Scale realism the best thing since sliced bread?

RC Cars have gone through a roller coaster ride of popularity over the years.  It would be hard to find any adult who doesn’t have the big kid inside us just waiting to get out and play when the opportunity presents itself.

Radio control car racing traces it’s origins back to a boom in the 80’s in electric 10th scale off road racing.  In the noughties, nitro 8th scale was king of the RC off road racing crowd, big, loud and fast.  However there has always been a core of “Bashers” who just have whatever car that they like, and drive at local parks, tracks etc.  Monster trucks have always been popular here, but the release of the big HPI Baja brought 5th scale into popular RC culture in both racing and bashing in Australia.  In recent years there has been a re emergence of electric 10th scale off road racing, with new 2wd biggies, 4wd buggies and stadium trucks hitting the shelves from a range of manufacturers.

However the real boon in RC in recent years has been vehicles that look great, and are fairly accurate in appearance and scale.  It is because of this that in many ways the hobby of driving radio control cars has gained a foothold in the mainstream with many hobby grade rc cars appearing in toy stores around the country.   Drift cars, clubs and tracks have been sprouting up all around the country, spurned on by the increasingly popular car culture in Australia, combined with the increasing awareness of drifting as a sport in Australia.  Likewise radio control crawlers, again with incredible levels of detail and accessories available, have gained a cult following with a whole range of new RC enthusiasts.  Sporting clubs, competitions, and a real passion for detail at almost unheard of levels, crawling has introduced an amazing new aspect of RC cars in recent years.  Ok, so great products at a good price from Axial Racing have certainly helped Crawlers to grow, but hit up any forum and see the incredible level of detail in vehicles that have been built from scratch, and you can see that crawlers have become an unstoppable juggernaut.

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Even rally cars have increased in popularity thanks to great vehicles such as the Tamiya DF-03 and XV-01, the entire Rally Legends range, they Kyosho DRX and the sport of Rallying in general becoming more popular though the likes of Ken Block and his Gymkhana videos (and scale versions of his car from Traxxas and HPI).  There is even an Australian RC Rally group on facebook trying to increase levels of interest in this area of RC to levels as seen in Europe, and Colorado RC Rally Championship.

Tamiya-Rally_2048x1536 1451377_555789944499604_10897699_n

Even RC racing has taken a scale hit.  In On Road Racing (of which I am admittedly not as well versed as off road) the Vintage Trans Am classes sporting 60’s and 70’s muscle car low down force bodies are very popular in the US, and are gathering a foothold in some parts of Australia.  In Off Road Short Course Trucks have a major footing in almost every off road club with their more realistic looks and handling, low price, and excellent durability.  Even Short Course Buggies are gaining interest in some parts of the country, vehicles which somewhat resemble the pro buggies from the Australian Off Road Championships, even the Extreme 4wd vehicles are similar in appearance and build to Short Course Trucks.

I guess what I am saying here, is bring on more scale, it is helping to re invigorate our fantastic hobby and bring whole new generations into the fold of loving to drive toy cars!

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A Big Weekend of Aussie Racing!

It was a big weekend of racing in Australia with a number of major events being held.  ossibly the biggest was the Associated Indoor Masters at the Gold Coast Raceway.  With a big list of entries, and some major support from Team Associated it was always going to be a big weekend of racing.  Photos and results can be found on their facebook page

Friday night saw Adrenalin Arena in Melbourne officialy open their doors for racing as well. Photos can be found on their facebook page

The Northwest Remote Control Car Club in Tasmania held their latrobe Cup .  With 60 entries over the 2 days and some great weather it sounds like it was a great place to be. Full details and results on their website and photos on their facebook page

Schumacher Cougar KF Delays

It seems that it is tough being popular! There has been a delay to stock of the Cougar KF arriving in Australia because of the unprecidented demand for this 2wd Buggy.   There is no denying that this is one desirable buggy, and that we will see more of it and it’s KR sister in 2014 as 1:10 buggy classes continue to grow in popularity.


Source: Action RC

2013 Team Associated Gold Coast Indoor Masters

I know it’s late notice, but then we haven’t been about a week as yet!  This event is starting TODAY!

Being held at the Gold Coast RC Raceway at Arundel, this event has attracted over 100 entries with a few big names in attendance.  Whilst entries have now closed, if you are in the area make sure you head in to see the action.

More information can be found at the RCTech thread or on the Gold Coast RC Raceway facebook page.

Source: RC Tech

Scott Giles Victorious in Victorian 2wd State Titles

Scott Giles reports from the Victoria State championships in Australia where he scored a fantastic victory for the new Schumacher Cougar KF 2WD buggy.

The prestigious Victorian State Titles were run and won on the weekend of Nov 30/Dec 1, in Australia, with the Schumacher Team represented by Scott Giles in the spec motor classes, and Leigh Cheeseman in modified. With entry numbers pushing 200, and temps over 30 degrees Celsius for the weekend, there was sure to be some hot action.

After some lazy test laps during the afternoon on Thursday, the track was officially open on Friday for practice, with 5 x 4min rounds to each class and driver. With the brand new Schumacher Cougar KF in hand, but completely untested, I used the time to run 2min with each car until deciding that the KF was the way to go. Friday left both Leigh and I confident of our rides for the weekend.

Saturday was to be the 4wd day of the titles, and with 4 qualifiers in the books, both Leigh and I found ourselves in the top 5 in our respective classes. Leigh in the 5 spot, and myself starting out of 2 with our K1′s. With some poor starts and mistakes in the opening laps by my self, I was chasing the lead cars in every final, and also turning the fastest laps of the day. The result was to be a reverse from the National Titles earlier in the year, and I finished second with some hard charging runs. Leigh also had a great day out, managing to maintain his fifth qualifying position in one of the best modified fields assembled since the Nats.

Sunday saw some very strong fields assemble for the 2wd competition, and with the track forming a blue groove in most sections, but also becoming bumpier and more rutted, I was torn with the decision of which 2wd car to use. The KF to me just felt easier to drive fast though, so I stuck to my guns and debuted the new car in Australia. The choice proving to be the right one, I topped the leader board in rounds 2 and 3, seemingly securing me the TQ, however, the round 1 winner had other ideas and drove a superb race to eclipse my time and take the round win in the 4th. I would start 2nd on the grid. After using the 4th round to push the KF beyond its limits though, I knew where I needed to be for the finals. Leigh was having a great run with his SV2 also, proving to be consistently amongst the quickest, and again securing the 5th grid position. Leg 1 of the finals saw me get off to a great start, shadowing the leader for three laps until he made a small error, I then made a clean pass and went on to win. Leg 2 saw me get involved in the typical first corner mele and chase from mid field to gain a 3rd place finish. Leigh was running great in Mod, with a 3rd and 5th in the first two finals, keeping it consistent really paying dividends on the rough track. In the third leg, I made a clean start and put the KF into the lead on the second corner, never to be headed or challenged, winning the state title, and debuting the KF on the top step of the podium. Leigh again rounded out his day with a 5th overall, a fantastic weekend for the team in Australia, and yet another win on debut for the new KF, on a med-high traction, bumpy clay track!! Not exactly its design brief, but so smooth and stable that it eclipsed all others.

Source: RC Easy and Schumacher

New Associated 8th scale Buggy soon?

Over at Neobuggy there has been some reports that a new 8th scale buggy from team associated have been spotted testing!


An interesting thread appeared yesterday on RC Tech suggesting Team Associated were down at Revelation Raceway in SoCal testing a (new) car they’d prefer to keep away from prying eyes, cast your minds back to the ROAR nats when we stumbled upon a hush hush test the day after the event whereby another plain white-bodied buggy was also seen on track, although not for very long. We also hear that AE’s ‘man in Europe‘ Yannick Aigoinmight have tested a new car a month ago at the track in Reims, host of the Euros a few months earlier.

According to the thread author, “I was at Revelation Raceway today, and a few guys from Associated were there testing a new design. I was told that one of the designers from HB is at Associated now, and the car is a completely new design. One of the guys at Rev walked up to their pit table and started talking to them, he said “Don’t worry, I’m not going to look at the car.

“There were 2 cars there, one was DIALED…”

“They left as soon as Adam Drake showed up.”

It will be interesting to see what design features this new buggy may have!

Source: Neobuggy and Source: RC Tech

Darren Lord re signs with Schumacher

Action RC and Schumacher have annouced that Darren Lord will continue to campaign Schumacher buggies on the Gold Coast for 2014. Running the latest batch of Schumacher cars including the K1, and Cougar KR and KF buggies.

We are pleased to be able to say that Darren Lord will continue to campaign Schumacher buggies for 2014.

Darren will initially run the KR and K1 at the Gold Coast and a new KF will be got ready in the new year for testing for use at the Gold Coast and other major events where a forward motor buggy might be advantageous.

Welcome Darren to the Schumacher / ActionRC team, we look forward to working with you

Source: Action R/C

Lee Martin leaves Tamiya

Lee martin announced this morning on his facebook page that he would be parting ways with Tamiya TRF as they are reducing their off road operations.  We wait with interest to see where Lee lands!

So the end has come. Tamiya TRF have chosen to reduce operations in the off road market for the foreseeable future, therefore they are not continuing my contract. I would like to thank TRF for their support over a successful past 4 years, bringing such results as:
2nd in the Worlds Championship
4 x European champion
4 x National champion
4 x IFMAR world finals
19 individual national wins
EOS round winner
And many more!

With this decision, the future now lies somewhere new in 1/10th off road! A challenge I am looking forward to taking, but nothing is yet decided.
For sure it’s going to feel strange for a little while.

Thanks for your support.



Source: Lee Martin, Facebook.

Melbourne Off Road Radio Car Club Working Bee

On Saturday the 14th of December the club will be opening for a Working Bee. It would be largely appreciated if the club members and non members could attend and help with the cleaning up of the track and surroundings.

Jobs to be completed are

  • Slashing of weeds growing on track infield. (If anyone that owns a slasher could please bring it along. the club doesn’t own one)
  • Removal of rocks from racing surface
  • Removal of rubbish left after race meets
  • Repair of racing surface
  • Re-pegging of pipes that have come loose

When the works are complete the track will open for practice for all those that helped with the working bee.

Gates will open at 9am

For more details visit the MORRCC facebook page

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