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RC Supercar VS Real Sportscar

Ok, so the Traxxas XO-1 is fast, real fast in a straight line.  How would it fair against a tuned 1000hp Nissan GTR, well surprisingly well considering the rough (for an rc car) surface of the runway they are racing on.  Yes, over a longer distance the XO-1 would be destroyed, but over this distance it’s a surprising race!  Enjoy!

Come Drive With Us – 2014 IFMAR Nitro Buggy Worlds Edition

Another edition of this fabulous video series is available giving an insight into these big events, and what the drivers think of the event, controversies, track equipment and pretty much any topic of interest. Our own Kyle McBride event gets a little time on screen.

5150 Media Productions, together with Pro-LineRacing is proud to present the 2014 IFMAR Nitro Buggy World Championships!
Held in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Giardini-Naxos Italy, these worlds did not disappoint. The track was challenging, the weather was ever changing & the competition was fierce. Take a behind the scenes look at what really goes on at a Nitro World Championship.
Narrated by Mike Garrison, this “Come Drive With Us” Movie focuses on Lee Martin, Mike Truhe & once again, Ty Tessmann.