A Car guy taking to the Air?

I am unashamedly a Car guy, in 1:1 scale and anything smaller.  Ironically my interest in RC originally laid in aircraft, but the devastating damage a crash could reap, well it put me off a little.  I saw some fantastic boats one year in Hobart as well, but again, once out of battery, fuel or radio range, problems with a significant investment.  However I saw some Stadium Trucks running around in a hall in Devonport one day and that was it.  Mind you it did take me over a decade to actually have one of my own in the end.

A few years ago I was given a three channel Venom Alpine Rescue coaxial helicopter.  It is a reasonable size, and I really must dust it off again.  I was trying to learn to fly it, but a radio problem made the first flight rather exciting, and I was a little cautious about it after that.  However a little over a year back I was given a basic micro coaxial helicopter as a secret santa present (a UDI R/C U807 to be precise) and it was a truly fun craft to fly, and I kinda got the bug for flying back a little.  Looking at a Quad shootout on Bigsquid RC some of the smaller quads which could mount a camera gave that interest a little poke again, and as a photographer it piqued my interest in a number of ways.

Then I made the mistake of looking what was available out there, and wow is there some choice! From the little Ethos HD and FPV to the bigger Blade QX350 range where the camera quality takes another leap forward, up to the DJI Phantom and Walkera QR X350 and the incredible Scout X4 from Walkera. The possibilities seem endless, and so does the ability to spend money on these vehicles!  The FPV and Aerial Photography capability many of these units have set my mind to working out how to pay for one through my Photography business, although I mostly do Weddings, and I don’t think that’s a good mix!

Still, you might see my flights of fancy appear on this page once and a while, and realistically I should start on a smaller Quad to get the hang of it, but you never know, I might just jump up to a 350 quad with FPV instead . So hopefully you won’t take to the occasional Aerial post with too much disdain, you never know, it just might take your flight of fancy.