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Racing Lines 248 out now! 

The May edition is out, and it’s not bad. Let’s have a look inside. 

  • Auto Alley looks at Al the latest releases, interestingly quite a few on road releases this month. 
  • Light up your rig looks at installing and using the Killerbody six led light set
  • Quads and drones flies the LRP gravity vision FPV. 
  • Second look re looks  at the Kyosho  Dodge pair of cars, and to be honest, it seems to add nothing much to the original review so I was left a little confused there. 
  • Ray Wood reviews the budget Kyosho Dirt Hog as well as the DHK Cage-R 2wd buggy. 
  • Christian Brunelli reviews the RC4WD Gelande II Land cruiser. I liked the review, however the exceptional photography really does the vehicle justice and makes me, a land rover man, want this Toyota. 
  • Racing lines has all the latest results and race reports including one from yours truly. If only I had made the results in a better than passing mention. 

Racing Lines: April 2017

Yes it’s on the shelves at good newsagents once again, and here is the wrap on what you will find within the pages of the magazine this month. There is a few different articles in this edition which is always interesting to read.

  • Auto alley has the latest news on the Team Associated F1 Car & T4.3 RTR, the Traxxas Ford GT & new Rally car, HPI Savage XL Flux Y Kyosho 1970 Chevelle SS.
  • Quads & Drones look at the affordable Ares Recon FPV quadcopter
  • There is an interesting article on getting into RC which is worth a read by anybody getting into the hobby
  • Chris Lander has also penned an interesting piece on what spare parts to carry for your car.
  • Second Look goes back to review how the Kyosho Rage VEi is holding up after almost a year
  • There is a great article on building the Axial Racing SCX10 II Jeep Cherokee, being built by an 8 year old to boot!
  • Reviewed is the BSD EP8 Blazer XB Buggy
  • Racing Lines has all the latest event news, reports and results.

Racing Lines December 2016


Yes it’s hitting the shelves already and it is a great edition to round out the year with.

Auto alley has all the news on the latest releases including a couple of interesting cars from Haiboxing.  Not everybody’s favourite brand exactly, but the Volcano monster truck and EP6 Dune buggy are itneresting additions to their lineup.

Dirty Deeds ooks at GP off road clutch tuning (Actually I didn’t know that there was such a thing!).

How to looks at getting soldering right, always good to get some hints and tips there.

Quads and drones has a look at hte differences between RC car racing and quadcopter racing.

Reviews is my favourite area, and an in depth review of a number of vehicles can be found including the impressive looking SCX10 II (I want one!), the Helion Four 10TR, and of cours the enormous Traxxas X-Maxx.

Racing news looks at the results and reports from all of the latest racing around australia to round out an excellent issue.

Racing Lines 242 hitting shelves

Yes the November edition of Racing Lines should be on your local newsagent stands NOW!!!  

What will you find within these hallowed pages, well lets have a look!

  • A pokemon themed Pro-Line advert, very clever given it’s popularity of late 😉
  • Auto Alley news looks at the Turbo Scorpion Re Release from Kyosho, as well as their electric motorcycles and Lazer ZX6.6. The Traxxas Bigfoot, Associated TC7.1 FT RC4WD EP18 Gelande II D90 RTR (Small Land Rover Defender Crawler, awesome!) and even a look at the ready to fly Kyosho Drone Racer which looks interesting.
  • Matt Griffin looks back to basics for Dirty Deeds on the basics of tuning a vehicle’s suspension for better results
  • Quads and Drones flies the UDI U842-1, also known as the Lark FPV
  • RC History examines the famous Castle Hill Vintage Festival
  • Second look glances back at the ARRMA Kraton to see how it has fared over time since February 2015.
  • A review of the small (not a small review) Pro-Line Ambush 1:25 rock crawler, and it looks like it is a ripper, you just need a 1:10 version now Pro-Line
  • The Zombie from DHK, their 1/8 Electric Monster Truck gets put through it’s paces by Ray Wood
  • Also being reviewed is the BSD Racing Dune Racer, a vehicle I like the appearance of I have to say, and it looks like it performs well too.
  • And for their Fourth review in a single edition, the Axial Racing SMT10 Grave Digger, somebody give me one of these to review as it looks great!  I think Axial are onto a winner here.
  • Racing News holds all the latest news and reports from all the latest Aussie races.

Racing Lines 241 hitting shelves for October


Yes the October 2016 edition of Racling ines is out.  Here is a look at what Aussie goodness you will find between the covers of this month’s edition.

  • Auto Alley (news) looks at the Thunder Tiger Bush Master RTR and breaks news of the new X-ray XT2 Stadium Truck that has performed very well in the recent EOS race series. It also looks at some of Team Associated’s latest small scale offerings as well as prolines new Mini Rock Crawler.
  • Testbench examines the Sanwa MT-S
  • Second look re examines the Helion Four 10SC RTR which has recieved some new gold bling hopups which seems to be taking it’s punishment well.
  • Quads and Drones look at the Traxxas Aton, something I have been interested to see some direct feedback on.  The Air break feature is an interesting on that will be of great help for those trying out the Expert mode on the Aton that’s for sure! and all in all it looks the goods.  There is a second look here detailing a crash between the Aton and a camera quad after teh initial review, and let’s say the Aton survived, and stayed airborne in less than desirable conditions!
  • RC History examines the history of one of the big names in RC, Traxxas.
  • In the reviews DHK’s Optimus XL gets a shakedownby Chris Lander.
  • Rau Munday looks at the Team Associated B6Din details and tests the vehicle.
  • Christian Brunelli gives the Helion Intrusion XLR Monster truck a bashand seems very impressed.  Personaly I am very impressed with Helion as a whole from what I have been reading and experiencing myself.
  • And of course Racing Lines has all the info on upcoming races, race results and reports from around the country.

Racing Lines No.231 out now!


Yes the December edition of Racing Lines has hit the shelves, and this is what you can look forward to!

  • News on all the latest kit releases
  • The Team Associated RC10 in the Smithstonian!
  • Testbench looks at the Redback Beast brushless motor and ESC
  • How To looks at re using your off road wheels
  • News from VRC Pro on EP8 buggies released
  • Memory lane wanders through edition 118 from June 2006
  • The Team Xray XB8E gets a thorough review
  • Also reviewed, the FTX Bugsta, the result of a partnership with CML in the UK and Ace Hobby Distributors
  • And last, but not the least, in the reviews, the ARRMA Senton BLX Short Course Truck
  • Of course there is also the latest racing reports and news from around Australia

Racing Lines October 2015


Another month, another exciting Racing Lines, issue 229.

This month we have the usual range of articles, and some great reviews of some great vehicles.

  • There is of course news about all of the latest releases
  • Testbench works on the Rex Legend 4 from Novarossi as well as gives it a spin at the 2015 Queensland 1:8 off road champs.
  • Testbench also fits the Associated Pro Rally with the Associated XP LED light set and the ESS One engine sound system.
  • RC History looks at the impressive Kyosho Tomahawk
  • Flashback looks down memory lane to Issue 116, April 2006
  • Chris Lander gives us his impressions of the Team Associated RC8B3
  • Christian Brunelli looks at the HPI RS4 Sport 3 BMW M3 (A long name, but a tasty looking car, i’d love one of these to review, although I like the Subaru BRZ better)
  • Christian Brunelli also looks at the ARRMA Fury Mega Short Course Truck
  • Racing News looks at a range of racing activities, meets and results as usual.
  • Tech Talk with Ray Munday looks at his first impressions of the Team Associated SC5M, it will be interesting to see his thoughts about it on carpet and turf at the indoor Launceston R/C club meet that will be in the next issue (My home track)

So another bumper edition which should be on news stands NOW!

Racing Lines September 2015

Edition number 228 is out now, and these are some of the articles you will find this edition.

– News on the latest releases including off road terrain tamers from Thunder Tiger and tanks from Kyosho.
– The testbench looks at the Fusion X X7 engine
– Rc History looks at the thrill of the chase in finding parts for vintage rc cars
– Living the Dream interviews Dave ‘Heavy’ Guyatt
– The HPI Baja Q32 is reviewed Asia the Team Associated RC8B3
– Tech Talk looks at the new Kashmir Shocks From Associated/Fox
– Of course there is also all the latest events and race reviews from around Australia.


Racing Lines Issue 220 out now!


The January 2015 edition of racing lines is hitting shelves already, so keep an eye on your mailbox or newsagent stand.  This issue includes final articles from Peter Joyce and Scott Guyatt as well as news and reviews galore, including, but not limited to:

  • The MRC World Scale Cars
  • A memory lane article featuring the HPI MT2, my first RC Car
  • A review of the ARRMA Typhon, thei first foray of ARRMA into 1:8 scale
  • A review of the Team Associated Apex Scion Racing FR-S GReddy
  • A fantastic article on Spec Class Tuning from Ray Munday
  • and of course all the latest racing news and results in a bumper Racing News section