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Lachlan Munday at the Worlds

Here is what Lachlan had to say about his trip to the worlds in China!

2017 Worlds in China are all done, and boy do I have a lot to say! Ok, so in 2WD I qualified 63rd with some runs in the 40’s and 50’s but it was really hard to do better as I had some hacks in my group. Just crazy to see how different their racing etiquette is! In my final I led until the last lap, then hit a random bump and my car flipped  Such bad luck   Finish 62nd. In 4wd I also had some top 40 and top 50 runs. I was getting pretty tired by then and I qualified and finished 66th^-^ even though I tried my hardest. I was hoping to win that race but I got hit pretty hard and I had to race with a bent shock absorber from lap 2! It was actually pretty fun taking the jumps with a broken car and still finishing 6th with a car that wouldn’t jump or turn properly. It was pretty funny. The early starts, late nights and dark racing were really challenging, as well as having a sore stomach, but I am very happy with my results overall as I smashed my top 100 goal🔥

My highlights (not in order!!!!)

  • Holding the Australian flag at the opening ceremony. Representing Australia
  • The worlds best drivers signing my B64 body
  •  Meeting Masami Hirosaka
  • Holding the World Championship trophy with Ryan Maifield
  • Ty Tessman giving me his 4th place trophy and pass
  • Meeting new friends Clement Boda and Matthieux from France. Stéphane Boda
  • Getting interviewed by Liverc and visiting the Liverc box Aaron Waldron
  • Being on the drivers stand with Dad at a World Championship
  • Seeing the massive facility!
  • The bus ride home after the banquet with the funny Aussie team
  • “waiting for a taxi”
  •  Sitting with the ‘rockstars’ in the AE team Spencer, Kyle, Ryan, Dustin

After the racing finished, we also did some sightseeing around Xiamen City. Now , i want to talk about my expectations vs reality side of things. I thought it would be like a giant metropolis! Well it was like that, but different in many ways. I thought it would be more tall buildings and apartments- well there were, but there were also lots of small buildings and traditional buildings. Was the traffic like i expected? No. Just.Plain.No. The drivers are crazy!!! Every day we thought we would be in an accident. There are huge buses and trucks swerving, people going the wrong way down the freeway, tuk tuks, mums on scooters with babies and no helmets, three cars wide in two lanes. One day we had a supersonic bus ride- we all cheered when we arrived back at the hotel safely.

I thought crowds would be like Australia, but with more room! Nope. It was very squishy, and it was a bit push to the front-ish. Actually it WAS push to the front-ish.Very much so. You have no personal space, and people kept wanting to touch and photograph me and my sister.

Now enough about that for now. Im going to talk aboutall the wonderful experiences! (well, mostly😂) One of the coolest things In my opinion was gulangyu island, nanputuo temple and the hotel! At the botanic gardens get this, we saw 30 weddings going on!!!! We also did a bit of rock hopping 

Gulangyu island, which was a tourist island, had a great view of the ocean and some nice street food! The temple and botanical gardens was a massive day where we saw such beautiful gardens but had to climb hundreds of stairs. We also went to the hot spring in the hotel which was bliss 😁

The last day we basically spent nearly the whole time at the Airport waiting for our planes. Aaaaaaaand, now where back in Aussie Australia!!!!!!

All in all I learnt a lot and did much better that I thought I would. I also learnt that I have to do a lot more practice to be able to drive like the amazing drivers in the A-main final. I screamed so much watching them as they changed positions and raced so close. Maybe one day I can do that. I also learnt that China is an interesting and different place to visit, and that we are very lucky to have our life in Australia.

Thanks very much to everyone who has supported me in this journey to China! I read your messages but was too tired to respond. It was awesome having all of you cheering us on. I can honestly say I did my very very best.

Finally thanks to……
#HelloWorldWatergardens for helping me get to China and supporting me
#RCRS Matt Griffin for his support
ACE- Matthew Kellett and Gary Kellett
#TeamAssociated #ReedyPowered #JConcepts for the awesome products.
Mum and Dad for working on the car.
Jasmine for being a great sister.
Andrew Selvaggi for always helping out.
My Australian Team mates for their support and encouragement
The organisers for putting on such a cool event.

The worlds according to Crash

Walking out as Team Australia! what a feeling… Photo Credit: Jconcepts inc. on Facebook

Since I was just 8 years old I’ve been racing Karts, Formula Ford & RC cars, I’ve spent the majority of my life being a total fanatic about racing in all shapes and sizes.

When I started RC racing around my 20th birthday I quickly got hooked on the competition that bigger events had to offer, and when I made a start in EP Off Road, it didn’t take me long to set my sights on competing at an IFMAR World Championships. Continue reading The worlds according to Crash

Review: Yokomo YZ-2 2wd Buggy by Chris Sturdy

Sometimes I can review cars because I own one, sometimes borrow one, so far nobody is giving me any to review, but sometimes other review cars for me which is the case here.  In this instance, a new reviewer in the form of Team Yokomo driver Chris Sturdy who has just recently built his new YZ-2.  So we asked Chris to give us his thoughts on his new ride and this is what he had to say!

The Build

Like all Yokomo kits the bags are all marked in number order allowing for easy identification of each bag and what order they need to be opened in. From the new bell crank and steering assembly to the all new rear suspension mounts the quality was top notch. I had no issues with the build, screws went into the plastic nice and smoothly without the need for excessive force while tightening.
Some new features. Yokomo has redesigned their steering system and is a big step up from previous buggies. The new system now includes 8 bearings instead of 4 like the Bmax2 allowing for a super free motion with the bell cranks. The new C-Hub design allows for a screw and kingpin instead of a suspension shaft this alloys for a very low friction steering system that feels great on track. The new C-Hub design also includes changeable inserts to change Caster angles, In corporation with either the 25 degrees or 30 degrees suspension mounts the inserts now alloy for a maximum of 35 Degrees caster and a minimum of 20. The biggest addition to the YZ-2 is the new Low-Profile forward Gearbox, The gearbox includes the top shaft, 2 idler gears and the differential. this kit include the Alloy top shaft as standard alloying for less weight in the gearbox giving faster acceleration and a lower enter of gravity. The idler gears are plastic but are a much bulkier design so durability isn’t an issue allowing for lighter idler gears instead of the alloy ones most people used on the Bmax2.
The gearbox is now mounted on 3 rubber sheets which alloy for a floating gearbox which aids in forward traction.
The new Rear suspension mounts incorporate the 4wd design using plastic inserts for easy adjustment of toe and anti-squat, the Shims that can either be placed under or on top of the RR block and RF block allow for a better adjustment of the roll centre by raising or lowering the suspension arms.
Some things to note, whenever I build a car, any screw that is being installed into Alloy parts I always add a dab of locktite to the screw. this will almost guarantee that the screw will not come loose while on track.
When installing the differential into the gearbox housing always check for any excessive left to right play and use very fine shims to adjust, In this kit I added a 0.1 shim on both the left and right outdrives inside the gearbox case.
Here is a list of all the running gear I installed aswell as all the option parts I installed on the buggy.
Motor: Fantom Ion5 8.5T Team Edition Motor
ESC: Hobbywing V3.1 running in Mode 8
Battery: Fantom Short 4600
Servo: ProAmps Prototype (Released soon)
Radio: Futaba 4PKS-R with Fasst BTA Receiver
Tires: Slicks ( works best at GCRC Raceway)
Bearings: Plaig Bearings YZ-2 Kit (available shortly)
Option parts include:  Alloy rear Hubs 0Deg, Full Titanium Screw Kit, Full Ti Turn-buckle set 52mm, Alloy front and  rear Shock Caps, Machined pistons, Ball Diff
All together the car weighed in at a feather weight of 1550g with added weight included.

The first run

Before the first run I was sceptical, but once I did a lap there was no doubt, this buggy was FAST, within the first 15 Laps I matched my best lap from the Bmax2MR the week before and only got better from there. I played around with camber links, camber, springs but didn’t change too much from first run and got used to the buggy. Compared to the Bmax2MR which I also ran on track during the day, The YZ-2 feels more nimble, Smoother cornering and turns more precise and aggressive without the rear end snapping through corner. The buggy jumps a lot flatter allowing for easy adjustment of throttle and steering through the air allowing for much more precise and smoother landings. Despite the more forward motor position the buggy still had tremendous forward grip and was wheel standing at some points. By the end of the night i posted my fastest 2wd lap, We are only starting to scratch the surface with the setup now and I look forward to testing the buggy more and more in the coming weeks.
Here are some photos of the build and a video of a few laps at GCRC Raceway.
I would like to thank Team Yokomo for the support and the All new YZ-2, a weapon straight out of the box!

Chris Sturdy
Yokomo, Fantom Racing, Hobbywing, Jconcpets, ProAmps Servos, Plaig Bearings, Wild Turbo Fan, StickIt1Racing, BittyDesign Australia, S2H Bodies, GCRC Raceway

Our own Kyle McBride returns to Team Associated & Reedy

Team Associated Banner

Team Associated and Reedy are proud to announce the return of 3x FEMCA Champion and 4x Australian National Champion Kyle McBride to the team. Kyle began his racing career with Team Associated in 2006 and since then has established himself as one of the best drivers in the world with two 4th place finishes at the 1:8 IFMAR World Championships along with a victory at the 2014 Silver State Nitro Challenge.

Based just outside of Brisbane, Australia, Kyle will be racing the full line of Team Associated off-road vehicles in Australia, Asia, and around the world. Additionally, Kyle will use Reedy power in all of his vehicles while competing in both 1:8 and 1:10 off-road events.

Kyle McBride copy

Kyle McBride had this to say, “I am beyond excited and pumped to be returning to the Team Associated team and family! With racing being my number one focus in life and career, Team Associated has given me a great opportunity to join their team. I want to personally thank Brent Thielke for giving me this opportunity and I look forward to a really successful race career with Team Associated and many great results for the team!!!”

AE Team Manager Brent Thielke had this to say, “Kyle is one of those underrated drivers that gets lost in the power rankings. He has shown to have the speed and skills to compete with the best in the world; we are looking forward to giving him more opportunities to do just that. We are also excited about adding a driver to the Australian/Asian market to develop and promote the Team Associated and Reedy product lines.”


Proline Australia announces 2 new drivers

Recruit #1 Junior Racer Jackson Beale from QLD. Jackson and his Dad Ty are pumped about Proline!!! They will be at the QLD Titles this weekend reppin the Proline brand. Welcome to the Team guys!!

Photo: Recruit #1 Junior Racer Jackson Beale from QLD. Jackson and his Dad Ty are pumped about Proline!!! They will be at the QLD Titles this weekend reppin the Proline brand. Welsome to the Team guys!!

Recruit #2 Annabelle Rogers, yeah you guys better watch out, you could be passed by girl racer Annabelle!!! ; ) Residing in Mildura Annabelle races 1:10th EP Offroad and will be representing Proline for the 2015 season.

Photo: Recruit #2 Annabelle Rogers, yeah you guys better watch out, you could be passed by girl racer Annabelle!!! ; ) Residing in Mildura Annabelle races 1:10th EP Offroad and will be representing Proline for the 2015 season.

Why Ask Ray Munday for Help?

So who is Ray Munday and why should you be asking him for help with your race RC Car?

You see Ray  wants to make sure as many people as possible are aware that they can talk to the factory drivers and ask questions, not just wait them to write about what they are interested in in magazines, forums or blogs.

Why Ray?

Well Ray is a sponsored driver, he is sponsored by JConcepts, Novak and Team Associated off-road electric products in Australia.  You will often see articles written by Ray in Racing Lines about vehicles, or setups that work in different areas. However what more is there to know about Ray?  Well have a read below to see what Ray had to say about himself.

My Background: I have been racing electric off-road since 1992 and am the Australian factory driver for Associated / Reedy, JConcepts and Team Novak. I race 1/10 electric off road only (2wd, 4wd and SCT) and am based in Melbourne.

Outside R/C racing: I am a professional mechanical engineer working in full-size off-road vehicle development (for Toyota) and have previously worked in F1, WRC and Dakar.

The help thread was started as a way to assist people to get the most out of their cars and equipment in Australian conditions. A lot of the setups online are for high grip, smooth, perfect tracks – not like most in Australia. I’m happy to field questions on all topics in rc, and not just on the brands I am sponsored by.

The thread that Ray refers to is the Ask Ray Munday thread on the gigantic RCTech forums, specifically linked below.

The thread itself is certainly worth a read with reviews, insights, hints and tips on so many facets of RC Off Road racing. These include setups, reviews of cars, reviews of tyres, driving tips and all sorts of hints and help offered to people over the years.

So instead of reading about it in Racing Lines, be a part of it and get your questions answered!

Robert Reed joins Proline Australia

Famous name and a famous haircut, Robert Reed (Reedy) joins the Proline Australia EP Offroad Team. With a career best performance at the NSW States last week, we couldn’t help but have him on our team!! Check him out whipping it at RC Arena Tonight!!!

Photo: Famous name and a famous haircut, Robert Reed (Reedy) joins the Proline Australia EP Offroad Team. With a career best performance at the NSW States last week, we couldn't help but have him on our team!! Check him out whipping it at RC Arena Tonight!!!

Source: Proline Australia

A Quick Race report on the Golden Goat from Proline Australia

Report by Jacob Staines.

The meeting started off with a fresh track that had never been run on by any of the competitors. The first lot of the 10 minute qualifiers for both classes didn’t go to successful. 2wd was my first class to hit the track, i had a bit of bad luck in the opening laps coming under the 2nd cross over and collecting a pipe and ended up pulling out a a ball stud. I was lucky enough to get back on the track for the last 5 minutes after making a few changes to the car. My first 4wd heat was good, i was lucky enough not to get caught up in the traffic and had a clean run with only one mistake handing me the TQ in first round by 10 seconds. During the second round of qualifying i had a bit more luck completing a solid run with only a few small bobbles giving me the TQ for the second round. My second run of 4wd was not very clean. Getting caught up some of the jumps and apexes. I was also struggling with the traffic which ended up leaving me in 3rd place over all with Mitch Steer in 1st and Chris Paterson in second. For the third round i made some changes two both car. 2wd i added a bit of weight to settle the car down and with the 4wd i changed tyres because the car was very loose in the 2nd qualifier. I went into the 3rd round of 2wd with Mitch having TQ in one of the earlier heats in the round. I had a very successful run keeping it clean while pushing out the same lap, lap after lap. Which handed me the overall TQ in 2wd and the bonus $50. My last 4wd run was clean but i got caught up a a marshals foot half way through the race which unsettled me and ended up rolling me over. With that mistake i ended up missing the TQ in 4wd but came in second behind Mitch.

During the first 2wd i started off from pole holding Mitch out for the first couple of laps then i started to pull away. After gaining over a 15 second lead at the 7th minute mark i just started to pace myself and holding my lead. Had a clean end to the race and ended up taking A1 in 2wd. For the 4wd main i started off second,getting squeezed into third by Chris into the first corner i was sitting in third but the he made a mistake going into the first cross over handing me back second. I then managed to find a gap on the inside of Mitch coming through the stutters which handed me 1st. Having a close battle for the next few laps until Mitch mad a mistake giving me a comfortable lead. I was able to hold that lead uncontested for the remainder of the 10 minute main.

The second main for 2wd was not so easy in the beginning. I made a mistake coming over the first cross over rolling me over needing the aid of a marshal then nosing in on a pipe through the stutters putting me back to 5th. After mistakes from the leaders i was able to get back to 1st then pull out a gap then go onto win A2 handing me the win for 2wd. 4wd because of the resort i started on pole for A2 leading the pack away and being uncontested for the entire main handing me the A2 win and also giving me the over all for 4wd.

Source: Proline Australia

Team Yokomo Australia Welcomes Simon Nicholson

Yokomo have announced the signing of multiple National and State championship winning Australian racer Simon Nicholson. His years of racing experience and depth of knowledge in on-road racing will be invaluable to all our BD7 pilots down under.

The former Kyosho driver will compete together with Yokomo at this year’s State championships, Australian National championships and World championships in the USA as well as the TITC in Thailand early next year. 

Source: RedRC and Team Yokomo