, something akin to an armored truggy strike all the terrain vehicle. K-ROCK comes with advanced chassis construction, eye-catching tough body and the roll cage decorated with the LED lights and of course a matte black colour scheme. Of course brushless power is under the hood provided by a 2000kV motor and BLC-150C ESC. A Cougar GP2 2.4GHz radio system controls the beast while waterproof electronics keep the fun going when the going gets wet.


KAISER eMTA Monster Truck

Based on the eMTA platform, but again with a more scale looking jeep wrangler style body, this like the others is also fitted with the Engine Sound Module. All in all it looks like another stong MT, check it out at

1/10 Jackal Trophy Truck

This is the one that intrigues me more than the others combined, the Jackal is along the lines of a full scale stadium truck, baja 100 racer or pre runner truck.  The only downside for me is the body that looks a little on the cartoon rather than realistic side of things.  However it is a great looking vehicle in a similar design to the Axial Yeti.  With an independent front and 4 link live rear axle it has the suspension configuration to much it’s 1:1 counterpart.  I’d be excited to see a Short Course Truck using the same platform as well.  Powered by a 3900kV brushless motor and controlled by their standard Cougar radio system, the Jackal #6544-F really appeals to me.  It even looks to use Associated SCT tyres in the same size.

For more details check it out at and with any luck I will be able to review one some time!