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RC Rally Car Size Comparisons

As a slower news day, I thought I would shamelessly post about one of my favorite RC niches, RC Rally Cars!  There has been a welcome boom in the number of RC Rally cars on the market in the last few months. Most of these are in the larger and more capable category of Short Course Truck based cars as opposed to the more scale 1:10 vehicles which are touring car sized, although the latest offering from Kyosho is 1:10, but only an update of an older model.

I had been becoming a little disheartened with my XV-01 if i”m honest.  I’d had little time behind the wheel, and on the times I had been driving, the terrain was just too large for the vehicle, meaning it wasn’t as fun as it could have been.  I had started looking at the larger vehicles as a replacement that could handle a broader variety of surfaces. Then my local club had a family BBQ / practice day at the track.  It had been wet and the road outside was wet, muddy and about the right scale of surface.  It was  just begging for some rally action!

Yes, I know, I need to trim the body posts!
Yes, I know, I need to trim the body posts!

The result, I had a blast, as on the right surface the XV-01 platform really is hard to beat for fun and scale handling. But it did get me thinking, the different scales of RC Rally cars from the Losi 1:5 Rally Mini down to the 1:16 Traxxas rally can be a surprising distance apart in size, so I thought i’d post some photos and videos that I new would highlight the different sizes clearly!

So what sizes are there?  I’ve categorised them into a few groups below for reference. I have not included the micro cars that have limited off road ability, but have included some recently available models. Personally I love the 1:10 / Scale size cars for their realistic scale appearance.

Mini 1:10 / Scale SCT Based Larger Scale
Vaterra Kemora
Vaterra Kalahari
Traxxas 1:16 Rally
Tamiya XV-01
Tamiya DF-01RA
Tamiya TT-01
Tamiya TT-02
Kyosho Fazer
Rally Legends Models
Traxxas Rally
Losi TEN Rally-X
Team Associated ProRally
Vaterra Ford Fiesta Rallycross
HPI WR8 (scale 1:8)
Kyosho DRX (1:8)
Thunder Tiger ER-4 Mini (1:8)
Losi Mini WRC (1:5)

As a useful visual guide, here is a great video from Jang over at Ultimate RC comparing the size some of the above vehicles side by side.

And this video talking about the capabilities of each, and which he would choose.  You can find individual reviews of each from Jang as well.

And this great photo from the rally section of the RC Crawler forums showing from Left to Right, DRX, WR8, XV01, XV01, Atomik, DRX.